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Reyvander : No one can ever hate Terry Crews

AJ Martin : he is....so sweet. a teddy bear made of solid iron. angelic. would die for him.

Franny Tapia Thenoux : It’s so funny how adorable this huge muscular guy is

DlchMcV : I love Terry Crews. He’s a gentle giant, loves his wife completely and is one of those guys who could say he’s made it through by his own strength alone but he credits God and his family. He grew up surrounded by violence but came out the other side hating it and breaking the cycle. He really values his time as a father and insists on making memories even though he is crazy busy. He just has his priorities straight and he isn’t an obnoxious celebrity. When he speaks about becoming and being successful, he uses the word “we” because he includes his wife in that journey. Terry Crews is what I consider a perfect man (no one is perfect but as perfect as a human can be). He loves his family more than being famous; he’s taken on whatever he’s done with the attitude of doing it as well as he can, no matter how far it is from his ultimate dream; he got that everything you experience is a part of the journey; he’s amazingly physically strong but has never used it to initiate a confrontation; he’s not afraid to show emotion or admit when he’s been hurt. Terry Crews, you are an inspiration. You deserve every success. :)

MCRmechanic : Before watching this, I thought Terry would be a cool guy, but after watching this, he's one of, if not the most, coolest celebs you've had on the show. He seems (and probably is) so genuine and relatable. Thanks for having him on the show. Terry, you're the man!

emiilyshe : This man's teeth are goddamn gorgeous.

Fiend V : I liked Crews already, but this video gives me a whole new respect for him.

teriyak1 : “I survived NFL, I can survive this!” Makes you realize how cut throat and unstable being a bottom-tier professional athlete is.

Morgan Hill : If there is a heaven...there is a spot for terry. What a lovely, strong and beautiful human.

Jennifer Burwell : This is still my favorite episode. Terry Crews is one of those rare individuals where you wish he was your friend in real life, and you wish he was friends with your mom and your dad and your grandma, and you wish he lived next door, because he'd be an awesome neighbor. You just KNOW that he'd lend you his lawnmower if yours broke. (but he wouldn't lend it to you.. he'd just mow your lawn since he was already out there anyways)

Steel City Show : Who would of thought after retired from the NFL in 1997 and moving to L.A. to pursue an acting career he would become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood

Josh Gauntlett : Terry is an amazing dude. What an inspiring story about him finding a way to connect with his son in a really earnest way.

Charles Poopybutthole : Terry may be the nicest guy in show business, and I say this knowing full well that Tom Hanks and The Rock exist.

Estefania Morales : YOU SHOULD DO OBAMA

Phoenix Sudaria : *painful screaming*....yes.

Mr. MartyrDom : If you got Gordon Ramsay on this I would personally pay for every wing for the rest of this series

T Train : Idiocracy is one of the most underrated movies ever. Its since become a cult classic, and it will be viewed over and over because of the way the world has gone...

Texas Rage : *WILL SMITH* hot ones

Amanda Anderson : Terry is so personable and humble for how talented he is. One of the few down to earth actors that doesn't buy into the Hollywood trap.

David Cool : I had no idea Terry Crews was SUCH a cool dude, but I think he's been great in everything I've seen him in. Now that I feel I've seen him as I person I just love this man. Just...I can't even verbalize it. Just such a cool dude. Only downside is he didn't comment on the Valentina. That's my sauce, my man. It isn't that hot but the flavor is amazing.

PhantomACE : Wait what? Yet another reason to love Terry Crews?

Booger1301 : Why didn’t he ask about everybody hates Chris ?

TodayistheDay : ImCrying watching him eat the last two. It looks like he's hurting so bad. Poor baby.

Aaron Layusa : Terry Crews is a RENAISSANCE MAN!

Caitlyn Jenner : I love it when someone reveals a big passion of theirs that you can really tell they love like Terry and his horses

Zach Digital : terry crews seems like the type of dude who would give you a hug when he's mad. I love it.

Prashant Bhovi : You can tell a person is well disciplined when he’s high on spicy wings he puts back the cap of the spicy sauce bottle which is eventually going to kill him. This guy walks what he talks. Love Terry.

MrCorvusC : If anybody tells me they don't like Terry Crews they are dead to me.

Anthony Prete : How come someone be racist when they see a man like this? What a beautiful man.

Kerrie Gipe : I’m even happier knowing that NBC picked up Brooklyn 99 after watching this!

Weaver Beats : Terry crews seems like such a genuine awesome human being.

Yoshiki G : "How did you know? This is my favourite song." (background music: Thousand Miles) :D :D :D Man you just can only love Terry Crews. :P

vikachu K : That's 5 dollars of uneaten wings - Julius, everybody hates chris

Frank Costello : "God will not have his work made manifest by cowards" -Ralph Waldon Emerson Brought to you by Mr. CREWS himself. Power!!!

EcchiRevenge : #PCMasterRace Terry is best Terry.

Daddy Donald : He genuinely seems like such a funny and well-mannered guy. The kind of guy you’d want to have a beer with and talk about NEW OLD SPICE POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

BryanPlays _ : Terry crews is one of those guys that even if he gets spit on by another person, he won’t get angry because he knows that person is going through some shit.

Idotattoos CA : Everybody hates Chris

Nyeusi Nyoka : Terry Crews' taste buds are strong as hell too. Lol

Rosaleen O Connor : noice

TeamFlightBrothers : Terry Crews is amazing! What a humble dude

Lasagna Kleinschmidt : I came back here for the bread pudding recipe. Gonna make it now. I'll post later how it is lol

Brianna Larkin : One of the best episodes, ever. Rewatching because Terry Crews is just a great man.

Eric Taylor : 20:00 Someone once told me, bravery is not doing something scary without fear. That is stupidity. Without fear there can be no bravery. Bravery is doing something even though it scares you. The more it scares you the more bravery that is needed to face it.

Elkjaer Delemos : “What ever you do, do it quick I think ima pass out” terry at the end lol

KurdishStylo154 : How could you ever dislike this lovely human being

Nolan Stone : Idiocracy is my favorite movie EVER! I'm sad it was a flop upfront but super glad it got a following eventually. Edit: Also Terry Crews is one super amazing person. People like him are few and far between.

YamiDaBeast : Wait he’s almost 50!?!?? I thought he was in his 30s... or even early 40s

coffiecats : God will not have his work made manifest through cowards! You tell em' Terry!

jack black : Oh man that is amazing! Thank you for the Terry, I'm officially suscribed.