Rib Hewitt: Concert Under the Bridge
Rib Hewitt Alive and Unwell

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This documentary, shot in 2004 by a friend of Dave, shows rare glimpses of Rib Hewitt before he took off into the forest, never to be seen again. The documentary chronicals Rib's failed Concert Under the Bridge, and shows the recording process of his infamous 2004 debut album "Alive and Unwell." This documentary was previously thought to be lost, but a couple months ago, we discovered it on a badly damaged VHS tape. We brought it into our offices and began the painstaking restoration process. We are now proud to present this incredible piece of folk music history. Book: https://tinyurl.com/y897y3al


beachpeachnut : lmao the fact that he's barefoot might be favorite thing about him

TheDaveShow : So good!