How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)

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ChrisFix : I went though the comments and you overwhelmingly want separate videos on how to fix each problem and restore the car. That series will start soon but for now, here is the next video:

_Bob McCoy : *Soapy Wooder can fix anything*

Tom Smith : EG front end on it

The Husky Family : this look staged af.. i mean the seller sound like he had mic on himself :D

ThatOneRandom Ginger : I'm guessing Honda del sol

poo lol : LS swap

Victor D. Romero : *You should fix it up and keep it as a teaching car !!!*

Douglas Anderson : Fix and flip. I want to see a new paint job!!

Mr Shadow : I thought the guy had got ran over 😂

Rachel Bessett : i like cars and you are helping me learn about them

nemo nello : the kid was shy and nice to you with his gentle act to you went from 1000$ to 300 without even try to say something I am sure if you said 50$ he would say yes. it could be he likes you and was shy because you were filming him. after all you didn’t edit that you planning to give 300 just to make him be ok with a 500. that was not good and I know you didn’t mean that so to fix that you may after fixing the car surprise him with the keys. as giveaway since he is a fan. thanks ChrisFix for giving him I know you will...

Chandrashekar Nagaraja : Now every week make a video on fixing this case totally..

Xavyorj12 : Plz make it a racing car

EvanderST : ur car is cheaper than my phone xD

Tristan Davis : Do all the repairs Individually, and then race endurance!

프라만드는두부차빌런 : V-TEC KICKS IN

Tavarish : You're killin' it! Keep up the good work! Cheap cars are the best.

Eduardo Avila : But the real question is, it is allowed to run on the streets? Is it safe?

Josh Hunter : fix it then drop a piano on it

corvetteronz52 : I'd break it down into different sections so you don't confuse anyone, head gasket first

Chris Awesome : Throw the body on a lifted truck frame

J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟ : Individual episodes 100%

Benjamin Dover : 2JZ that byuhtch

Hamja : I Seriously Like This Car You Can Find Parts For Honda EveryWhere

Syed Syclone : I just want it to look nice....

Trena Kirk : Honda

Ilias Lamari : Chrisfix, most of us viewers are real car enthusiasts and like to see cars being fixed up and loved. It would be nice to upload all repairs like DIYs so that a hobby mechanic like me can learn stuff that normally a wouldn't consider doing. After all, a car is only once in its life original and it would be great if for a change an unloved Honda like this would be restored to his former glory and doesn't end up like an ricer, as an beat up derby or as an piece of junkyard steal. Hopefully you will gif it your special TLC  and make it as original as possible. Only you can do videos like: "how to re-spray a car yourself" the right way..😉

youngling slayer66 : I bought my mk3 supra for dirt cheap, 1800$ since the owner needed the money he took it right away. (7m-gte)

Thomas Perdue : I suggest you do several you suggested. Looking forward to them.

Cole DeCoste : I’m 13 when should I start to buy a car or even start saving?

faustas foxy : how to instal body kit

Commando Master : Fix the car up with 3 videos. I'm impressed you're not tempted to buy an expensive car like a Lambo or Porsche for hitting 3m subs.

SWIFT GAME HACKER : Man a 1980 car in my country costs minimum 1300$

Smokaa : i always find that individual videos explaining something ( dedicating a whole video to replacing and explaining one thing at a time ) are the best , its entertaining and really educational

Anthony medel : Make a video on how to do a engine swap🤘

ZombieSnaks Gaming : My mom used to have a del SOL and that thing ran for close to 375k miles. Ran like a champ until an unfortunate accident with a big truck.

caduceus33 : Fix it, drive for several months, then sell it if you don't mind doing that.

Hardy Sprague : Do individual videos on fixing the issues and flip it!

彡rauL : My friend bought a GOLF 2 81' 1.3 only for 250 €

Mr. HighKyGuy : Just bought a 98 Honda Civic ex 1.6l automatic with 100k miles on it for 300 bucks. It wouldn't start but got a used distributor from the junkyard for 25 bucks and it fired right up. Put a tune up, oil change and detailed it out and I'm loving it. Fun little car to cruise around in. The aftermarket rims on it are worth what I paid for it alone

John Kuckian : can you mount a plane engine in it and a massive spoiler and maybe a 2jz swap

CE Grix : Like to see videos on the fix up and the final project and taken on the track.


James Bean : Hey Love your videos

Bryan Jimenez : Fix it up , make videos I wanna learn

Luke Leonard : TRACK DAY BRO

Asmath MA : Fix the whole matters plz👍

Jarek Jellison : How about a superclean video for the interior of the car. You never covered that, but I feel that would be really helpful for many. Same thing for wheels, too. I would definitely love to see that. I’ve applied your superclean process to my daily driver, and have been more than just impressed. My car looks so much better than it did before, and I feel that using whatever superclean advice you have for wheels and the interior will make any car look like it just got off the showroom.

DEVIL LIVED : Just do vids on how you fix it piece by piece before and after and whatever you do to it at the end is your decision

Alex Garcia : Well know you gotta make videos on how to fix it 😂