BLOOPER: News Anchor explains why Amazon is worth more than Walmart

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Wade Wilson : Wait do other people not eat their cereal with a dildo?

Mikuz : Why are we all so afraid of the truth?

Winter Brothers : Here I am trying to eat breakfast and then this...

Insert Name : This man deserves a metal.

Geoffrey Taylor : He's just telling ya how it is folks

Carl Johnson : Reminds me of Adam West in Family Guy

The trash can of hopes & dreams : Her reaction...

Chris SubZ : This had to be his last day!

HITP Valkyrie : My "friend" says so.

pandastratton : 0:23 just pause...

DeLEET Titan : He's not wrong though

guitarconspiracy : your fired

Macho Moist : What do you mean Walmart doesn't sell sex toys? I bought my daughter a trawel and some Windex from there last Monday

Ton : Expert economic analysis.

SaiyenInlineSkater : Hard facts we need more news casters like that, give that man his own show

noirdesire : Finally a real journalist

Lionel Mendez : I got an anxiety attack from watching this m, seriously

jg schofield : She definitely bought one... whenever people act like sex is a bad thing i automatically don't trust them... 😎

iHaveNoClueWhatIamDoing : Her face. LOLZ!@!!!!!!!

Vin ce : Sex sells.... The guy is just right about it. Timing however...unfortunate with kids watching and asking unwanted questions to mum and dad

James Donnelly : A living American Alan Partridge

LunarX : We need more men like this in the world.

RapidReader4 : Legend

gay freakin frog : he ain't wrong

EroticCakes : Her face lmao

DirtyBird760 : the funny part is, sex toys are way less than 1% of their sales

OH SHIT IM SORRY : he looks like an aged Trevor from WKUK.

Ferry Lee : R.I.P to that women she trying to defen his self for saying "trying to eat breakfast" but actually she don't know how to fight that guy hahaha

ArrestedDeveloper : He's not lying, they do. They usually wrap them in a black back to be discrete but almost everyone that packs them takes it out of the bag to show everyone and laugh. so if you ever get one and it's not in it's black bag, 100% someone chased their friend around and tried to hit them with your new dildo.