Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH (an eye opening video)

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Be Inspired : THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Dr. Bruce Lipton Shocked The World With His Discovery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpNZoowANNU

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : I believe rich people stay Rich because the mindset they have is of abundance. Poor people having the mindset of starvation and quickly spend the little money they have.

Brian Tobias : I agree with some parts of this video, but I am a strong believer that your environment plays a BIG role is how successful you will become. Let's say you want to become better at picking up woman, well, you have to go out 4-5 nights a week, practice your game in clubs, bars, coffee shops every week. Your results will sky rocket. But if you stay at home just sitting around watching youtube videos about how to pick up woman, you will never get results.

B C : This video taught me that you can make anything sound profound if you play light piano music in the background.

Animated Anatomy : Coming from a millionaire dad who is self made millionaire and was very poor kid without a college degree, I can confirm this video is wrong. I was stupid and I struggle to have 10% of his income, despite having good med school education and everything I am far away from him. Man had discipline, vision, persistence, was not throwing money around. Idk.. I think this video is wrong and yes you could call me rich but it is because my dad made the path for me. Will I be able to do the same for my kids?! Idk... At one point that line will cut.

Anju Meena : This explains everything. Why things like racism, cultural and religion discrimination still exists in our country....

niknatural : The point is, society wants you to fail and wants you to limit yourself.. Break free from that. Stop caring what others think and how others want you to live your life. Do what you love, work hard, and be grateful. Results will come.

JoeRomero At Findlay Toyota : Ironically, we've known this for thousands of years! Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 New King James Version (NKJV)

Bakary Dembélé : That's why there's so many religious people they're being fed that shit since birh

Tino LaFratta : Rich people stay rich because their daddy's keep passing the money down, poor people stay poor because they do not have the money to acquire higher education and experiences.... it's ALL about money......

MyOwn CreationZ : I think rich people stay rich primarily becoz they willing to adapt to change they are constantly in search for new ideas, plans and are not fearful to take the risks eg Bill Gates is uni drop out but he had this idea to bring about change and went and executed it. Poor people stay poor coz of their unwilling to transform their lives to betterment and they constantly are fearful their minds are continually function in a limited edition That is they are living in poverty or are uneducated they are fine with. Poor people have blinded themselves that nothing can be done whatever they have its their fate and its unchangeable. Rich people stay rich they focusing on different ideas which will enable them to move ahead. Not afraid of learning , experiencing change

Astral Fire : If you grow up in a poor family, those 7 years of your life is spent learning from two people who are or were irresponsible with money and who lack motivation to try and succeed, thus the child adopts that mindset much earlier than the parents ever did.

gmwilliamsful : Totally agree, poor parents are VERY TOXIC parents while wealthy parents are NURTURING, ENCOURAGING parents. Poor people are THE WORST STEWARDS of children. If you are born poor unfortunately, by luck if you become wealthy, DISASSOCIATE from your poor family- they are POISON!

Mytop5 ways : This is wrong Bill Gates was poor Now he is rich I was poor but I'm still poor This is right This is all about mindset

sldr maniakk : What is poor & what is rich? 😕 If u talk about money 😩 maaannn, then its about standards. I mean, if ur a humble person, u dont need a lot of money to 'feel' rich.. So it all cmes down to this : how are u as a person? Imo its the fckn gouverments who keeps the ppl (with money) in balance 😕 plain Nd simple. Once u break out of the 'mindcontrole' u will realize u dont need money to b rich 😕 u dont need money to 'feel' rich bcoz u can feel/b happy without it. If u can Njoy the little things in life, if u can love Nd receive love..my brothers/sisSTARS, ur simply blessed 🙏... Dont get it twisted, but simply : twist it (twist the mindcontrole) ...twist it 🙏

Cass & Bran : I think it's so important to associate yourself with other people who want to be successful as badly as you do. I truly believe that if they aren’t building you up, then they are dragging you down. I have a cookie shop in my college town. When I started it, I was living in my car with very little direction, just a huge passion to be successful. I just graduated college as well. I started the late night cookie shop out of a local bagel shop in their off hours at night. I was living in my car in the parking lot of the shop at the time with my boyfriend, Bran. It was a crazy experience but it worked! We became a success! And how we have our first storefront location (hopefully a second soon!) We started it to fund a year long backpacking trip around the world and to be successful while living the life of our dreams. I am definitely not where I want to take this to just yet, because I am aiming for pretty BIG! But it’s coming!!

K G : Jesus said it is easier for a rich man to enter the eye of a needle than to enter the kingdom of God, therefore I'm happy to be poor because my riches are in heaven. As long as I'm healthy, living, preaching God's word, have food, clothing, and shelter then I'm good.

Leroy Clark : I finally now understand the fake it till you make it philosophy and the repetition philosophy. The subconscious desperately needs repetition for ideas and concepts to stick. Thank you sooooooo much for explaining this. I appreciate this video.

edhie pitono : reality : poor people stay poor is because they don't have the means of production that only rich people have The rich stay rich because they are wealth hoarder, cheat the tax, stole other people idea, launder their money, or maybe have the rich family capitalist jargon : Poor people stay poor because of hypnosis shit, illuminati shit, or they just can't think positively and they just don't have enough idea to become enterpreneur rich people stay rich because they are extremely innovative, extremely creative, they work hard and extremely smart, it won;t be bacause they have a rich family it must be because they clean the room everyday and wear business suit everyday (like jordan peterson say)

Ashley Hunley : I come from a middle class family. My mother was from a middle class family and my father came from a poor family. My father struggled throughout his life to make it where he is now. Growing up, my dad lectured us about our ability to do and be anything we want to be and to not let anyone hold us back. Very positive affirmations and rewarding us only for success. I now, as a parent do the same thing with my boys. I constantly tell them, they are smart than anyone I know, THEY WILL be surgeons, lawyers, engineers and other prestigious professions. They don't know that college is only an option they think it's mandatory. I will raise successful kids to be more successful than me. Just as my parents did.

Ignacio Lunar : Mostly all rich people are there by inheritance. In any case, those who become rich from nothing are those who count as an example of overcoming

WonderWhaz : Money is a religion. Why should I conform to a money loving cult? A cult that has created the us and them, the haves and have nots...through GREED.

Heather Hilton : I want to know where the hell the blue pill and red pills are!!!

RJM 402 : Yes This guy is right and he’s wrong. As many have already commented, rich people maintain their wealth because they are part of a paradigm that fosters wealth and privilege. The same is true for the poor - they are part of a paradigm that fosters a lack of money and privilege. If you’re raised in poverty, are part of a dysfunctional family, your chances for wealth and success are less than those raised with wealth, in health and are part of a supportive system. Nothing this man is saying is monumental news - it’s life. What needs to be said is that we could fix this situation. It is possible to help young children to learn how to navigate the world successfully. The problem is, too many wealthy people don’t want any part of social engineering.. it’s unAmerican!!

Michael H : No idea how I clicked on this, I was looking at gardening videos.

Ignacio Lunar : this video is to make him rich

Lane Jones : No rich people stay rich because they monopolize everything and enslave the population by keeping them in debt.

Livereater00 : Observe common characteristics of successful people (education, goals, can-do attitude) and replicate yourself. Cut the losers out of your life as well. America is the greatest country. Plenty of opportunity out there to be successful in a thousand different ways.

MyOwn CreationZ : I agree with Dr Bruce Coz poor people don't train their subconcious mind Whereas the rich people keep practising and trying remain fixated on their goals even of they fail they will keep repeating.

Summondadrummin : If WE as Humans took this Very Seriously...We'd Design Society with a Focus on the first Seven years...because how those unknown humans are treated is going to create the society we live in.

P JC : In 1999 I saw a Rolls-Royce for the 1st time in my life and shocked me how beautiful it was(It was a Park Ward)...years after that I lost everything, struggling, starving and even I lived in a place with rats and cockroaches for many months. No matter what I always mentioned that I will be happy again, that my life will change again. I touched rock bottom literally, had to put water in my kid’s milk.etc,... one night I was crying while walking going back home after I got hired in a job where I got humiliated many times and I started to say out loud to myself:-" I’m going to be out of this, I will be fine again, I’m going to be rich, I don’t want this to be my life no more, I’m going to have my own Rolls-Royce, I’m going to be Rich, I’m going to be Millionaire..." In 2015 I bought my 1st Rolls-Royce... took me 16 years to achieve that dream with all my heart, it's not the Park Ward that I wanted back then, mine it is a 2013 Phantom series II because took me more time to be where I am, and the other were discontinued in 2000. Today I’m writing you from my own home fully paid, relax in bed after breakfast and my Rolls-Royce it is parked inside my garage. I’m very grateful with your video, and I think that never is too late to re-program ourselves. Regards

Farzana Aubeeluck : better be poor with a gold heart than be rich with a sealed heart

Annie G : Is this just Americas,....Asia , other continents... Where's the fact from... Statistics... Ha ha lol..

Jay Roma : The belief that this doctor of ? Can state tha show me a child at say. 1 year until 7 and you will see the adult down the line ? Hey professor/ doctor what ever you are. Now you had the good fortune to head of to a privy college or private exclusive that’s great,then tell us the wide audiences here where you began studying to be who you have become. Because you studied that ,that was written by a scholar who wrote the books and lectures for you and others to follow.And now you are suggesting or implying that not to many who don’t have a private education or don’t come from a well to do family with money! REALLY. May suggest that when you have finished lecturing at your university’s or at some school at the end of day. Please be so kind and now take your time here and slowly UNSTITCH YOUR FROM YOUR COCK It is your well to do informed people like you and others of kind ,that class themselves as the directive to give a view that you who have studied for many a years and come to a view that you can say these points about who can’t because the subconscious has to be retrained Sir .Now have a stiff drink while your playing with your unstitched cock. It’s fortunate that we have the internet to view people like you have has Avery high view of the mirror that you look into . Enjoy you complete unworldly TOOL?

blamine5 : Not true , yoû’re just trying to hypnotize us

mihaineken : This is stupid. It is never about being rich or poor. The money are not the purpose. Always be open for new ideas, always have a plan about your life and stick to that plan and be good at what you are doing.

fij 01i : BULLSHIT

Jonathan Galvan : Rich parents always motivate there kids so when you have that mindset sense so young nothing can stop them but poor parents sometimes tell there kids those are just dreams that's why they don't do they dreams

Blacc Angel : "Real riches is life. Forever." - Bob Marley

Joseph : Some people are so poor.....all they have is money.

Massi Nissa : The new philosophy of feudalism system !

TheKnowitall : Meh, if being successful was easy everybody would be a millionaire. Sure, your environment has a lot to do with who u are but so does your genetic personality. Rich people seem to get there easy as they enjoy the process. Some people simply don't want to go through that. As the saying goes, there are Warren buffetts and there are jimmy buffetts. Some folks measure success based on how much free time they have. Some are obsessed with being "rich". We're all different and to each his own. If its not your personality to chase the dollar to no end then u never will. I don't care how many times u tell yourself u are.

Vivek Aditya Singh : Please anyone.....link of background music....please world....

Drazen Stefanovic : I agree with 100% of this video!!

Samuel Koshy : There are many poor people especially in india that have struggled so badly to attain education...many got big jobs with big salaries that will change their lives..I mean from now on these people will be getting rich and their kids will be rich from birth..

Mr.mysterious03 : I am sure that are hundreds out there who are rich but born poor! This theory doesn't really prove anything. Take examples of movie stars with humble backgrounds or watch "The pursuit of happyness" movie.

Commandos12 : and now what we need to mass brainwash people to want to be poor. then the enslavement will be complete... hang on who wrote this script >:V?

Cher One : This is total bs. Poor people stay poor because the system is owned and rules made by the 1% and only a small psrcent will break the ceiling. This is more The Secret bs and part of the slave economy to blame the oppressed for their own exploitation and oppresion. This guy's a tool.

Stephen Smith : An interesting video that affirms how routine, repetition and positive thinking can affect a person's life in a meaningful way. I start my day with Inspiring videos like this and a positive thinking mode and attitude so that I can continue to learn and grow to become a better person. Thanks Be Inspired for this awesome video and have a blessed day.

Kratos Craken : But nature fights to eat and live, people are the only creatures that are driven by money 💪