Time: a smartwatch film

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Budget-Builds Official : Sort of makes me want one...

Tech YES City : The HAM is back! Thanks for featuring us too on the smartwatch brother, looking forward to doing a collab one of these days! When the new studio is done, you are welcome to come up and stay.

Ardimo Harsa : I thought you were trapped in the Red District for a long time

ZRFTECH : it’s a christmas miracle

Harlequin251 : ghg uploaded early christmas boi

LarfG : Best example of quality over quantity

SirRandom : Man, just 5 minutes ago i looked at your channel and thought, damn he hasn't uploaded anything for a long time. And now look what we got here

James Vectra : I've been waiting so long for this! Awesome video man, quality is much higher than before!!!

Pav : This video comforted me, taking me away from my personal problems, if only for a short time.

BocuD : Thanks for “watching”... Terrible unintended pun

ExDee : Damn, the budget was high on this one

Paul Radaker : I’m afraid to wear my AirPods now after finding out they are a Class 1 Bluetooth device

Sraith Pictuir Parodies : Wait a second, this isn't an episode of doctor who

501stLegionFelucia : My phone was under my pillow and vibrated freaking me out. The fact that it was a GHG video made it all better though.

Clair Studios : Guess who's back

Bruce Willis : Hi

jack moore : This channel confuses me. He tries to create films, yet he does tech review videos, which are two things that most of the time do not go hand in hand. I can respect this though

SIMO'S GUARDIAN : ghg i like your content and appreciate your quality over quantity style. keep it up, best xmas gift so far!

Dankthony Memetano : Props for trying something new. A lot of your big text blocks are passed quickly or are less visible - enough to either distract from the next cut or miss some of your points. You do a good job in an abstract way of elevating a less interesting (though that’s subjective, i know) device. I think you get away with the vlogging stuff by integrating it just enough into the watch’s review. Overall an unexpected format; don’t hate it but don’t love it... yet.

WhatAJoker : Are you planning on doing any more PC build videos in the future?

Pav : Dads back

Rad Shad : This video, like all of your others, just make me really happy. Watching them just gives a good feeling. Thoroughly enjoyed it and worth the wait! Also, I'm glad that you're a fan of Tech Yes City. Seeing Bryan's name came up made me smile

SuperAwesomeWeirdGuy : The comment about the AirPods and the 100mW of radiation... It's non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation has no effect on living tissue... The amount of energy that the airpods are capable of receiving or transmitting is tiny compared to the amount you'd have to have to see to have any biological effect. This concern is completely irrelevant.

UltimaKnight : It's been 84 years...


AgiBla98 : Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day...

Zylo over : I don't really like this one...

Hitesh Dutta : About time

Sam Castevens : Finally! Thank You!

Ramy S : did I seriously wait for few months to get a smart watch video?? feels really bad


BALLSDEEP : Im dutch it feels realy funny that you came to amsterdam but i did not expect you to love apple since you are all about buget but instead you love apple expencive products

riDQlous : second time watching this fantastic video of yours, tim. Truly your best video to date

Hyper 031 : Love your videos

GeneXL : That hair soosh is freaking stylish my dude

Slowsodium : YOU'RE BACK.

The House Of Gaming : I missed u!!!

riDQlous : do you use itunes, apple music, or spotify?

XxStreetShredderxX : Brilliant video

Pyry 1 : Wtf new vid!

CRISPY Boy : Yezzz ne video

Tiny Plays : Thanks for the Christmas present

The Modern don Juan : By oddinn yes

Michele Bufarini : ghg is back , i'm so happy


rodrigo maldonado : beautiful work <3

Clair Studios : Finally

nista u glavi : Wow u uploaded

Brady McD : and on the 1st day of christmas ghg gave to us 1 awesome video

EmannnRtv : Jesus Tim(e), we have been waiting forever for this video! Haha besides that, we really appreciate the content you make for us. There is rarely a day I go without watching a GHG video..