A 1989 TETRIS Expert Plays TETRIS EFFECT for the First Time

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I asked Trey Harrison, one of the best Tetris players in the world, to take a stab at TETRIS EFFECT, the psychedelic new Tetris game from Rez and Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi — in pursuit of the coveted "DECAHEXATRIS." Help support my videos on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/babylonian/membership Check out Trey's channel, ClassicTetris, on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/classictetris?sub_confirmation=1 Thanks again to Trey Harrison for joining me for this video!

Comments from Youtube

Sir Caco : Once he put that VR headset on... HΞ BΞCΛMΞ TΞTRIS

Alucard : I wanna see him play Tetris 99

Anthonyist : Don't tell this guy about the new Tetris Battle Royale, he'll break the game

Golden Warrior 2.0 : You should make a follow up with Tetris 99

infinity JKA : Now we need him to play Tetris Battle Royale (Tetris 99)

Marcus Antonius Mascariñas : *"They instead just kinda used the VR Headset as Headphones for the Eye"* Best Quote I ever Heard

just some1 on yt : I wanna see this guy play Tetris 99

memelord207362 : Show me the battle royale **Fortnite** I said the real battle royale **Apex** I said the real battle royale **Tetris 99** Perfection

rachid lopez : This is indirectly a very good ad for PlayStation VR

BeastMode 09 : I can’t believe this is the same channel of the guy who beat the Walmart security tag

Djohn : Can I just say that the Tetris Effect theme song "I'm Yours Forever" is a very good song.

no regrets boi : As of now, only 19,400 search results for "Decahexatris" Wow.

Commander Karl : *Put on Headset. Starts to play better* "What is he doing?" "He's beginning to believe" *Gets Decahexatris* "He is the ONE"

maxmoefoePokemon : I never thought i'd be so intrigued by a Tetris video

300 subscribers without any videos : *next: a 1989 TETRIS expert plays TETRIS 99 for the first time*

Mellyn : 0:24 does that sound like James from the Odd1sOut to anyone else? ...is that James?

ElSwado ____ : Who else wants tray Harrison to play Tetris battle Royal

Bulletcore : YouTube keeps recommending this video to me. I saw it 5 times so far. I am not mad about it.

Oliver Kirkland : "Decahexatris" sounds as smooth as achieving one

Chad Niggle : All it did was give him even more of an edge, probably way less clunky than older games.

Reese Tuts : It’s because your sole focus is only on one thing. The headset covers all of your field of of vision and there are no ambient distractions

SolidSonicTH : Impressive that he understood the "Hold" feature so quickly. That's a massive game-changer.

LULAPANI : integrating how Tray will react to TETRIS 99?

Gonza Swageria : Since when did Adam Levine grow a beard

little stuff : they should add a desalonaorcris to the game where its 17 lines i smashed my keyboard to get that word

Dr. Stealth : So is no one going to talk about how he got 17 lines?

DanTDM FAN 〈3 : ima assume a quote by him is "Hard dropping is for the weak." -Trey 2018

William George : YouTube's algorithm recommends something good for once

extraterrestrial panda : I wish I could play that well on a controller.

Check My Playlist : Make him play Tetris 99 now

Katie Marigold : They should rename it TREYTRIS. 🤣

Joseph Hernandez : Now show him the tetris beatbox guy

AlienPhantom : I hope he plays Tetris 99. His first match probably would be a win! 😂

Anto Gaming 101 : He needs to play tetris battle royale now ONLY 1 CAN SURVIVE

BOBBIN BRASS : Now we'll just need to see him get that *VICTORY* *ROYALE* *99*

Vtfdsl : 1:08 Hey, wait a minute... I live in Houston!

valy0f : he doesnt complain and trashes, just adapts and slains it

UwU Toes : Very impressive but can you build the Berlin Wall with 16 million kills - Stalin

Trenton Henry : Wait but you can get 18 lines cleared

Swupweme Icyy : Whatever happened to being a doctor being impressive?

Gonza Swageria : I never knew Adam Levine played Tetris Wow

Hopeful Hyena : “We can stop now” Had me rolling.

Nahash Igi : Awesome concept game, cool video and interesting experience ! Now I dream to Magical Drop VR.

Black Ace : I have to admit, if VR headsets stopped trying to be something they aren't (SAO style VR) and instead tried to just be "headphones for your eyes" I would probably have a lot more interest in buying them and using them more often in my video games. I think this is what VR should be in its current format, a tool for immersive experience, not a medium for clunky game mechanics that are hard to truly enjoy.

taylor wildman : i understand what u mean when u say the "flow state" i remember this happening all the time while playing racing games my mind would wander but my gameplay peaked and i was more consistant than with concious thought

peepeescreem : This game really makes you feel like tetris.

RadioYT : My guy should play Tetris 99

Eleekey : Seems like a generic clickbaity YouTube video but this was very interesting and well made.

Paul Harvey : This is why you quit Pentatonix?!😂