No tears left to cry full cover (Ariana Grande)

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TheEverfree Winchester : Scientists found a wig on Mars

Tae Jams : *can i marry your voice?*

Idalina Nascimento : Puberty dont you dare to join the chat

halsharaf .1 : how i think i sound in the shower

The Random things count! : *Ariana has left the chat*

Sarah MF : So is anyone going to talk about how he made ariana's parts as his backups I'm DEAD

Frizzable : You're gonna have a lot of fake people come in to your life and try to take advantage of what's to come. Keep the real people with you, good luck

Darlene Carrillo : Ariana Grande is shook

Carly Rose05 : Someone give this kid a record contract because he’s killing it!!!!!

Diamond Winston : Justin Bieber could never!

Blake Howard : The thumbnail looks like he's about to do a cool vape trick.


Jüanma B : Sia + Ariana Grande = Lewis 👏👏👏

1000 Subscribers Without Any Video Challenge : If ariana was a boy 🗣

kefira stcd : U are litterally how i think i sound when i sing

Jacob Parton : When you remember you used to be able to sing this, and then puberty joins the chat. 😂 I WAS SHOOK.

Adrian Moreno : This is what James Charles wish he sounded like

Gdhhd Gdhhd : Here are some replay buttons for this angelic Boi 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

Frank Chavez : Ariana has joined the chat And she is shook

Leandra Leonett : Alguien habla español

ldshadowlady lady : Hold up where did my wig go

Zen - Kun : This boy is so talented, I am honestly blessed to be able to listen to his voice 🖤

I am Bisexual Honeys : *puberty has left the chat*

annya lowe : 2:23 IM SHISTAR SHOOK

Tookie Genous : I don't understand why you guys don't subscribe already ❓❓❓❓

_majonezik_ : 2019?

Jon Ander Vidal : Ari NEED to see this omfg! I LOVE YOUR VOICE!

Booby Manfanny : Well done, good effort. My only criticism is to find your own style. I feel like you’re maybe an Arianna Grande fan and there’s a tendency to copy her style. However, you’re young and have a real talent and you will grow into your own. Regards S . Cowell

Ariff Hamid : Puberty don't come close to this angel!!!!!!

OLOCO ‽ : alguém Brasil?

Young fíchal : Puberty joined the chat😂

PinkPantherTravelsTheWorld : I kid you not...I listen to this at least 12 times everyday😳 his voice is just out of this world! 😍😍😍

Moises N : Espero que la pubertad no te lastime :(

Kamila Navyte : Puberty should never harm this voice

SureSound : Here's your replay button : 0:01

Ariana Grande : Can I steal ur voice?

Trevor Keller : Ok but I thought this was going to be trash like every other cover of this song but my wig is on Saturn

Mikah Sheldon : How can someone possibly sing so good? I do not understand how human beings can do this.

Дима Третьяк : Русские есть?:D

Chantelle Connell : RIP voice for when it goes deep

LeoseQ Gwiazda : plis go to the voice of poland

Collins O : His got her techniques down pat. I’m living!!!

Angelika Story : So preety voice i love it!

David Purnell : Is he Ariana Grande?like if you agree!!!he's amazing

Génesis Chacón : OMG me enamoré!!

BlindWatchMakers : Better than that wretched Hairyneck Ponytail. Better low notes too. She is just awful.

xZoëx : You hear that? That’s the sound of my wig being thrown to the moon!

Shinigam1 : Tenemos tu pack...

vanessa delorme : :/ my god

lilneupnext : the person who disliked it only disliked it cause , they read it like this .. dis i like ❤️ !