A 1989 Tetris Expert Plays 2018 Tetris for the First Time

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Nick Robinson : Before you ask "What did Trey think of TETRIS EFFECT?" or "Why does he play SO SLOW?", here's a second video where we answer those questions. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j_fp5L8Si8

nex : "Headphones for your eyes" -- I like that analogy! I used to think of HMDs as a more affordable and portable, (currently) slightly less ergonomic alternative to a CAVE. But now I realise there's a qualitative difference to the experience. Not better or worse; just different.

Chaitanya Singh : You and Trey sold me on this better than the trailer That's it, now it's on my cart

Liam Bach : YouTube's algorithm recommends something good for once

The Creepiest Of Pasta : This was beautiful to watch a human enter flow state

Alexis Pimentel : Idk why but seeing this man playing his favorite game touches my heart look at him having fun 😊

Jo-Kai Gon-Zo : I'm so glad you gave attention to Tetsuya Mizuguchi. He's arguably one of the best visual and audio artists of recent memory, yet he's criminally underrated for his involvement in Space Channel 5, Genki Rockets, Rez, Lumines and Child of Eden. I'm happy you uploaded this video and used your platform to support other creators in the video game industry. Keep it up, Nick!

Simran4U : Beautiful, love seeing an old timer love new video games..... amazing content man... subbed

Justin jhon Llhanita : Im not a tetris fan but this video realy got me very interested.

Kawaii Baby : Beautifully edited, and narrated video.

absolute hecc : i’m happy this was recommended to me.. honestly made me a little emotional

CenTz : He's beginning to believe when he put the vr on..

Rasif Choudhury : I’ve never been this excited for someone playing Tetris in my life. Great narration and story telling. Subscribed

Austin Clark : why was this sucha damn good video, i dont even like tetris but damn i was on the edge of my seat when he got the decahexatetris our whateverits called.

heartsXkisses24 : I was like, "why is a Tetris video recommended to me?" I watched it on a whim because its 2am I dont have work tomorrow, so why not. And welp... you just earned yourself a new subscriber.

VinxTerranova : Like everyone else, I think this video is VERY well done. You explain things but don't talk in circles OVEREXPLAINING things. You keep it simple and I really enjoyed this video despite not caring about Tetris.

Briola Nugent : I enjoyed this *alot!* Geezus that Decahexatris was intense lol I don't stuff about watch Tetris but this really captivated me *Trey kinda sorta made... History* 😂👏

Dimitar Kolev : Subscribed! Thank you for the awesome video!

yaser alaa : for the first time ever, youtube recommends an amazing video. nice job man. also anyone knows the music that was used in the video? i really liked it

Sumayyah Hussain : Ah bless him. Thanks for putting him in his zone. Sometimes you forget the good things in the midst of all the bad.

Skygazer : "Flow state" I like that. Ive gotten that before in trauma center series.fzero and call of duty. You feel unstoppable and really focused. There's no doubt in your ability and you know you'll win.

Avery Graham : Bow before the Tetris god! He made what was probably the world’s first 16 (I’m not typing that long ass name) combo, *while using a different controller entirely*

ryke Junior : I rarely give likes to videos, but this one deserved it 👍

parth shah : Dont give a shit about tetris never did but something about this video is just so good , THIS IS VERY WELL DONE 😊

Fumbles XD : Dud this video is so great made me cry

Irenz Eunice Maloto : Glad that this was recommended to me. This was so interesting and Trey was amazing, mad respect.

Larry Bundy Jr : decahexatris screen coming up!

Alejandro Guevara : I wouldn’t change a single thing about this video, it’s so perfect!

sam d : It's funny how you talked about getting lost in the game, sorta like how I felt watching your video, awesome video, got a sub from me

LEO GTV : I don't care about tetris But i'm downloading it now Super cool video keep it up 😍 subscribed+ ❤

Tony B : This video is so bloody pleasant! So well put together and edited.

Yasviele Pacifica : The guy is a legend! and I'm glad that even years or decades after, tetris is still tetris ... But more beautiful

Owan Quan : The whole edit felt like I was listening to This American Life podcast. Very much enjoyed this.

Issac Ortega : For once i get recommended a really good video

*_p a p j o n_* : Glad this was recommended. This is quite cool

Vanessa Aguilar : I have zero idea why but because of the music and the visuals I started crying... it’s just so beautiful.

safwangba : this is some Bright Sun Films level of documentary. Your voice, the game soundtrack, it fits Glad I found you accidentally

Cadynce : This video was so fun to watch for some reason idk why but it was Good video subbing right now

Sohaib Farrukh : Awesome documentary!! i especially loved how you narrated this documentary. you did not reveal if he got the decahexatrix before he got it or even hinted about it in the video that he was gonna get it. That made it is so much exciting for me.

Brevstoll : This is my first video of yours, and I have to say, I enjoyed this immensely. Great video.

ProtoGuy : This was awesome. Trey seems like a really nice down to earth dude! I love watching the classic Tetris videos, and it was really cool to see a living legend of the game play this new version.

Alex Creed : Beautiful well made video gg dude

simpleplanfan011 : Tetris is his spirit animal.

Antonio Martinez : Very captivating video. I thought would watch for 2-3 minutes. Ended up watching the whole thing while barely even feeling like 10 minutes had passed

Astraea Natsuki : This video was so well made and executed. I was thrilled when he played like a pro given that he hadn't used the technology before

ArnoldsK : I was sceptical. But after a month of this being recommended I checked this. Damn I enjoyed this.

BKXC : Such a good story!

MarcosGamer | Oficial : I never thought seeing someone play Tetris would be so amazing! It seemed so emotional.

danless : At 6:00 did anyone else feel like trey had met the final evaluation of his childhood game that feels like some after life version. And then at 7:24 he changes his mind to accomplish the best thing you can do in Tetris effect to show off his true skill and to prove for one final time that he is the master of the game

Frozto : When I searc on Decahexatris, there is only 4,270 results haha