Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH (an eye opening video)
Explanation how we are programmed at birth

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B C : This video taught me that you can make anything sound profound if you play light piano music in the background.

DJ Shock Africa : Repetition, practice. My biggest takeaway from this. Thank you.

cat cat : Me - I believe i can live forever Teacher - you will die someday Me - that's why you die

Mikey G : Work out of the system if the system works against you

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : I believe rich people stay Rich because the mindset they have is of abundance. Poor people having the mindset of starvation and quickly spend the little money they have.

Yaacov : *Matrix is not fiction it's a documentary*

Osamaru Ta : "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6

baba yaga : cigarettes beer and lottery tickets. the path to poverty

Saliha Banu : "Fake it till you make it". Brought to you by theranos.

MostNaturalMedia : The point is, society wants you to fail and wants you to limit yourself.. Break free from that. Stop caring what others think and how others want you to live your life. Do what you love, work hard, and be grateful. Results will come.

Johnno Villa : I will give the left one thing, they are excellent at brainwashing and programming people - it is their artform

DogNuggetz : There’s a simple solution of how to Change your situation. Be more conscious

Sqweeky Badger : I'm going to do what he says and change my life Actually, CBA

ryan R : Super Ultra Best Little Intrusion Magnetic Interesting Nevertheless Attribute Linguistics

Ephemeral Q. : If you grow up in a poor family, those 7 years of your life is spent learning from two people who are or were irresponsible with money and who lack motivation to try and succeed, thus the child adopts that mindset much earlier than the parents ever did.

Taila Rea : Thats a true statement your not living your life.. your life is being lived

DatKiDamari McClain : Poor people work within the flesh which meanz they don't uze their soul,, even though our soul iz our higher self 💯💯

Jer M : "There's a sucker born every minute." -Michael Cassius McDonald

Joseph : Some people are so poor.....all they have is money.

Ray Donalds : This is fascinating. Personal power, Unlimited Power and the laws of attraction have really brought positive change into my life. www.SpendingIQ.com

Şükür Şükür : This is not true for me. My mom tried to keep me in home mostly in my first 7 years in case i should happen to fall sick. But i fled home to see outside, when i find an oppurtunity. And on times i wasnt able to flee, i revolted at home. My family people are scared of entrepreneurship, they choose constant salary, but i always be entrepreneur.

Marnz C : I don’t remember my childhood How do I tap into the programming of my subconscious mind

No Bozos : Hearing this makes me that much more amazed with my father. He was so poor growing up the first tooth brush he ever owned was one that he bought for himself at age fourteen. With money, I might add, that he had to steal for. He, LITERALLY, hitched a ride to Los Angeles, at 18-years-old, with $6 in his pockets and a change of underwear. In a little under 5 years he started a business, used that money in real estate, and by the age of 47 was able to retire. My father is dead now, but mother lives comfortably to this day only living off of the interest in her bank account. Think about that. Having enough money in today's low-interest economy to be able to live off of the interest. There is no "poor gene". You are not let off the hook. What there is, is an attitude and a drive. The thought that anything is possible if I just overcome my fears and reservations and work towards a goal. It also requires the ability to FAIL MISERABLY, learn from that failure, make adjustments and try again, and again, and again. Being poor is not a state of being, nor is it a genetic propensity. It is a state of mind. Which anyone can change if they truly want to.

VapeKing : My father was a very poor as a child. His family used newspaper to wipe thier butts. The only tub they had was in the yard. They raised chickens for eggs and grew pigs to trade. They ate alot of fried squirell and fish cause it was free by hunting and fishing. My father was very tight with his money due to his childhood. When he died I found out he had over 2 million dollars. This does not include the three bedroom custom built house he paid for in full and two newer cars paid in full. He never financed anything. I think this is the opposite of what the man here is saying. I think my dad never wanted to live the way he did as a child so he started saving and making money. Miss you and love you dad!

GodofWarChuka : Just write checks and max out your credit cards. Then file for Bankruptcy every 8 years. LoL

Santa Fe Fashion Week™ : Makes sense, thank you for sharing

Aml Coure : This is exactly what illu--- familly practice to their childs : programmation by hypnose and repetition. Watch #svali# video (call on radio), she talks about all of this even Matrix moovie. Children in front of tv are in alpha programmation! ! I am really surprise they talk about that in public!

Bliss WKC : Thank You sooo much dearest 💐 You’re such an inspiration 🥰 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏🏼😇

P JC : In 1999 I saw a Rolls-Royce for the 1st time in my life and shocked me how beautiful it was(It was a Park Ward)...years after that I lost everything, struggling, starving and even I lived in a place with rats and cockroaches for many months. No matter what I always mentioned that I will be happy again, that my life will change again. I touched rock bottom literally, had to put water in my kid’s milk.etc,... one night I was crying while walking going back home after I got hired in a job where I got humiliated many times and I started to say out loud to myself:-" I’m going to be out of this, I will be fine again, I’m going to be rich, I don’t want this to be my life no more, I’m going to have my own Rolls-Royce, I’m going to be Rich, I’m going to be Millionaire..." In 2015 I bought my 1st Rolls-Royce... took me 16 years to achieve that dream with all my heart, it's not the Park Ward that I wanted back then, mine it is a 2013 Phantom series II because took me more time to be where I am, and the other were discontinued in 2000. Today I’m writing you from my own home fully paid, relax in bed after breakfast and my Rolls-Royce it is parked inside my garage. I’m very grateful with your video, and I think that never is too late to re-program ourselves. Regards

Aleksandar NESKOVIC : This could be programming as well...

Ryan Jason : Thank you to whoever made this channel...these videos have really helped me alot on how I react,think and look at life....it has changed my whole perspective of the meaning of life and I'm very grateful for that....please carry on what you do and don't stop...all of the people living in this earth deserves to be educated in the righteous way

Jeanette Griffin : My parents are english imagrants. They had five children. Very poor! But my Dad wanted something better. And totally went against the odds. We were taught its not what you have it's what you do with what you have. Even though I'm not a wealthy, It dose not matter. I own my soul and spirit. And when you pass, nothing goes with you. So you could define rich and poor in many ways.

D.A. Da Problem : This is da most innovative & motivational speech I've ever heard in my life dats really gon completely change my L!FE

Habeel Abdullah : Too bad we live in a time that being successful depends on your wealth. In my opinion being poor or rich does not measure your achievements or success in life.

VanDoorn34 : I quit my job after this video Now im living in the streets Thx to mr smarty pants over here

Abhay Saxena : Who has upoaded this duffer video ? He is imparting knowledge with out audiances....,..

rhinoskin extraboss : Ah man this is great god bless 😇

Mohamed 94 Walid : Thank You For This Really Helpful Video. It's Amazing How Reality Is And How We Really Know Only A Tiny Tiny Portion Of How It Works. Thanks To London Real And To Bruce Lipton For This. May The Peace, The Mercy And The Blessings Of God Be Upon You.

Cass & Bran : I think it's so important to associate yourself with other people who want to be successful as badly as you do. I truly believe that if they aren’t building you up, then they are dragging you down. I have a cookie shop in my college town. When I started it, I was living in my car with very little direction, just a huge passion to be successful. I just graduated college as well. I started the late night cookie shop out of a local bagel shop in their off hours at night. I was living in my car in the parking lot of the shop at the time with my boyfriend, Bran. It was a crazy experience but it worked! We became a success! And how we have our first storefront location (hopefully a second soon!) We started it to fund a year long backpacking trip around the world and to be successful while living the life of our dreams. I am definitely not where I want to take this to just yet, because I am aiming for pretty BIG! But it’s coming!!

Ashok Shharma : Beautiful sir...i am great fan of you and your knowledge

Blacc Angel : "Real riches is life. Forever." - Bob Marley

MyOwnCreationZ : I think rich people stay rich primarily becoz they willing to adapt to change they are constantly in search for new ideas, plans and are not fearful to take the risks eg Bill Gates is uni drop out but he had this idea to bring about change and went and executed it. Poor people stay poor coz of their unwilling to transform their lives to betterment and they constantly are fearful their minds are continually function in a limited edition That is they are living in poverty or are uneducated they are fine with. Poor people have blinded themselves that nothing can be done whatever they have its their fate and its unchangeable. Rich people stay rich they focusing on different ideas which will enable them to move ahead. Not afraid of learning , experiencing change

look up : Rich are rich is because the blood, sweat, tears, money, time, control resources, hording, outsourcing, low balling, manipulations, interest, debt collections plus fines, laws, taxes,ordinances, fees, bills.......... like I said their rich from the people, and than tell the people start you dream........ it's not you cant its competition will either absorber your company, buy you out, or run you to the ground. Now stores are going electronic checkouts and automated burger makers.......... so we need to.have a discussion Mr confused. Your on their side clearly you bias, not enough jobs..........

Bullet Tooth Tony : These things are real: hypnosis for subconsciousness, repetition tactic. What this dude doesn't say is that people are being programmed since birth by the governments programs. It's done through television PROGRAMS, movies, radio, schools, universities newspapers, nowadays by social media. They think for the people so that the people can't think for them selves. People use ideas for life that they've been given. People simply know they have to go to school, get a great job, get married, buy-buy-buy new exiting things, cars, very expensive houses in the city etc. For some who makes good money it's a never ending consumer's game. But for many people, the system keeps them poor, so they are always in stress, trying to work their ass off to pay bills.. they still want that new phone and a nice car but never want to think for themselves. Stress make them start drinking fake alcohol, smoking, eating junk food etc. People are taught to chase wrong things, they are taught to be the same and are mentally controlled. We have individual minds, we can create, we are able to do anything. However, we are always distracted by governments programs that are around us. I don't remember who said this but we are on a people's farm.

C Roys : Policies and procedures help you fail

Guilherme Nunes : Being poor or being rich are not the main human strugglings.

Verxatile : I needed these downloads, I'm numb and tired of this system, time to wire my own.

RJM 402 : Yes This guy is right and he’s wrong. As many have already commented, rich people maintain their wealth because they are part of a paradigm that fosters wealth and privilege. The same is true for the poor - they are part of a paradigm that fosters a lack of money and privilege. If you’re raised in poverty, are part of a dysfunctional family, your chances for wealth and success are less than those raised with wealth, in health and are part of a supportive system. Nothing this man is saying is monumental news - it’s life. What needs to be said is that we could fix this situation. It is possible to help young children to learn how to navigate the world successfully. The problem is, too many wealthy people don’t want any part of social engineering.. it’s unAmerican!!

Chris Ferrero : "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."