Terry Crews Hallucinates While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Reyvander : No one can ever hate Terry Crews

Maiah Vande Hey : Terry Crew is the most wholesome cinnamon roll. He's the epitome of what a gentle giant would be and I love him.

Justin M : I've been addicted to watching hot ones now. Great interviewer, good questions, and something about eating hotwings and burning people's face off seems to bring out the best character in all your guests. I've also turned out to really like a lot of your guests that I thought I wouldn't. Good shit man keep them coming!

Justin Harris : We have to protect this man no matter what.

Cindy O : Terry Crews was made by God's hands and then kissed by angels.

Mr. MartyrDom : If you got Gordon Ramsay on this I would personally pay for every wing for the rest of this series

The Gray Thrasher : Dude learned computers to connect with his son! Respect!!!!!

GoodDayDarling : Terry just demolishing toxic masculinity and talking openly about his issues I love him so much

Angelo De Lara : Terry Crews = Nicest guy in the world. Edit: Holy shi* wasn't expecting to reach 100 likes! Thanks guys!

ondrupls : I love the fact that you guys took the time to cook his recipe just to have a couple of seconds of footage and make it easier for the viewer to admire the recipe

emiilyshe : Holy shit. Terry Crews is going on 50? I would have never guessed that.

Max Larsson : Who else wants to see Samuel L Jackson do this?

nukedkaltak : Bring Andy Samberg to this!!!

L Adams : By far Terry Crews is one of my favorite celebrities right now. He seems so down to Earth. He is one of the people that also so happens to be an actor. I sense zero of that elitists attitude most actors have.

World Star : Every time i see him i think of white chicks

Zach Digital : terry crews seems like the type of dude who would give you a hug when he's mad. I love it.

Zaptoid : Holy crap, gentlemen. I laughed, I cried a bit, but most of all I am humbled by such an intense person being so beautiful inside. Broheim.

Kernaisha Gaines : It was very sweet how much that compliment about the sauce hit Sean


tweetthang96 : “I survived the NFL I can survive this” lol poor dude

emiilyshe : This man's teeth are goddamn gorgeous.

Mikey Mike : Crews is a rare celebrity. Super genuine guy

Proda Jie : Terry Crews is one of the best humans ever born.

Lord Bloodraven : Chuck Norris can retire. Terry Crews is in 'da *HOUSE!*

scarfacepatrick : I keep coming back to this video because terry crews is proof that anybody can do anything especially in the entertainment industry (which is my dream to be a part of) just by staying true to yourself without having to be cutthroat or an asshole because I would hate to lose myself with that kind of mindset. It’s really refreshing to see someone so genuine and I hope he continues to grow because he is one of the few people in Hollywood who actually deserves it

Weaver Beats : Terry crews seems like such a genuine awesome human being.

TheMaloney : Da Bomb seems to be a shite choice. Nobody likes it or thinks it tastes nice. Why not change it to something decent with the same Scoville rating???

Andrew Cranfill : Terry Crews seemed so happy to be interviewed. He's such a sweet man.

GutsRage : Terry is one of the most loved man in the whole world probably... who the hell could hate on this guy? srly.

Nicholas Kenneth : Why does Sean Evans look like sans lmao

PhantomACE : Wait what? Yet another reason to love Terry Crews?

Theda Pittman : The world doesn't deserve Terry Crews

MavrikOfficial : This might be the funniest episode to date lol he said "Am I here?" lolol

okok why : Terry is the biggest teddy bear!! I respect him and am in awe at the same time!

ethan DuBose : i love how this episode was sponsored by old spice

AJ Martin : he is....so sweet. a teddy bear made of solid iron. angelic. would die for him.

CeCe Blue Sky : Please do a "Best of Hot Ones" reel. I think we are ready for it.

Nicky Larson : That pecs flex at 10:18 ⊂(▀¯▀⊂)

A_jelly : God, can this guy get any more humble, sweet, awesome and inspiring..? Terry is one good egg

Joshua Ryan : I loved idiocracy. President Kamacho for President! Terry Crews doesn't know it but he's my life coach.

unlocked : what a lovely, happy individual.

thedudebros : Man, Terry Crews seems like such a respectful and grateful dude. It’s always cool to see that side of celebs. Good stuff 👍

adam steen : Should get Morgan Freeman on here

Noble Energy : 🤣😂😆too funny when Terry said "am I here"? Them wings tearing him up.🙄

Cecelia Miller : Terry is the best man in the earth

Mrzanetti100 : I want to be friends with Terry Crews.

Chris Phoenix : I love that guy. He's amazing.

one two three : making my way downtown walking fast faces pass and im home bound

Zom B Eat Brainz : This guy is a riot lol. Can't stop laughing. Hahahahahahahaaaaa

B u n g a l o w B e l l a : 18:17 me when my friends won't let me make bad life choices that we all know I'll regret later.