Stitch Crashes Disney movie Trailers

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Moneymaker 2.0 : Hey guys if you want more detail and stitch info check out these videos I have

AquaticEntity : "Hey, I was singing here!" --Ariel


Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild} : “I was singing here” XD 😂

Krystalkate The Wolf : 1:32 Aladdin may show you the whole world, Jasmine. But stich can show you the whole Galaxy. Lmao

Sharp Design : When trailers got you hyped without giving anything away Also, ironically, and canonically Timon and pumbaa were there but didn't know Simba yet

Silvanna : 3:48 “Ahem... RAAAGAHHHR-!”

Eamon Hyatt : Imagine Stitch invading the trailer for Moana

(Odd-Moss) : Stitch and Deadpool should have a beer together

Zoe Murtagh : I wonder if any of the princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet will talk about Stitch crashing their movies. That would be hilarious!

Squeaks : Stitch is basically Deadpool lmao

Katy Z : Beauty and the beast : belle is just M O O D Aladin: dang stitch is Mr. Steal your girl The little mermaid : “I WA S. SINGING HeRE” Yeets a starfish at stitch’s face The lion king t h a t i s. n o t S I M B A

xTwinkleStar7x : The Beast was so cute when he gulped.

ArtistCosmic : The nostalgia is strong with this one

mindstatic : 16 years later and these are still hilarious

Missy Morgan : I really wish they could have done a full blown crossover film for all Disney movies as a spoof. Yes I know there’s wreck it Ralph but I mean one completely focusing on the original characters in beautiful 2d animation 😭♥️

Aym : 2002 I wasn't even born 😂

irkenus : Now that Lilo & Stitch is getting a live-action remake, they should remake these trailers!

HR Khan : What if Stitch ruined Monsters, Inc.?

Alejandro Risso : "Oh great, he's loose..." Classic

Cao Ang : This video is suddenly getting popular. xD

Sharon Inks : I would hug Him and politely remind him he has his own movie lol 😂

TheLegend27 : *G E T Y O U R O W N M O V I E*

Kablstr : Oof, the VHS times are giving me a nostalgia attack


Doom The Doggo : I'd like to see him crash Moana lol

Faith Xiong : Jasmine the gold digger

kiba the wolf : he was also in brother bear as a blooper

Princess perfect girl Aka Disney princess 6 : The voice of belle sounded like her and so did everyone else also great animations

Elizabeth Jasmine Nino : Oh wow, I had no idea Stitch stole other trailers because I've never seen them! The only one I saw was the Aladdin one. Ah brings back memories. This was great seeing other trailers at last, thank you!

spooky : I think about the Aladdin one a lot

Incredi X : Stitch just stole Jasmine from Aladdin Stitch is mr steal yo girl

Joel Dioneda : *Fun Fact:* All the Disney movies that got spoofed in these trailers also had a Broadway show adaptation.

MeliKeli xox : The lion king one killed me😂😂

Read More : Would it be funny if the princesses are signing and when stitch comes, they will stop singing but the music keeps rolling and realized the princess are lip synching

Lisa : Stitch is one of the best Disney characters created

KanaTokisho : *That moment when you realise Stitch's movie could have been just him invading other Disney movies* To be honest I'd love a movie where Disney characters just hang out with each other and I know there was House of Mouse but it didn't quite work.

Derpy PotatoFox : Can they update this so now he invades other movies... I wanna see him annoy maui like hei hei never did

Daniel Medina : That would be funny as hell they recreate this in live action since Lio and Stitch live action is coming out and instead Ariel in it cause Disney still working on a live action little mermaid. so the teasers would be live action Beauty and the beast, live action Aladdin & Live action Lion king 😂😂

Charming_ Mist : **Wolf whistle at Belle** "Get your own movie." She replies

The voice says I'm almost out of minutes : 1:37 these hoes ain't loyal

Russia : Literally the funniest thing ever 😂


Tristan Chan : Why is it for Lilo and stitch that other Disney characters are shown on the poster and stitch invading four of the disney movies in trailers, but other disney movies around the 2000s years like the emperor's new groove, Atlantis the lost empire, treasure planet, brother bear, home on the range ETC don't seem to have other Disney characters on ads of those movies too? Nor any of those other movie characters invading the 90's ones in trailers?

Danny Caracciolo : Ths movie has been out for nearly a decade and yet *NOONE* has gotten around to memeing the scene where stitch basically becomes the record player..... *YOU ARE FAILING THE INTERNET HERE PEOPLE LET'S GET SOME DANK MUSIC COMING OUT OF THAT KOALA BOI*

Fidei Spears : These trailers are like memes lol 😂

Ohlordy 456 : It was a simpler time

Leia_Skywalker02 : Wow, I remember seeing the Beauty and the Beast trailer in Disneyworld when I was younger!

David V : On Toy Story, Sid at Pizza Planet that should be a miniature golf course and space Game Center making fun of an Alien mascot and playing Whack An Alien.

Beau Ferret : I remember seeing the promotional posters for Lilo & Stitch which showed Stitch in the centre and surrounded by many characters from past Disney movies all looking at him in shock, fear or disdain. I initially thought that the film was going to be all about Lilo & Stitch causing havoc in all of the past movies.