How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)

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ChrisFix : I went though the comments and you overwhelmingly want separate videos on how to fix each problem and restore the car. That series will start soon but for now, here is the next video:

Two Car Garage : It’s not that easy to find a running car for $300

ReadyRedRed : Flip it and give it to the kid you bought it from, would be an awesome thing to do for a fan!

Alex Easley : Who else thought Jimson got run over at 11:00

Dylan Keyhantaj : Wrap it, new rims, and put a turbo on it.

Manuel Ernesto : 11:00 i dont khow why but i thought a car hit him lol jaja

_Bob McCoy : *Soapy Wooder can fix anything*

Revjarel Pascual : Watching some of your vids make me feel like i wanna be a mechanic

Nick Wiebe : Interior super clean video on this car?

tanya christian : Man I act like i wouldn’t have time to fix all that stuff but in reality I spend more than half my day on YouTube and the rest on other random things

How Its Made : hey Chris quick question, you mentioned in this vid that Honda's have cheap replaceable parts which got me thinking, what other cars have cheap replaceable part? if you could reply with a list that would be super helpful since I am looking to buy a cheap car that needs work and fix it up in my Auto Shop class in high school. Also if you have any specific car models and makes that would also be very helpful. Thanks!!

EclipZ : Diy turbocharging would be a great video in my opinion :)

Litten King : Honda Del sols are dope I have to say. My dream car is a corvette stingray.

Peach Daisy : You should have paid him more Chris

Dareyn Dudley : I just bought a cadillac for 300 👌😂

Teddybearwizard : make it a sleeper

WickedAnglerTv Rob : Fix it give it back to the kid

muhammadbiz mrthq : awesome

Victor Kimura : I found an 2006 Audi S4 4.2 V8 for $300

David Zahnle : Make this a 4 part series. Episode 1(this episode “buying it” ) Episode 2( the repairs ) Episode 3( customizing.... paint, accessories etc) Episode 4 ( either sell, keep, possible subscriber giveaway?)

Oliver Moes-Okun : turn it into a race car. Like make this fast, its super light and would be awesome to drive

LevisLBC : That damn transition scared the shit out of me I thought the kid got hit by a random car out of nowhere lol

Seth : Wheeler dealer until a porsche 911 lul

KaiKashi mntszng : WOW!!! I love your videos! I am woman but I love cars and whow to fix them by my self, cuz a bunch of mechanic or technician are M.F. T and for that reason I preffer to learn everything I can for be independe and useful by my self.

Majd Abozlf : Offroad

Raptor1x1x : I actually guessed a del sol as i watched this video. Only because my buddy just bought one a couple weeks ago, I went with to pick it up.

TheTVisReal : I'd say fix it and give it back to the kid you bought it from.


Tyler TheFriendlyItalian : Flip it

Aleksandar Zmijanac : 11:01 WTFFFFFF

Joel Israel : You own it it has a Chris fix license plate

Johannes Berglund : Fix it and give it back to Jinson :)

Nicholas Gustavo : Awesome

VINOJJ KAMAL : My dad had his grandpa's old car and it had 1 million miles we just bought a new car with a auto tempest thanks Chris you helped us out alot

John Carey : Flip it and sell it! That would be awesome.

Fox Poirier : Honda just sell

JoeGo101 : Do an LS swap :D :D :D

emil cvetkov : in bulgaria you can buy opel vectra for $200

Cansu Topcu : Fix the car and give it back!

J Erick : Honda

Solo Gaming : omg 10:56 i thought a car hit u lol

Joshua Thinker : Complete fix and flip back to the kid

Mmxbox Addition : This really helped me I have subscribed and liked the vid☺

ostwo : i love u vids

Mercury Pierce : All your videos make me want to buy another car so I can work on one myself, even tho I’m a girl you make it look almost easy and simple to understand. Thank you for your content I look forward to it 💗

Lukas Gaming : 11:00 I thought he was getting in An accident 😂🤣

Eriando Dhembi : Sleeper! You need a sleeper build on this channel.

Maria Bernardez : The sun


KingOfElite : Honda it's a Honda