Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH (an eye opening video)

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Be Inspired : THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Dr. Bruce Lipton Shocked The World With His Discovery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpNZoowANNU

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : I believe rich people stay Rich because the mindset they have is of abundance. Poor people having the mindset of starvation and quickly spend the little money they have.

Bullet Tooth Tony : These things are real: hypnosis for subconsciousness, repetition tactic. What this dude doesn't say is that people are being programmed since birth by the governments programs. It's done through television PROGRAMS, movies, radio, schools, universities newspapers, nowadays by social media. They think for the people so that the people can't think for them selves. People use ideas for life that they've been given. People simply know they have to go to school, get a great job, get married, buy-buy-buy new exiting things, cars, very expensive houses in the city etc. For some who makes good money it's a never ending consumer's game. But for many people, the system keeps them poor, so they are always in stress, trying to work their ass off to pay bills.. they still want that new phone and a nice car but never want to think for themselves. Stress make them start drinking fake alcohol, smoking, eating junk food etc. People are taught to chase wrong things, they are taught to be the same and are mentally controlled. We have individual minds, we can create, we are able to do anything. However, we are always distracted by governments programs that are around us. I don't remember who said this but we are on a people's farm.

Phoenix Michaels : I think those who have been poor AND then successful are the people to listen to... "programming" and "mindsets" aside, if you have experienced BOTH and ESCAPED poverty, then you have valuable insights to offer others.

ETin Thiyam : I think people are looking at this the wrong way. It's not about how rich people stay rich and poor people stay poor. It's about the unconscious mind, how it was programmed in our childhood and how we can reprogram it to make us more successful. This is relevant to wealth because children who learn from successful(rich) parents tend to pick better habits which sets themselves up for a successful future.

John Chana : If you think this man was solely talking about $$$ riches...then you have missed the point of this entire video.

Cass & Bran : I think it's so important to associate yourself with other people who want to be successful as badly as you do. I truly believe that if they aren’t building you up, then they are dragging you down. I have a cookie shop in my college town. When I started it, I was living in my car with very little direction, just a huge passion to be successful. I just graduated college as well. I started the late night cookie shop out of a local bagel shop in their off hours at night. I was living in my car in the parking lot of the shop at the time with my boyfriend, Bran. It was a crazy experience but it worked! We became a success! And how we have our first storefront location (hopefully a second soon!) We started it to fund a year long backpacking trip around the world and to be successful while living the life of our dreams. I am definitely not where I want to take this to just yet, because I am aiming for pretty BIG! But it’s coming!!

Ryan Badham : Very green understanding of the world and of people.

Gold Berg : People with strong will can defeat poverty.....rich can became poor and poor can became rich....it is also a fact....

ABINY Muslim : Sorry this is bullshit! Major part of success is about getting chances. Sometimes the most talented and skilled don't get to the upper level just because some guys on the top fear their abilities. And you can't tell me these top talents didn't train hard enough. Guys like this man in the video tend to give simple solutions to the complexity of life. In reality many other factors play a role to become successful and rich. Rich stay mostly rich because they simply have the rescources (money) and plus a big network within the wealthy people. So they can e.g. overcome backlashes easier. For a poor man few failures or often one time means game over. Capitalism the way we have it today deregulated is not prooving the optimal way to build a prosperous society. It creates by far too many 'loosers'. One simple truth I can share with you is to have trust in your abilities. Yes you will sometimes need time to find what it is that you really are good at and then perfection them. And yes I agree one way to come to perfection is trainining. Means repeating. But not only that. Use your cognitive mind and creativity are just as important. I don't believe people just use it as less as mentioned in the video. Creativity exists in so many different forms. Combine these two plus have a strong will and trust in the Higher power. God Almighty! PS: One thing I forgot. These videos sometimes have the tendency to brainwash people with false information. People be careful these days whom you listen to. Never shut your own rational mind. It's a gift of God to all of us.

safe toy : How do you explain poor people who struggle and become wealthy, through hard work and also lucky opportunities to enter a field of work that earns above average incomes. How do you explain someone who is born wealthy that becomes poor. I think it is oversimplification to say that poor people just stay poor and rich people stay rich, there way too many scenarios that counter this overly simplistic labeling.

niknatural : The point is, society wants you to fail and wants you to limit yourself.. Break free from that. Stop caring what others think and how others want you to live your life. Do what you love, work hard, and be grateful. Results will come.

Richard Andrews : Wow, so many people don't get it. It has nothing to do with being poor or rich because of your mindset. They system is the problem. You thinking your better than someone because of their financial status, race, religion, ect is the programing. You judging anyone for anything is your programming. We all have it, it's just human nature to a certain degree. Some just understand to break the cycle you have to start with yourself. PERIOD. The next time you think you're better or put anyone down, remember it's the programming at work. Learn to Love, grow, and help others grow. There is no right answer or one way to fix a problem. There are different avenues and ways to go about it. You being closed minded thinking your way is right is programming. Unfortunately this will go over too many heads.

james williams : Most rich people stay rich because they don`t mind killing to attain wealth and keep it. That`s something most people won`t do for money.

Subhash Kapil : Not all the rich people are happy and not all the happy people are rich.

Moe Wilson : Very interesting. I know he is generalizing but this certainly has not been my experience. I grew up with six siblings, eating puffed wheat with powder milk. We have all been successful and are middle class to very well off. My husband and his three sibling jokingly refer to themselves as coming from white trailer trash. I hate this term. Poor is an understatement, yet all own homes and are doing well in their careers and families. One would classify them as middle class. Even though we all started with less in the world, we all were programmed with work ethic. Hard working parents that passed that on to us. Poor to start but worked hard to achieve the dream. I wonder how Oprah raised by her grandmother in a shack, picking cotton would feel about this..

Joseph : Some people are so poor.....all they have is money.

Chillmode : the Bible says... "you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you" its a message for all humanity

ron l : Rich people stay rich because they shop at 99 cent and dollar tree stores. Poor people live in apartments and drive BMW's they can't afford.

Dave Crown : Being rich is having good physical and mental health...

electronicsNmore : Great videos!

VapeKing : My father was a very poor as a child. His family used newspaper to wipe thier butts. The only tub they had was in the yard. They raised chickens for eggs and grew pigs to trade. They ate alot of fried squirell and fish cause it was free by hunting and fishing. My father was very tight with his money due to his childhood. When he died I found out he had over 2 million dollars. This does not include the three bedroom custom built house he paid for in full and two newer cars paid in full. He never financed anything. I think this is the opposite of what the man here is saying. I think my dad never wanted to live the way he did as a child so he started saving and making money. Miss you and love you dad!

Middlestep [official] : There is a mathematical evidence that 96% of the people will never become rich. And that's logical. You can have a business and not necessarily it will be successful, you can try as hard as you want, but if you're not predisposed to get rich, you never will. To get to that point, you need to start from somewhere, and that somewhere is not nowhere. To become a millionaire, you have to start from 200K not from 0. From 0 only comes 0.

Joseph Lim : well i know people that are poor but theyre the most happiest of instead of the rich. Its because they are contented with what they have and enjoy it. Life is not all about making money. Thats total crap that programming and all hes talking about, just raise your kids happy, loving and good. Dont focus too much on money, work for it and it will come.

Mixey : He looks like a poor Doctor Aren't doctors supposed to be rich

LeviaKachu : I do agree with him, I been doing a lot of things without even realizing it that I did it and often times, it's the right move, but one thing I must disagree with him, now I'm not that kid who say hard work beats the talented BUT doing everything in your power to gain more knowledge, learning new things and improving WILL eventually make you rich, maybe it's not instantaneously but it will happen over time. Just because you come from a poor family and were "programmed" in the wrong way and have the wrong mindset from an early age doesn't mean you can't be "reprogrammed" from the knowledge and life experiences, just because you come from a poor family and you just think " oh that's just how it is, I come from a poor family, I will be poor " <- now this is the real reason why poor people stay poor and most kids who come from poor families stay poor and will never enjoy their lives to fullest.

Shalom DCMdVA : this cant be totally true... family support, elite schooling, inherited money, genius also effects your status... not programming but opportunities/access/resources.

Snow KAMILIA : Doctor, I do agree children learn almost everything from parents, friends and surrounding for first seven years. But, poor people stay poor, rich people stay rich due to "programming"; I disagree with that. Rich people can become poor people if they're lazy; poor people can become rich people if they're working hard. Both rich people and poor people have their own problems. Poor people have financial problems, rich people have family problems (love getting lesser). In my opinion, both rich and poor people must working hard to contribute to their families, then poor people will become lesser.


Heith Watkins : Kill the rich and take the money. .......RISE OF THE PHEASANTS !!!!!!!!!

Deep M : This guy is amazing!!

Stephen Smith : An interesting video that affirms how routine, repetition and positive thinking can affect a person's life in a meaningful way. I start my day with Inspiring videos like this and a positive thinking mode and attitude so that I can continue to learn and grow to become a better person. Thanks Be Inspired for this awesome video and have a blessed day.

saurabh bansal : Richness for me in today's world is only healthy body with peaceful mind....nothing else!!! If you switch money with health then the satament may correct to some extent....i rest my view here

Nsikan Ntuk : I just subscribed to this channel because of this video

Joe Bradley : The poor people I grew up with are now rich, the rich people I grew up with are now living on the poverty line...?

Shova Negi : Mind blowing.

300books : You take a rich child and a poor child. The rich child already knows he'll have his college education paid for. The poor child knows he'll have to work hard to pay for that same college education. In the end, the rich child knows he won't have to contribute anything because it will be provided. So, yes, they're both being programmed differently since they have different resources/opportunity available to them. I don't consider the rich child any more witty or talented. He's just more fortunate from the beginning.

JusticeTM : Spoken like a man with enough social capital to avoid the systematic oppression from which he benefits like those who are collectively like him.

Latest Tamil music : I'M HAPPY

Stress Free : Rich people have been passed down wealth from ancestors most of the time, where poor people haven't...nice video though.

Krishna chaitanya Mandela : Woow, it's so much realistic

TENFITMEN tennis impulse : I find this topic very interesting on many levels. First, I agree that our mindset/ambition for success comes from our surroundings (mainly from the family - including the 'hypnosis' period mentioned here), but I believe this can and will change when we change the environment. You are the average of 5 people who surround you most of the time. Second, I believe in affirmations and repetitions of any form of our desired outcomes, because then we consciously decide to change our subconscious and deep inside we start believing that we belong to that desired place/level. Third, being rich/poor is very relative and also the whole concept of this 'theory' relies on the perspective of an each individual. For someone, being rich would mean having more freedom, or having family/kids/more friends. Some financially 'poor' people in that regard might be way richer than some millionaires. Lastly, in my opinion, doing something that you really love and that you live for (and that gives you enough for normal life), already makes you 'rich' and sets no limits on how successful or rich you can become. I turned my love and passion for tennis into something more than just coaching and mentoring. I want to inspire many people around the world and show them that anything is possible. I want to be an example for many out there on how to keep believing and following your gut feeling. Keep going for that dream, because nothing in the world can make you feel so electric and alive!

john dave dacalos : Lol I know the guy for how many years now but i didnt apply anything in my life, I say the most important thing you can do is to take action no matter what.

Mo V : I think that bullshit it's because rich people have access to things that poor people dont rich people can afford a million dollars to get a ticket to space poor people cant they have access to people that keep them rich it's not programming what a loud of shit it not what you know its who you know just look a Trump his dad gave him 1 million dollars to buy his first business so there you go and hes the riches person in the world

Hello Bejamin : *Empower Yourself* *No More Fear* *Ifafoundation . o r g*

Jeremy W : People today are ignorant because the human condition is a human conditioning ...... I get so sick of false positive people that dont get to the root because they to profit from they same construct of the human conditioning. In this ass backwards deception of what we think is successful .... isnt people that play the same game when they figure out everything ...... Jesus says seek the truth and when you find it will become agitated but then in ahhhh ...... Then he ask what will you do? When the the two become one again like the children under 7 its 6 today one will not experience death....... In this lesson of two fish but most become selfish and two faced hypocrites that profit from the same as they capitalize on the capitals conditioned ignorance ......... capital means livestock in Latin ...... Consciousness is the con of all cons in this conscience a con and a science of cons ...... where two wrongs dont make a right ...... it doubles the left wrong and suppressed the right brain ........ Sick of people that beat around the bush get it the bush that burning bush I am that I am ....... I is ego am A through M Alpha only Selfish one sided Left wrong negative ........ Dogma Matrix Dog M through A Trix .....and a dogma is what other peoples thinking and that is by design to be 90% wrong every time for the pup-pets well trained and those that know and just do the same thing profit off the human conditioning never getting to the root ..... chicken shit selfish people like motivation speakers the same .....law of attraction the same ....I am I is ego egotistical selfish the human brain is Y not I that supports the serpent snake ..... Its tough to stay true to the human race that takes self awareness in purity ........ I will say the ego I is the mark of the beast on the forehead metaphysically and worthless money in that right hand......... Jesus says what will you do when you know the truth ...? Snake and Eagle SAE Seeing all eye ........ Its a choice in hell hello to be a snake or an eagle ....... and those that make it a choice to conform to the snake , I will say thank you for selling your immortality to and paying the debt for this planet to ........ but your place will be of a new face and race on cirrus the dog star so called to......... Pisces is the lesson of two fish Y and a I snake that has a reputation to keep that seeks immortality via this duality 2.1 210 degrees extreme LEFT conditioning ........ Discover what wrong with the brain ........ including Mr Lipton's On the left there is nothing right and one the right there is nothing left ......... why ? Consciousness a evil I collective of pup-pets 90% Left wrong negative 10% Right right positive 10% Brain usage.........That thinks only and knows only and by design to be 90% wrong every time. What pisses me off are people like this that know it but then beat around that bush .....of I am that I am ...... I is ego am A through M Alpha only ...... That has a wall in between that left and right brain ...... Replaced with a ego conscious and emotions thought feelings also for that actuality of pretend not the truth of reality...... That they know all this also ..... or enough to profit the same ........ exploiting the human conditioned ignorance and what capitalism is based on in the first place..... Very few break the chains and become that soul again ..... Real is rare and becoming rarer..... The more the dog the bigger the dog house ....... but its almost done also this holy duality 2.1 of god Dog training Alpha dog and bitches. Ever wonder why dog is mans best friend ....so man thats man knows that behavior exactly..... The brain will flip the word God with Dog because dog exist ....... Dogma Dog making and all I heard in all of this ..... just more of the same nothing worth a shit ..... This is what consciousness is a fucking con first of all ....... which conscious is a con with knowledge given to the snake serpent ..... Half brained and all that comes down the ladder of conformity ...... in Hell HELLO Good Morning Good Death to you also ....... Freedom no Free Dumb ....... Only those that break the chains of are the free ones ...... that doesnt do the same as everyone exploits it with dogma's books and all that false positive bullshit ........ Discernment and how do we know its bullshit well you have to buy it ...... True knowledge will never cost a dime or will ever keep it a secret to profit from ......A real man doesnt play the game the same a real man stands for and up not against just so those pockets get filled ..... for fame and fortune of false positive self lies that pretend which is pre the end ......... the part about the system that becomes a master piece ...... those that do well this life is it .....will experience a true death with that ego construct ..... Believe Be like Eve it means your soul that knows and reasons lives in reality not actuality over there on the left side of wrong ....... Ego conscious ..........I Left only Serpent Beta Ego Con --------------nested / Layered------------ception Human Y Subconscious Left ............................Y................................Right Adam ...................................................Poisoned Eve Spirit ....................................................Suppressed Soul Alpha ....................................................No Omega This construct creates the double left wrong negative Left + Left + suppressed Right = 90% Left wrong negative 10% Right right positive 10% brain usage........ I verses Y and those that are deep states bitch........ They say its all a lie , this they group is pretty fucking smart maybe people should get to know who they are .........The ego makes love an excuse and the truth abuse. Takes shit personally to........ that projects the lesson of instead of reflect it to learn from ........ If you cant explain it to a six year old you don't know it well enough and if that is the case either way is just the same wrong... not well enough or for a profit of ........ sick of the false positive bullshit of......... Snake and Eagle SAE Seeing all eye ........ Its a choice to be ...... two faced and selfish ...... or two fish Left + RIght = Light + Love = Live ........Y.........not I that is the lie ......... Real eyes Realize Real lies Thinking ............Reasoning Knowing ...........Understanding Actuality.............Reality Wrong ................Right Negative ...........Positive 20% +80% = 100% Whole brain hearted plus five senses creates the 6th sense ........ Takes purity and self awareness self love respect honesty and trust with self above all else ....... that will default to everyone else but be prepared for those people to walk out orf your life not being the same vibration of that is much much higher because of learning ...... not just all positive saying .....BS..... that is pretend that avoids the negative 20% ...... with busyness trying to look good for a society that is dead already ....mocked via TV programming Walking Dead ..... people are dumb they call it TV programming and people call it entertainment .......People pretending to be someone they are not that has to remember the lines ////// People well pretend to be someone they are not that has to remember the lies .....one letter difference n....... go figure....actuality folks and emotions fake as fuck also ego diseased.....now reverse it Esa es I Dog e , That is I Dog e .....i dont speak bullshit ...... Ego disease dogma Am God esa es I Dog e , Am God that is I Dog e aka pup-pets..... Then the bold statement of Android Di or DNA ........ You see this is what whole brained hearted gets you ........ and why they keep people from no psychic skills needed none. A few other really awesome attributes that I leave for the imagination ...... that Bruce knows of also with things like multiple personalities ....... and hypnosis...... The mind is very powerful and with great power comes great responsibility........ cant have idiots moving mountains just because they don't like the view ...... So I say again just like Jesus J es us J is us What will you do.......? Become selfish or become the true you Left + Right = Light + Love = Live ........ no coincidence it comes out like this ...... We are all awake and its not a wakening its break the dog chains from all the dog making ........ Alpha male dog holy prostitute the same screws all the bitches that selects always the alpha dog ......... Thats why they had to created emotions for that ego in our heads only not tied to anything thought feelings .........because the brain cant feel anything that is how they do open brain surgery while awake....... To make a difference we have to do something different .....to change we have to change ......... but first has to break the chains ....... from dogma's other peoples thinking .......that has done nothing but the same convolute and never get to the root ......... And remember only the ego takes anything personally ....... it makes love an excuse and the truth abuse .......in this reversed flow state of love and duality of 2.1 210 degrees ........ that is almost done then what ????? Are we ready to swim ....... 2023 is the year of not Sept 23 the birth of........ that has nothing to do with anything but a virgin birth and resurrection of self to return to this place ...... The next war wont be pretty and then its clean up ......... wont even be our war ...... but we will be on the wrong side of ....... in the ass backwardness of ADD Adult Dumbass Disorder misery that loves company and if those children get to wound up with the Why's medicate them to ........ to be comfortably numb and dumb with ADHD ........ I said my peace ....... thanks for listening ......

x426x : Rich people stay rich because they are born into money. It's easy to start your own business when you already have money handed to you.

MonaLisa Epkins : Poor people stay poor because we're the most giving. When homeless people need cash they immediately come to the poor areas with their signs. Look at where the shelters are placed, dollar stores, bars, and thrift stores. Cheap fun places to shop and also keep us spending every dime. The 1 thing that we have that the rich don't is that we can't miss what we don't have. When our money is spent for the week it's hurts but it's okay. We're use to it. When rich people go broke they kill themselves, or someone else for the insurance money. In the end none of us win. Money isn't everything.

Samuel Gómez : SUCH A BULLSHIT!

Lal Patel : Rich are rich because they are born evil. Nothing more to be said.