Time: a smartwatch film

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Budget-Builds Official : Sort of makes me want one...

Ardimo Harsa : I thought you were trapped in the Red District for a long time

ZRFTECH : it’s a christmas miracle

Harlequin251 : ghg uploaded early christmas boi

L4rfG : Best example of quality over quantity

SirRandom : Man, just 5 minutes ago i looked at your channel and thought, damn he hasn't uploaded anything for a long time. And now look what we got here

Pav : This video comforted me, taking me away from my personal problems, if only for a short time.

James Vectra : I've been waiting so long for this! Awesome video man, quality is much higher than before!!!

BocuD : Thanks for “watching”... Terrible unintended pun

Tech YES City : The HAM is back! Thanks for featuring us too on the smartwatch brother, looking forward to doing a collab one of these days! When the new studio is done, you are welcome to come up and stay.

Eoin : Wait a second, this isn't an episode of doctor who

Bruce Willis : Hi

Clair Studios : Guess who's back

501stLegionFelucia : My phone was under my pillow and vibrated freaking me out. The fact that it was a GHG video made it all better though.

lost long : This channel confuses me. He tries to create films, yet he does tech review videos, which are two things that most of the time do not go hand in hand. I can respect this though

SIMO'S GUARDIAN : ghg i like your content and appreciate your quality over quantity style. keep it up, best xmas gift so far!

Tripnotick : Can it smoke a ciggy

Dankthony Memetano : Props for trying something new. A lot of your big text blocks are passed quickly or are less visible - enough to either distract from the next cut or miss some of your points. You do a good job in an abstract way of elevating a less interesting (though that’s subjective, i know) device. I think you get away with the vlogging stuff by integrating it just enough into the watch’s review. Overall an unexpected format; don’t hate it but don’t love it... yet.

Pav : Dads back

Rad Shad : This video, like all of your others, just make me really happy. Watching them just gives a good feeling. Thoroughly enjoyed it and worth the wait! Also, I'm glad that you're a fan of Tech Yes City. Seeing Bryan's name came up made me smile

UltimaKnight : It's been 84 years...

AgiBla98 : Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day...

Zylo over : I don't really like this one...

Paul Radaker : I’m afraid to wear my AirPods now after finding out they are a Class 1 Bluetooth device


Hyper 031 : Love your videos

JOE 1604 : when i saw the notification pop up for this video I got in trouble with my mum because I shouted "FUCK YEAH" out loud

XxStreetShredderxX : Brilliant video

Sam Castevens : Finally! Thank You!

ExDee : Damn, the budget was high on this one

riDQlous : second time watching this fantastic video of yours, tim. Truly your best video to date

riDQlous : do you use itunes, apple music, or spotify?

The Modern don Juan : By oddinn yes

Michele Bufarini : ghg is back , i'm so happy

TheStig'sTurkishCousin : GUESS WHO'S BACK


rodrigo maldonado : beautiful work <3

Clair Studios : Finally

nista u glavi : Wow u uploaded

WhatAJoker : Are you planning on doing any more PC build videos in the future?

samplebite : He's back!!!! OMG I have waited a long TIME for this day to arrive.

『ᴅ ᴏ ᴍ ɪ ɴ ᴏ』 : This was a great Christmas gift :D

Apacetic : Finally ur back!!!!!!!!!

GeneXL : That hair soosh is freaking stylish my dude

BALLSDEEP : Im dutch it feels realy funny that you came to amsterdam but i did not expect you to love apple since you are all about buget but instead you love apple expencive products

Lars C70 : Too bad i didn't know you were in Amsterdam, would have loved to meet you!

Slowsodium : YOU'RE BACK.

Никита Белоусов : Thanks God. I've been waiting for this!

youtube.com/c/reported : 👌👌

The House Of Gaming : I missed u!!!