How to Buy a Used Car for $300 (Runs and Drives)

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ChrisFix : I went though the comments and you overwhelmingly want separate videos on how to fix each problem and restore the car. That series will start soon but for now, here is the next video:

_Bob McCoy : *Soapy Wooder can fix anything*

paolotube : Damn I thought for a second that the guy was being run over at 11:00 ahah

Roemer Atteveld : Did anyone else thought the guy got ran over by a car at 10:59 ? XD

zzz : love the car that he’s “just now buying” has his tag and everything already on it😂 3:48

DachroManiac : Fix it and give it back to its origin owner!

Victor D. Romero : *You should fix it up and keep it as a teaching car !!!*

K B : chris fix stays finessing little kids

Sivert Stavdal : make it a sleeper :)

pilzerfa : dont take it bad but i feel like your seller/subscriber feels kinda scammed

Harley Thorson : Chris Fix You are my hero buddy and I'd be very honored just to see you reply 'Thank you'! It'd mean alot to me. Honestly guessed the CRX. Couldn't believe my eyes when it turned out to be a Del Sol. Pure amazement. 2 rare cars that have so much character and option. God Bless Chris and All he does for American Viewers!! 🙏👀😎. -Thorson Jr.

TheTVisReal : I'd say fix it and give it back to the kid you bought it from.

Kjeld Schouten : People saying an engine bay doesnt look good... instead of looking at the paint look at the connectors (hose and wire), some sellers fix up engine bays to look nice, but almost always forget to check conectors... also the other way around, bad looking engine bays with good looking connectors, means at least its in a decent condition.

LucasWerewolf : 1 mill subs in 8 months!

Joseph Roy : Bro, all you need is flex tape and seal.

Calvin Watkins : Do a complete fix,

Ruben Scott : Fix it and give it back to him I’ll donate

KrisRaps : he sold it that cheap justy bevcause hes a fan boy

BashLion : 😂😂😂 good acting that guy selling the car

Keyless Dustin : I want all of the individual videos!!!

Hank : turbo it

Two Car Garage : It’s not that easy to find a running car for $300

Codesed : Build it as a sleeper car?

Themgokartracers Ya : The rusty beast

Popcornbutter : 4:40 why was there a chrisfix plate cover on a car he didn't know he was going to buy?

Layla : Finally, a good YouTuber in New Jersey

The Chipies : Single episodes i prefer to learn about these things!!

aux1z11 : Let's see you mount 2 747 jet engines to the back top of the car and take it for a 25 mile spin on the interstate and back.

Zachary Schumann : Fix it up hella nice. Make seperate vids for all of the repairs

Mumoda Bakhrani : Honda del sol

Taopua Family : Anyone else see the number plate of the Honda like boi🧐 it’s a bit surreptitious

TeeJation : PLEASE do a drum to disc conversion. Its so hard to find a good video with that content

Pika : De ce titlu in romana?:))

Richard Johnson : Damn rick hows your pawnshop... got that del soul in the back of the pawnshop?

Aedan Hickey : Learn how to fix everything on that car

Double M Gaming : Notice the car already has a crisfix plate on the back

TheCrewChief : The 24 hours of Lemons sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

John Carico : Put a v8 in it

kozzmin : do videos to fix everything about the car. more videos, more money long term.

VoiceOverYeet : 11:00 I thought he got driven over lmao

John Carico : Make it you 2 drift car

Cstar : I'd like to see each fix individually done.

LoveGod : How did chris fix died *Got Squished by a car

Zenith Otimi-Taihia : Chris fix + pimp my ride = Chris my ride

Dilip Mutum : Forget about the fancy conversions. I really want to see how you deal with each of the issues. A drum to disc brakes would be interesting though as I am planning to do that for my car.

Rachel Tyler : I know EXACTLY what to do with it... Blow it up

Highbatros : Since you already have a DriftStang, why not make this a little grip monster? The weight is amazing, and with some minor forced induction, this can be a track beast!

Jim Becker : Wow! Don't think I would go this $300 route. A $2,000 - $3,000 decent version would be far better in the long run. Honda makes a great engine capable of going past 200,000 miles with proper care but it but this vehicle didn't get much. It definitely came from the "Run It into the Ground" school of thought. - Real shame too. Hope all your invested labor is worthwhile.

Gan Guryu : Wheeler Dealer

Northstar3333 : That car may look good to you underneath but my 1990 Honda Prelude 4WS Nevada car doesn’t have any rust under it at all. Your Honda in comparison looks ready for the crusher. Desert cars kick ass over that East coast trash!