Stitch Crashes Disney movie Trailers
I totally forgot how charming the ads for Lilo amp Stitch were

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1st = Walt Disney Beauty and the Beast 2nd = Walt Disney Aladdin 3rd = Walt Disney The Little Mermaid 4th = Walt Disney The Lion King I do not own anything. All rights go to there respective owners.


TheLegend27 : *G E T Y O U R O W N M O V I E*


Krystalkate The Wolf : 1:32 Aladdin may show you the whole world, Jasmine. But stich can show you the whole Galaxy. Lmao

(Odd-Moss) : Stitch and Deadpool should have a beer together

Squeaks : Stitch is basically Deadpool lmao

Sharp Design : When trailers got you hyped without giving anything away Also, ironically, and canonically Timon and pumbaa were there but didn't know Simba yet


Missy Morgan : I really wish they could have done a full blown crossover film for all Disney movies as a spoof. Yes I know there’s wreck it Ralph but I mean one completely focusing on the original characters in beautiful 2d animation 😭♥️

HR Khan : What if Stitch ruined Monsters, Inc.?

Sharon Inks : I would hug Him and politely remind him he has his own movie lol 😂

Elle The Bat : I'd like to see him crash Moana lol

irkenus : Now that Lilo & Stitch is getting a live-action remake, they should remake these trailers!

Berries 20 : Stitch is like antique Deadpool, except without the swearing

Incredix Spider : Stitch just stole Jasmine from Aladdin Stitch is mr steal yo girl

Cao Ang : This video is suddenly getting popular. xD

Kablstr : Oof, the VHS times are giving me a nostalgia attack

Elizabeth Jasmine Nino : Oh wow, I had no idea Stitch stole other trailers because I've never seen them! The only one I saw was the Aladdin one. Ah brings back memories. This was great seeing other trailers at last, thank you!

Derpy PotatoFox : Can they update this so now he invades other movies... I wanna see him annoy maui like hei hei never did

AquaticEntity : "Hey, I was singing here!" --Ariel

Tarvoc : 1:14 - 1:45 lol, Aladdin got cucked. XD

Alejandro Risso : "Oh great, he's loose..." Classic

MeliKeli xox : The lion king one killed me😂😂

Melanie C : *What Stitch Says To Aladdin* Hey I just met you And this is crazy But I'm not human I stole your lady!

Blue Duckling : *his name is stitch.* *"oh, great. he's loose!"* *{laughing}* *and he's coming to our galaxy this summer.* *disney's lilo and stitch.* *coming only to theaters*

spooky : I think about the Aladdin one a lot

Abbi Lowe : Jasmine is a furry


ArtistCosmic : The nostalgia is strong with this one

praxcrown5 : I love how Jasmine just up and dumps Aladdin for a six-armed alien in a swanky spaceship. XD

M K : His name is Stitch OH GREAT, HE'S LOOSE. Will haunt my dreams.

BigfootKatie : welp, stitch stole Jasmines heart, poor Aladdin XD

l a y l a m : he’s mr steal yo girl 😎

Joel Dioneda : *Fun Fact:* All the Disney movies that got spoofed in these trailers also had a Broadway show adaptation.

Read More : Would it be funny if the princesses are signing and when stitch comes, they will stop singing but the music keeps rolling and realized the princess are lip synching

Mr.ScaryPasta : 3:39 LOL! Two warthogs?! I guess Pumba has his own stunt double!

TwinklingSonic : I remember as a kid I'd always see the Aladdin one And I'd be like: YO STITCH IS A LADIES MAN! *I know, I was a weird kid*

KanaTokisho : *That moment when you realise Stitch's movie could have been just him invading other Disney movies* To be honest I'd love a movie where Disney characters just hang out with each other and I know there was House of Mouse but it didn't quite work.

Danny Caracciolo : Ths movie has been out for nearly a decade and yet *NOONE* has gotten around to memeing the scene where stitch basically becomes the record player..... *YOU ARE FAILING THE INTERNET HERE PEOPLE LET'S GET SOME DANK MUSIC COMING OUT OF THAT KOALA BOI*

Fernando_Person TM : I don’t remember this Well I also wasn’t really born yet

こんにちはThamara : 'Hey! I was singing here!" Literally me... but i'd never ever ever ever ever ever EVERRRRRR hit Stitch he's too adorable

Nani Foa’ii : Lion king: Everyone runs away as if Pumbba (ahem) “passed gas” lol.

Fidei Spears : These trailers are like memes lol 😂

Freddy Fazbear : Aladdin:What the.... Stitch: *MAH GORL*

Charming_ Mist : **Wolf whistle at Belle** "Get your own movie." She replies

Dark Mask : I remember there was a rumor that that was a Snow White Stitch trailer that they shelved for some reason, because the original magazine ad for Stitch featured Ariel, Aladdin/Jasmine, Beast/Belle, Timon/Pumbaa, and Dopey from SW7D

Prismorbe Flash : This remember me the first Stitch appearance in KH 2 : a pesky troublemaker but a great friend for Sora.

Silvanna : 3:48 “Ahem... RAAAGAHHHR-!”

Derpaherp : That look on Aladdin's face when Jasmine got all flirty eyed with Stitch... That "You can't be serious?!" moment. XD

Potato ASMR : This confirms that stitch is the first key-blade master lol