Stitch Crashes Disney movie Trailers

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Moneymaker 2.0 : Hey guys if you want more detail and stitch info check out these videos I have

AquaticEntity : "Hey, I was singing here!" --Ariel


Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild} : “I was singing here” XD 😂

TheLegend27 : *G E T Y O U R O W N M O V I E*

ArtistCosmic : The nostalgia is strong with this one

Incredible X : Stitch just stole Jasmine from Aladdin Stitch is mr steal yo girl

KanaTokisho : *That moment when you realise Stitch's movie could have been just him invading other Disney movies* To be honest I'd love a movie where Disney characters just hang out with each other and I know there was House of Mouse but it didn't quite work.

Silvanna : 3:48 “Ahem... RAAAGAHHHR-!”

DarkMaster27 : Who watching in 2018?

fєм! вlυєвєяяу : I remember the Ariel and Belle one from when I was young.

Fidei Spears : These trailers are like memes lol 😂

Miss Mangas : Poor Aladdin, Stitch got his girlfriend! At least, Jasmine will have the ride of her life X) I like the way Ariel react after he interrupt her song, it was hilarious! Thank's for sharing this video, i laugh the hole time!

Zaasworth Sugimorii : I think I've literally seen every Disney movie to date but I don't remember these trailers for Lilo and Stitch. Stitch took Jasmine like a boss lmao

Michael Williams : Timon: hey that’s not Simba

360 Noscope Kid : HIS NAME IS STICH.

ImmaFish : Stich was so adorable in the Lion King one!

Vero Merino : I liked at the part when he stole jasmine XD

BJS99 : If Stitch ruined Enchanted, this is what might happen. Giselle and animal friends sing the middle verse of True Love's Kiss. As Giselle tries to find something that would work for her statue's lips. She accidentally holds up Stitch. The song pauses. Giselle feels annoyed and asks Stitch: Where's your movie? If Stitch ruined The Princess and the Frog, it will go like THIS. Tiana sings the reprise of her song, wishes on the evening star, sees Stitch, almost thinking it was supposed to be Naveen as a frog, wonders about him wanting a kiss. Stitch gives a love whistle. Tia says: Sorry, no kiss for you. Get your own movie. If Stitch ruined Tangled, here's the motivation. During the song, I See the Light, Stitch falls out of one of the floating lanterns. Rapunzel asks: Did you hear something, Eugene? There are 2 ways, Stitch would ruin Frozen. Stitch interrupts Anna's last solo during For the First Time in Forever, by zooming fast on his hovercraft, making her pass out. Either that, or Stitch would interrupt Elsa during Let It Go. I don't know how. Can any of YOU figure it out?

Zoe Murtagh : I wonder if any of the princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet will talk about Stitch crashing their movies. That would be hilarious!

Leslie Fisher : LOL I like how he ran off with Jasmine. I know I've seen all these before but I didn't quite remember that

Mark Maasch : Ariel: I was singing here! "Throws a sea star at Stitch" Stitch: Ow.

Eamon Hyatt : Imagine Stitch invading the trailer for Moana

Karionite : I wasn’t even a fetus when these came out 😂. I wish I was alive when these films came out before they switched to 3-D. It’s really amazing to know that this movie is 15 years old.

Iron Warrior : Stitch did this for the ladies 😘😘😘

deep toot : belle: Ill be in my room beast: doin what? belle: WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Katy Z : Beauty and the beast : belle is just M O O D Aladin: dang stitch is Mr. Steal your girl The little mermaid : “I WA S. SINGING HeRE” Yeets a starfish at stitch’s face The lion king t h a t i s. n o t S I M B A

Krystalkate The Wolf : 1:32 Aladdin may show you the whole world, Jasmine. But stich can show you the whole Galaxy. Lmao

MemeElfman : Get your own movie

Taehyung BTD : Ariel is soo perfect! 😍😍 2:22

Brandon Kohout : Stitch, you ruined Ariel’s moment, her song, Aladdin and Jasmine’s A Whole New World scene, their magic carpet ride, Belle and Beast’s moment, their dance, their Beauty and the Beast scene, the chandelier, replaced Simba, scared the animals away, and ruined the Circle of Life scene! I’m sorry, Stitch. But you give me no choice. You’re suspended.

Shelby Davis : Haha I remember seeing the Beauty and the Beast one. Lol

PKMN Trainer Mark : All these years, I only knew about the Aladdin one.

Cameron Choiselat : What if Stitch ruined The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Shadow558 The Boss : There is one more with lady and the tramp

Ducky Camacho : Who loves Stitch?

CROSSOVER ANIMATION STUDIOS : Beauty and the Beast (1991) Aladdin (1992) The Little Mermaid (1989) The Lion King (1994)


Daniel Pippenger : 2:33--"Watch and you'll see... (WHAT THE...?)"

Kaitlynn McCabe : Haha!!!!!!! 👽 👑

(Odd-Moss) : Stitch and Deadpool should have a beer together

Brandon Kohout : Stitch! Why do you always have to WRECK EVERYTHING?!

mindstatic : 16 years later and these are still hilarious

Missy Morgan : I really wish they could have done a full blown crossover film for all Disney movies as a spoof. Yes I know there’s wreck it Ralph but I mean one completely focusing on the original characters in beautiful 2d animation 😭♥️

Musicmaker 11 : Ha ha ha in your face aladin

Cao Ang : This video is suddenly getting popular. xD

Noah Johnson : Ariel: I was singing here!

Jacquie Timms : 0:40 Belles face!!!

Noah and Friends episodes : i like ariel