Mexico fans celebrating the Lozano goal at the Berlin Fan Park 17/06/2018

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Rito ESPORT : Hahaha

Haris Rana : I was there! I'm English but I was cheering Mexico to troll all the Germans as they were really pumped thanks to the (quite tacky) warm up musicians. I was the only one cheering Mexico in a 10 metre radius and screaming and clapping every Mexico attack and defensive block. At the end of the game I got so many death stares haha. The Germans do not take losing too well! :P

RatedR2O : Mexico travels well. That little group made as much noise as the rest of the group would have if it were the other way around.

From Fear to Trust : That's hilarious!

DrumtotheBass Woop : It’s not the size, it’s how you use it.

Joshen Reborn : Tough crowd..... I'll be here all day.

Memorex996 : viva mexico

jwka2001 : next time mexico plays germany all the german players might be islamic

Punk Rock : Its like Mexican jumping beans.

Tom Zhang : #saltisreal

Sriram S : u/SuperJetShoes sent me here!

Sophovot : :'D