A 1989 Tetris Expert Plays 2018 Tetris for the First Time

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Nick Robinson : Before you ask "What did Trey think of TETRIS EFFECT?" or "Why does he play SO SLOW?", here's a second video where we answer those questions. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j_fp5L8Si8

maxmoefoePokemon : I never thought i'd be so intrigued by a Tetris video

Oliver Kirkland : "Decahexatris" sounds as smooth as achieving one

Aquaman : Wow, YouTube is actually recommending good content for once?

Anime Bad Boy 1999 : When he asked to play VR Tetris and you could just hear the excitement in his voice, it was so cute I wanted to die

Purity fbi : His obvious love for this game and the excitement in his voice when he asked about vr was so fucking adorable...

whanowa : Nintendo hosting a huge Tetris competition is basically a damn E-Sports event. They were ahead of their time :-)

Entropy : Lately the algorithm for recommendations is getting way better

Allen Rounds : Saw this video maybe 20 times on youtube when I loaded it up. Finally I was like "Fine, I'll watch it." Glad I did.

TheCurvyGamer : That was truly a phenomenal experience. Seeing a classic player take to a modern version that came out 34 years after the original is equal parts heartwarming and affirming as a modern gamer. It's always broke my heart to hear that classic gamers just can't get into modern games and to see even one break through that initial barrier and even go for the vr is incredible. To see his skills translate so well, even through a foreign controller and with a comparatively more cluttered screen filled with particle effects and new landscapes is truly an outstanding thing to watch.

Austin Watkins : Watching him achieve the dechexatris literally made my hair stand on end. Incredible.

Luke Kinder : A god at Tetris. Puts on VR to play Tetris: Goes Ultra instinct in Tetris. Fantastic.

swivel keyring : Why your video always make me think "neat, I should sub to them" but then I saw that I already subscribed gdi

Superior Shuriken : Tetris effect is the umami of video games

Andrés Enriquez : decahexatris = Trey Harrison awakens the ultra instinct

___ : Damn it's just a simple game interview / demo video but for some reason I got so emotional? This video was scarily beautiful for a reason I don't exactly know how to explain

SimpleFlips : It always amazes me how smart NES tetris players are with decision making... but they're so slow on any modern tetris system. Regardless, awesome video. Excited to pick up Tetris Effect later this year >:]

Myr Hope : YouTube recommendations are awesome. THAT DUDE IS SICK MAN

Shiugy Caldwiff : Wtf, i don't know how, but the vr gameplay part gaved me goosebumps.

Mohammed Hamza : _"Headphones for your eyes"_ is one of the greatest descriptions of VR I've ever heard

Muhammad Huzaifa : The music and the visuals in this game gave me a very pleasantly weird feeling which can't be explained

Chaitanya Singh : You and Trey sold me on this better than the trailer That's it, now it's on my cart

Random Person : I love the child-like excitement he had about the VR, and just the way he absorbed that game so well

It's David : I thought this was gonna be boring when I first clicked on it, but it turned out to be really interesting

Let me sleep in peace : But can he fit the broken pieces of my life back together? 🤔

Johnnythefirst : I just clicked this and it was awesome. The only thing that was kinda sad is that that little kid from the nineties now has grey hairs in his beard. It just seemed like a couple of years ago. That little kid is me.

Supah Hackah : Who went to search Decahexatris after this?

CelticShadow : This was incredibly fascinating.

No Sleep : I've never been so intrigued by a really classic video game. Good job to the expert and you guys. 👍

SMIL3 : Is it just me or did he get 17 lines?

onee : "Decahexatris" has 28,900 results now.

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : I was gonna make a "Boom.Tetris for Jeff" joke, but one was already made in the first minute of the video.

FrEaKiNg GaMeR : I started to smile while watchin this vid idk why.

Bob Ross : how is the highest amount of lines you can get is 16 but he got 17 lines as clearly shown in the video

ImBidou : I clicked on this video cause its been in my recommendation for a while, clicked it, disliked to not get anymore tetris videos (dont really like tetris) but i stopped and gave it a chance, turns it out, its a really good video! Liked and subbed! This guy is a god.

Alexander Punturi : I love how you made it seem like he wasn’t going to be able to get the 16 line combo, and then surprised us with it in the end, this is some high quality content.

TΛBBY : That decahexatris part was so intense

Denny Lc : i want more recommend video like this

Paul Orange : I love how everyone is on the same page about how this video touches your soul

Rowe Samuel : Probably haven't watched a good video like this in a long time.

DoomKid 41 : Well, not once in my life did i expect to be so interested in Tetris

TopSpot123 : "Headphones for your eyes". That is a brilliantly apt analogy. The VR marketing departments should snatch that up immediately.

Gwenibee Leioni : I'm crying this is so beautiful

Jfgug Fuftuc : I'm not a hardcore tetris fan but this video is awesome

Tyler Garretson : Now you need to find an expert at the classic E.T. game. lol great video man. Subbed.

Smile for Discord : Trey is the first documented person to get the decohexatris

Yasviele Pacifica : The guy is a legend! and I'm glad that even years or decades after, tetris is still tetris ... But more beautiful

swagull : why did i tear up when he got the big ol tetris line shake my head

Fake Sulfate : I find it kind of ironic that after decades of video game improvement and creation, people still play Tetris

crystal : Decahexatris? Now I know what I'll name my first born.