Dragons' Den - The Amplify Tree

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goltoof : The kind of kinky sex she's into I can't even imagine...

sukhjeet grewal : This is what happens when you push peace loving human beings into business.

Wiggen : Where's the manikin head for mid-life crisis

Kozy : I think this might be fake.

btsmanman : You can always tell who the strong, powerful women are. They are the ones who are always telling others that they are strong and powerful.

Al B : As a family tradition this makes sense, trying to mass market this does not however. I mean seriously how did she come to the conclusion this would fly?

phoenixsplash135 : Penis trees?

Kika78 : I can only imagine that this show is stage with nonsense to try to get ratings cause no one in their right mind would seriously pitch this. It is just silly and stupid.

sn00ke : Bet she's a freak in the sack.