A 1989 TETRIS Expert Plays TETRIS EFFECT for the First Time

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Nick Robinson : Before you ask "What did Trey think of TETRIS EFFECT?" or "Why does he play SO SLOW?", here's a second video where we answer those questions. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j_fp5L8Si8

maxmoefoePokemon : I never thought i'd be so intrigued by a Tetris video

Oliver Kirkland : "Decahexatris" sounds as smooth as achieving one

Hopeful Hyena : “We can stop now” Had me rolling.

Mohammed Hamza : _"Headphones for your eyes"_ is one of the greatest descriptions of VR I've ever heard

Superior Shuriken : Tetris effect is the umami of video games

Andrés Enriquez : decahexatris = Trey Harrison awakens the ultra instinct

crystal : Decahexatris? Now I know what I'll name my first born.

XxAlphaBeast TV : Supercalifragilisticexpialidecahexatris

Let me sleep in peace : But can he fit the broken pieces of my life back together? 🤔

Luke Kinder : A god at Tetris. Puts on VR to play Tetris: Goes Ultra instinct in Tetris. Fantastic.

onee : "Decahexatris" has 28,900 results now.

Smile for Discord : Trey is the first documented person to get the decohexatris

Rambonus Ravager : You guys are legit game journalists? This is what gaming journalism should be. Gg bois

Paul Orange : I love how everyone is on the same page about how this video touches your soul

whanowa : Nintendo hosting a huge Tetris competition is basically a damn E-Sports event. They were ahead of their time :-)

steve club : BOOM tetris for trey

chinqalicious : duuuuuuuuuuuuude i hate when the music is SOOOOOOO GOOD IN THE RHTYM GAMES BUT THEY ONLY GET GOOD AS IT GETS HARDERRR

Jamal Edwards : Why am I smiling in joy at someone's accomplishment in tetris???

Joseph Connolly : Who else googled 'decahexatris' right after this video

TopSpot123 : "Headphones for your eyes". That is a brilliantly apt analogy. The VR marketing departments should snatch that up immediately.

SC2 : Decahexatris isn't even big anymore. Wumbo's filling the YouTube feed with Ultimarises.

SmilingIpad : After this video, I decided to finally fully learn how to play Tetris. Somehow, I never quite figured it out. Then I did, and I got addicted for a short bit.

1,000 subscribers with 0 videos :/ hi : FoRtNiTe player plays PUBG for the first time

Gwenibee Leioni : I'm crying this is so beautiful

SimpleFlips : It always amazes me how smart NES tetris players are with decision making... but they're so slow on any modern tetris system. Regardless, awesome video. Excited to pick up Tetris Effect later this year >:]

HotRodX : I was born in 89. Ive always felt like I was born in a great time. Gaming really developed into something special around that time also. I remember playing "VR" in the 90's and thinking to myself, "I cant wait until they figure out how to make this look real." That time is about here. VR looks great now and tracks very well. Its awesome to see Trey get the first public Decahexatris. My moms favorite video game has always been Tetris :) I kinda wanna get this and let her try it but I have Rift not PS VR.

Sans X Frisk : I have no idea why but I find this so fascinating. It's so fun to watch people so in love with one thing actually fall in love with a more upgraded version of it, or even just enjoy it. I find it fascinating because with those older games some people are so attached that finding a newer version of it can almost be like a stab in the heart but finding someone who enjoys it is awesome. Especially someone who's extremely good at it. :)

Edward Robaon : I’ve got tears in my eyes watching Tetris being lived with by a human. Look at what we are going to do now! We are arriving in the Culture.

cmndrkool321 : This is what a true gaming champion is all about. No complaining or criticism about how things are different- just playing the game and overcoming the challenge!

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : I was gonna make a "Boom.Tetris for Jeff" joke, but one was already made in the first minute of the video.

Kaeos Factory 'Kae Artz' : Treys gameplay increased because of something back in the day that we called zoop*. It appeared in a Gamepro mag ad one day and it basically looked like a guy with red eyes and ultra red pupils. It basically was saying you are high and in the zone. Everyone that games knows that sometimes when u get excited and are enjoying you gaming you enter a state where you hear and see nothing else but your objective and your reflexes and increased at least +20%. This ultra focused mode is basically adrenaline. I'm sure if you hooked up Trey to a heartrate monitor and watched his brain in live on a machine you would see that he was in overdrive. breathing, heartbeat and movements all accurate and as in sync as possible with his rythmn. kinda like "goku's ultra instinct". lol. but really. its real and true.

Faisal : This video sold me the game

Jeff Zhuang : This is epic. Literally the oldest game I know is now one of the most epic thing I have seen.

Pulse Heltic : This gameplay was beautiful to watch

Chaitanya Singh : You and Trey sold me on this better than the trailer That's it, now it's on my cart

DoomKid 41 : Well, not once in my life did i expect to be so interested in Tetris

Bob Ross : how is the highest amount of lines you can get is 16 but he got 17 lines as clearly shown in the video

Tyler Garretson : Now you need to find an expert at the classic E.T. game. lol great video man. Subbed.

Ctrl : so basically you can become DIO at Tetris Effect

tungdung12345 Allan parkinson : this is so cool im downloading this when i wake up tomorrow

I am NOTHING : Should have gotten jonas

FrEaKiNg GaMeR : I started to smile while watchin this vid idk why. Edit:thanks for the love 😁

MaMa B : I am mind blown right now with this new release! I have played Tetris since the 80's and I still have my original game on NES. I love the original, but the PS options are fun too. I will be getting this new version for our PS4!!!

TΛBBY : That decahexatris part was so intense

That Music Guy : He got the Decahexatris! This is so cool, Alexa play 16 lines by Lil Peep

Führza : My fav of the three was RadRacer. I was a semi finalist at that specific Nintendo World Championship

swagull : why did i tear up when he got the big ol tetris line shake my head

Amour Fawer : pneumonoultremicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiotris

JedDraws : I wonder how many decahexatrisissisies people will get in this new game...? Awesome video by the way, I'm loving the content!