How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)

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Aaron Craig : This video was super motivating! After watching it, a couple buddies and I purchased a 1986 Toyota MR2 for $450. Needs quite a bit of work, but nothing you haven't covered in your videos. One thing we are doing to the car is re-painting it, and it would be super dope if you did a DIY paint job video on your del sol. Also I would love a video on how to reupholster car seats. Great videos, keep up the quality content!

_Bob McCoy : *Soapy Wooder can fix anything*

King Mike : Hey Cris come down to Perth Amboy New Jersey I’ll hook you up with a rx7 for free

James Avery : Individual videos

MuhsinTheMomin : I had one. Awesome car. Every day was an adventure. Real head turner. Chris you need to do a k20 swap.

John Kuckian : can you mount a plane engine in it and a massive spoiler and maybe a 2jz swap

Victor D. Romero : *You should fix it up and keep it as a teaching car !!!*

Logan Brunson : Stick to your bread and butter - fix it up, make videos on the repairs, and hang onto it for a daily

GUMBLE : how about NOS? that would be fun chris!!!


Carlos Galaraza : you should a ls swap

Chandrashekar Nagaraja : Now every week make a video on fixing this case totally..

Calin Qwerty : Keep it!

arabian satan : Idk why 1.5k people disliked this video? Like this guy is geniunely nice

SoXD : This car still cheaper than my computer . This is good bro! Ty :>

Dev S : Show us how you fixed it and then maximize its efficiency. 90mpg?

Ilias Lamari : Chrisfix, most of us viewers are real car enthusiasts and like to see cars being fixed up and loved. It would be nice to upload all repairs like DIYs so that a hobby mechanic like me can learn stuff that normally a wouldn't consider doing. After all, a car is only once in its life original and it would be great if for a change an unloved Honda like this would be restored to his former glory and doesn't end up like an ricer, as an beat up derby or as an piece of junkyard steal. Hopefully you will gif it your special TLC  and make it as original as possible. Only you can do videos like: "how to re-spray a car yourself" the right way..😉

Street N Jeep : Do the car from the perspective of a 16 to 22 year old kid trying to fix up their ride

kurama kyuubi : Make this a track car.. swap k20 engine join 24h of lemon.. yesss

Andrei Serban : if u repair it ... is a very good car

Gilberto Diaz : Make it a right hand drive like real jap Honda’s maybe a 15 mm turbo 🇯🇵🔰🔥

Tavarish : You're killin' it! Keep up the good work! Cheap cars are the best.

Scr3my : 3m subs 300 th video 300$ 300 likes?

Andries Geddes : please do like a RWD conversion :)

It's Momo : A crazy wrap please Noooooo way you actually liked my comment you just made my life

Giorgio : good guy Jinson

J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟ : Individual episodes 100%

Villegas Ponypower : Make it into a restomod car. Looks stock, but has power

Mark Ventnurse : Love your videos. I'm thinking about retaining my old liberty that the insurance just considered s total loss. The engine was still running after getting front end mashed in

The1talianGamer : You should put a slammin' system in it!

Logan H : you should do a fan car give away :)

Commando Master : Fix the car up with 3 videos. I'm impressed you're not tempted to buy an expensive car like a Lambo or Porsche for hitting 3m subs.

luis the destroyer. 756 : Make it a lowrider

Branden Kelley : Run in the endurance I did my old car in it

Mats Zimmermann : 24 h of lemons sounds great 👍

Chicken C nugget : This guy is cool👍👍😎😎😎

Clegomanrun : Make it into a Baja car

johnyfartpants : 2litre twin cam engine and chinese turbo kit upgrade?

johnyfartpants : Painted with a six inch brush and a tin of Dulux?


Luke Leonard : TRACK DAY BRO

fahad ayman 12 : I don't have a car and I watch this Chanel because its intresting

Hckr Mnthr : How to turbo an engine

Giorgio : You should do the 3MLN subs giveaway :D:D

Ezekiel Vega : I want car too

chico : Fix everything first and than at the end do the value of it now and before! HOLY SHIT IM EXCITED!

JohnFarist : Seen the car in Germany, I instantly wanted to watch your videos ^^

Adrian Salgado : This is the first video I saw and a love your channel

Drax : Do a Budget Turbo on the stock Engine, then Drive 24h Race 💪🏻

It ya Boi : Stance build