Ainsley Harriott On Being A Living Meme

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Riccardo Abdine : How can you hate this guy?

ÁUß Code : 0:29 maybe you just wanna... Give Your Meat A Good 'Ol Rub

Somali pirate who's actually somali : His smile is unsettling.

Lil Dreas : Such a positive man👍🏻

james84 - : if you look up wholesome in the dictionary there's just a photo of ainsley

213213yoyo : Life is about enjoyment. Words that we all forget too often.

i’m clout af : Is it physically possible to get mad at Aisnley?

213213yoyo : What a nice guy.

Robert Serro : Ainsley is the polar opposite of Gordon Ramsey

Minifridge : y a b o y y

Edgar S : " is about enjoying it.." I love this guy

crazynighthawk : He even posed so people could screenshot and make more memes, he's loving this!

moggy jac atore : what a legend, so happy and positive

anish yande : when he smiles at 0.30 look at the bus in the background. it's what I'm looking for 😂

Noamias : He's so charming I just turned gay

Install a Friend : My mind is so warped by the memes that I can't look at his face without laughing

Tom Wright : Nice to see someone who appreciates the humour rather than suing.

Gameshwai : 0:30 When ansley is smiling, there is a bus in the background saying (Hello, is it me your looking for?) *Coincidence? I think not.*

J_ D_B : He likes being a meme because it means he’s making people feel happy... what a legend

J H : Everybody likes Ainsley. Everybody likes to give their meat a good old rub.

Da Thompi : You can't hate the guy. He's such a nice dude

smallandbald : this is the most wholesome guy in the world i love him so much

SOMEHOW : " Life about enjoy " Damm respect this man

Pindah VeMoh : This man, has won every bit of respect i could give him! Legend.

Daddy Papi : You make fun of him But he’s rich


Michael Ubiñas : Ainsley is one of the happiest people to walk this earth.

Thomas Murphy : I thought he would get pissed off about it o_0

0 9 : Morgan freeman at his prime everybody

k : Look at this meme! Look at that one!

I only did this channel to comment on vids : Bless his heart

Brian Morrison : Wish their were more people like Ainsley

Manu : What a great guy

keni : This guy is my hero

Mr_Keyboard : What a legend

Lyle Greig : I freaking love Ainsley. Such a good guy

McBain 05 : What a legend

Tehreem Hussain : One of the most wholesome TV chefs ever

UWOT m8 : W h o l e s o m e

jurpker : This man is my god now.... I literally pray to him.

zhou qikai : The most positive man

big boi : This man is a national treasure

Angus Farrand : Mmm give it a good old rub

Ainsley Harriott : Ainsley is a living legend

Heavy Weapons Harriott : My hero.

N I G H T D R I V E : Ainsley Harriot is a pure human

KoasterKing 205 : Give your meat a good ol' rub!

KFC Manager : he look like a snack 😍

EagleOneoOne : This man's awesome

RIPPEDSWEATER : what a man