Terry Crews Hallucinates While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Reyvander : No one can ever hate Terry Crews

mediocre memes : Him connecting with his son is really touching. What a great guy.

LoneWolf Reviews : Man he better finish that chicken. That’s 36 cents worth of chicken

Jordan : Terry replied to me on Facebook when I asked him what his favorite scent of Old Spice was like 6 years ago lmao. His answer was Fiji.

Brian Evans : Ice cubes full name is: Icelandic Cubicle

Mr. MartyrDom : If you got Gordon Ramsay on this I would personally pay for every wing for the rest of this series

RamboMadCow : The only human to have reached Super Saiyan level 1.


Lasagna Kleinschmidt : I came back here for the bread pudding recipe. Gonna make it now. I'll post later how it is lol

YamiDaBeast : Wait he’s almost 50!?!?? I thought he was in his 30s... or even early 40s

emiilyshe : This man's teeth are goddamn gorgeous.

vikachu K : That's 5 dollars of uneaten wings - Julius, everybody hates chris

Anthony Prete : How come someone be racist when they see a man like this? What a beautiful man.

Thug Thanos : He's an artist, he built his own computer and he's naturally jacked. Dude got super powers.

LuckyOnDuty : All the comments going he's so amazing and nice and I'm over here still laughing at the "WHAT BITCH" at the end xD

emiilyshe : Holy shit. Terry Crews is going on 50? I would have never guessed that.

Eric Taylor : 20:00 Someone once told me, bravery is not doing something scary without fear. That is stupidity. Without fear there can be no bravery. Bravery is doing something even though it scares you. The more it scares you the more bravery that is needed to face it.

XxnosliwillekxX : Terry Crews is 50??? He looks like he can't be more than 38 or something like that.

Kid Dallas : Terry just seems like the type of dude you can talk to about any problem you’re going through ending it with a big ass bro hug! Probably one of the most down to earth actors on the planet 👏

loose Burger : Probably not a good choice of food to eat just after fasting 😷

Zach Digital : terry crews seems like the type of dude who would give you a hug when he's mad. I love it.

Sky man : Terry crews is the best dad ever

Aida Sarai : OMG,... He looks so tough and from all the things he has lived and seem, he could be a total ass... BUT he's the sweetest man ever. RESPECT Terry Crews!!! <3

BryanPlays _ : Terry crews is one of those guys that even if he gets spit on by another person, he won’t get angry because he knows that person is going through some shit.

BladeCammando : how do people hit the dislike button ? they will burn in the pit of fire for doing that... i mean come on its TERRY CREWS

Weaver Beats : Terry crews seems like such a genuine awesome human being.

coffiecats : God will not have his work made manifest through cowards! You tell em' Terry!

actual pile of filth : My dad hates my gaming hobbie and even though i would never trade him for the world, i sometimes wish he acknowledged my interests

yungbrizfe (gkmt/d1g1t) : Terry Crew on Hot Ones Brought to you by Old Spice Feel The PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!

kosmique : his teeth are so perfect lol

AJ Martin : he is....so sweet. a teddy bear made of solid iron. angelic. would die for him.

Johnson Mac : Terry Crews for president!

Auricularx : Right now I hate I can't like a video twice. Terry you're the best.

Diana Chijona : We mexicanos put valentina on literally everything!

Jessica H : Damn lol. Terry has super white teeth, it's dazzling :O

Your Neighbor Amos : Terry seems like a good dude & down to earth for a celebrity.

Chyna Dash : He's such a beautiful person inside and out

P.I.S Staker : Terry loves hot wings

Zachary Snyder : Terry is such a great man

Derezedd : Terry doesn't have to go all this trouble to promote Brooklyn 99, the show is amazing !! If y'all don't watch B-99 y'all wasting your life.

Steel City Show : Who would of thought after retired from the NFL in 1997 and moving to L.A. to pursue an acting career he would become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood

Tracy Davenport : That was too funny, in tears. Such a cool guy. Really enjoyed that one.

Lemme Feel Yer Jibblets : His teeth are whiter than the glass of milk

tinncan : God bless you Terry...

Lee Bennett : Wow... I wasn't expecting to be inspired by this! Amazing

unlocked : what a lovely, happy individual.

MrBrucelee117 : Terry and that suspenseful music had me dyin lol....I love terry man lol

Maria Bonvissuto : I want a hug from Terry Crews. Nothing would ever make me feel safer.

Namìko t. : I love me some terry always will😭💛💛

Karloz KoolMC : Terry, just wait bro, your ass will bleed...