Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH (an eye opening video)

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Be Inspired : THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Dr. Bruce Lipton Shocked The World With His Discovery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpNZoowANNU

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : I believe rich people stay Rich because the mindset they have is of abundance. Poor people having the mindset of starvation and quickly spend the little money they have.

Ignacio Lunar : this video is to make him rich

Ignacio Lunar : Mostly all rich people are there by inheritance. In any case, those who become rich from nothing are those who count as an example of overcoming

Todd Baxter : Absolutely correct! I loved my parents & all of my family BUT most of the time they provided a negative environment in that I always was told what I CAN'T do, what I'm NOT able to do & NOT think for myself but just "keep your mouth shut & don't question authority." This haunts me every waking moment & I have great difficulty in trying to "shake lose" my self from this way of thinking about myself & others. I strongly feel that this is exactly what has kept me from utilizing my talents & vastly improving my life overall.

Artweall One : The richest man is the man who needs the least.

niknatural : The point is, society wants you to fail and wants you to limit yourself.. Break free from that. Stop caring what others think and how others want you to live your life. Do what you love, work hard, and be grateful. Results will come.

bill mcfadden : lipton is full of crap. if you inherit lot of m9ney, yoh usually stay rich. it is not programming, it is economics 101. it generally takes money to make money.

EthanReviewsTech : This video is insane and very interesting. People need to realize that rich people don’t just inherit their wealth. Someone in the family at some point had to work and had to work hard. And to keep that wealth someone in the family has to keep working hard. Wealth isn’t easily achievable. If it was everyone would be rich. There’s those who are wealthy and want to maintain that wealth so they continue to work hard. There are those who are wealthy, but don’t put in the effort and lose their wealth. On the other hand there are those who are poor and can’t stand it and do whatever they can to succeed. They put in the painful time and effort to break out of the poor family cycle. Finally there are those who are poor, but feel the world is unfair and there isn’t anything they can do and this results in these people continuing the cycle of being poor. There isn’t anything preventing your success but yourself.

Alexander Bouraad : I agree with most of it except when he said "you can be born into a rich family and be stupid and still make it". There is no "make it" in that case cause you're already made. From the second you were born you were already made for life. You don't have to "make it" when you inherited $55 Billion from birth.

Apex Mechanix : Mentality has very little to do with being rich. It's all about who you know. Connections. Connections are everything. You can be the most outspoken talented person on Earth, but if you don't have the connections that'll get your feet in the door, you'll just be a person with talent. You see this all too often in the 21st century. Stop worrying about being rich and instead focus on satisfaction. For me, I'd be living in paradise with just 50k a year. That's a basic career. More than enough to save up and travel or go to parties, etc.

Cass & Bran : I think it's so important to associate yourself with other people who want to be successful as badly as you do. I truly believe that if they aren’t building you up, then they are dragging you down. I have a cookie shop in my college town. When I started it, I was living in my car with very little direction, just a huge passion to be successful. I just graduated college as well. I started the late night cookie shop out of a local bagel shop in their off hours at night. I was living in my car in the parking lot of the shop at the time with my boyfriend, Bran. It was a crazy experience but it worked! We became a success! And how we have our first storefront location (hopefully a second soon!) We started it to fund a year long backpacking trip around the world and to be successful while living the life of our dreams. I am definitely not where I want to take this to just yet, because I am aiming for pretty BIG! But it’s coming!!

AdamFerelloVEVO : Now english please?🤔 " conscious under conscious, going in to conscious which supports only conscious, kid's name is also conscious , you want to be happy? Repeat conscious your whole life and you will be happy," damn how many time did he said the word "conscious" ? 😑

scott allen : Yet millions of poor people have become rich, and millions of rich people have become poor; so his theory is debunked.

Lorne Johnson : But also if wasn't for the poor working class people. Thier be no rich people.

P La : I love the number 7 I can remember a lot of good and bad things that happened to me at 7 urs old

P JC : In 1999 I saw a Rolls-Royce for the 1st time in my life and shocked me how beautiful it was(It was a Park Ward)...years after that I lost everything, struggling, starving and even I lived in a place with rats and cockroaches for many months. No matter what I always mentioned that I will be happy again, that my life will change again. I touched rock bottom literally, had to put water in my kid’s milk.etc,... one night I was crying while walking going back home after I got hired in a job where I got humiliated many times and I started to say out loud to myself:-" I’m going to be out of this, I will be fine again, I’m going to be rich, I don’t want this to be my life no more, I’m going to have my own Rolls-Royce, I’m going to be Rich, I’m going to be Millionaire..." In 2015 I bought my 1st Rolls-Royce... took me 16 years to achieve that dream with all my heart, it's not the Park Ward that I wanted back then, mine it is a 2013 Phantom series II because took me more time to be where I am, and the other were discontinued in 2000. Today I’m writing you from my own home fully paid, relax in bed after breakfast and my Rolls-Royce it is parked inside my garage. I’m very grateful with your video, and I think that never is too late to re-program ourselves. Regards

Yo Mama : This video is bs. Not explaining anything.

Architecture Whisperer : People are rich because they were born into a wealthy mileau, or had a fortunate circumstance. This video is primarily fantasy.

sahil kidwai : I will say if are determined then you can achieve which is possible !!! You will practise if you are determined ,positive, think you can do it, make small goals achieve then !!! Don't take huge steps !!! Take small steps but do it everyday !!! And dont think you will fail but at least try!!! There are two kind people in this world positive and negative thinkers !!! Positive people will keep on working and someday will or will not make it but negative thinkers won't even try to make it they give up easily !!!! Result is not important the how you try or prepare is important !!! If you haven't tried to your level best and then say it is not achievable then you don't deserve it ask you self are you trying hard enough !!! It never gets easy you get tougher by preparing and repeating things until its perfect and you will achieve it !!! Don't make excuses and sit back get up give a fight atleast !!! Achiever's are triers !!! They might fail but never they will give up !!! That's the only way of achieving anything !!! Its in your hands change your destiny by working hard no body will do that for you !!! So get up and become something don't sit back and tell you are not programmed that's bull shit that means you are a negative thinker , lazy ass , and good at making excuses !!!! That's it !!! Period !!!

Pevonis : The real question is how much money do you need to become “rich”

Prakhya Cv : I liked everything about this video except the part about rich families and poor families. Rich families stay rich cause they have money and access to resources that help them succeed whether they're stupid or not. Poor people, on the other hand, have various barriers in their paths which makes it hard for them to break the cycle of poverty. This is all due to capitalism and has nothing to do with socialisation or "programmed behaviour".

Mike Mudd : Victim blaming at its finest. There's a limited amount of resources on this planet, and those who got theirs ain't giving it to the homeless veteran.

mannie's Art And Fitness Channel : Rich people have a mindset of abundance. Poor people have a mindset of lack.

Florin Di Nicola : I call this guy a fraud

Joseph : Some people are so poor.....all they have is money.

Mr Frieza : U wanna be rich?dont get married.... U wanna be rich?have kids after u buy your first house. U wanna be rich?get rid of cable TV...full of viruses that will corrupt your program. U wanna be rich?again don’t get married.

Angelique Gonzalez : I was born poor but they say I'm the type that learns from other people's mistakes; I'm that "curve ball" people talk about sometimes and I hope it's enough to change my life. I've avoided drugs for _most_ my life, even if it's just weed. I stayed abstinent because females having kids at young ages isn't uncommon in my family, so I took note of how hard it is to be a young mother without a plan. And I didn't graduate school, like a lot of people around me, but I'm going to an adult school currently to fix my mistake because I've seen people in my life struggle at old age because they're still working jobs that are barely paying for bills and putting food on the table, with no high school diploma, and little chance of getting higher pay or a higher position. Refraining from eating junk food helps too; that's more money and refraining from spending lots of money on clothes or needles main brands helps too.

Tin Ker : Complete and utter rubbish Look at how many rags to richest stories. Take no notice.

White Trash : So you are telling me I have a chance

VapeKing : My father was a very poor as a child. His family used newspaper to wipe thier butts. The only tub they had was in the yard. They raised chickens for eggs and grew pigs to trade. They ate alot of fried squirell and fish cause it was free by hunting and fishing. My father was very tight with his money due to his childhood. When he died I found out he had over 2 million dollars. This does not include the three bedroom custom built house he paid for in full and two newer cars paid in full. He never financed anything. I think this is the opposite of what the man here is saying. I think my dad never wanted to live the way he did as a child so he started saving and making money. Miss you and love you dad!

Jari Satta : Yahtzee! That's how I learned Japanese and Chinese, and music/guitar. Repetition. Rewriting the characters, playing the same exercises over and over again.

jihane : This why dont have kids if you cant make it your self if you struggle. Wait until you have it good. Like a full time job

bbop aloobop : Skinniest man in the world was asked: "when ever do you eat?" Answer: "only when I'm hungry" First step to true happiness in my opinion. Greed is always the problem...never the solution.

bitchplease : you always need a jump start. from a young age i had to pay for my shit, my parents never wanted to pay for things i wanted to do, clothes, toys, skin care, hair care, stationary, competitive swimming, dancing ect, i always got the same old 'if you dont have the money for it you're not getting it', so i learnt ways to save up money from a young age, the trick to a successful future tbh is to start off well when you move out at the age of 18, start saving up money as soon as you can, maybe ftom 16, or 14, and when you finally graduate you wont have to worry much about bills, or food on the table and instead keep saving up money for the future, think if it like this, if you are broke you can only put 10% of your salary in to savings, but if you arent broke you can put over 30%! That makes a huge difference in the future, also learning languages from a young age is perfect, i speak 5, and i started earning $$ from the age of 14 because i taught kids these languages, you always need to think for the future.

Arkadi Danielyan : I see how jack ma remained poor. 15 years ago he had two dollars in his pocket and zero on his account. The reason why son of a rich is always richer is because their start is not from zero. If you want to get your first 100k for business it will take 10 years to save it. For the rich kid this is a nice bonus. Like trump says I only got a small million dollar loan ))) it is just simple science it is extremely difficult to make 1000 to 2000. The more you have the easier it becomes till you rich billions.

Magnuma diopside : Well to think to positivley and be optimistic. Healthy psychologicall health is key. Poor peaple like to get drunk on friday and binge on mcdonalds . Before you know it 80% of thoughts are negative. To think healthy, you need to live and eat healthy too.drinking, smoking, drugs. Forget acheiving much if you cant maintain healthy body.

kaine fenton : The best thing about people is ... they all taste the same. Eat the Rich first. along with this guy.

Καπτεν Χαρλοκ : bullshit

shweta mudliar : If you are satisfied there's no need of rich or poor just be satisfied with what you have although it is really hard thing to practice

lovely kid JAPAN : Fake it till you make it! Affirmations to make the habit! Awesome👍👍👍

blamine5 : Not true , yoû’re just trying to hypnotize us

Nani Obin : Before being ignorant to his words, go and study psychology first. Whatever he says is just basic. Any psychology student can tell you.

Noah : This is called the art of transforming a crap into beautiful words, I guess these things are not totally under human control. Therefore wolves created religions and these concepts to monetize needs. But I still think there are people that are money magnets and dont have the pattern is said in this vid.

Pranav Sharma : Does anybody know what background music is that?

Stephen Smith : An interesting video that affirms how routine, repetition and positive thinking can affect a person's life in a meaningful way. I start my day with Inspiring videos like this and a positive thinking mode and attitude so that I can continue to learn and grow to become a better person. Thanks Be Inspired for this awesome video and have a blessed day.

K Bot : Yea im sure the fact that 75 people on the planet Earth CONTROL 95 percent of the wealth has nothing to do with why people are poor. I love Jews.

Randy T : I love the 99% of people who can't think too deeply, without getting hurt. They don't understand what this guy is trying to say. Stay stupid folks.

Pablo Ricciuto : So Bill Gates was a multi millionaire before the age of 7? Same for Steve Jobs who didnt even graduate, Mark Zuckenberg too... Not mentioning all the rich athlets that growned in extreme conditions like Cristiano Ronaldo.. This video is total crap...

ッAllu : This was an eye opener for me, I've been depressed since the day I remember and I think part of that is because I've kept telling myself that I'm depressed. Maybe this method of repetition will help. I'll give it a try.