This is the real deal my life of a alcoholic

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MissFryske : Very honest. I respect that. Prefer an honest drunk before a lyining man who 'made it'.

oz1902 : It takes a very, very brave man to come onto YouTube and speak as freely and honestly as you have done. I admire you sir, and may God's blessings be upon you my friend.

David : Great vlog, you probably saved at least one person.

509 K9 : The difference between him and me is just that I've been lucky.

Doug Morgan : I like this guy

Mike Greg : a good person in unfortunate circumstance. this is not uncommon

Sara Lacroix : Your kids love you they're just sad seeing you messed up. If you show an effort that you wanna be apart of their life they will let you i promise ! good vibes ~

The Deathless Lord Cerberus : I'm getting sick of my drinking its whats making me unmotivated, a recluse and depressed. Officially quitting it now in terms of drinking it for no reason. Only making it a social aspect now because the whole drinking alone thing, its brutal in the long term.

wallpaper42 : Surprised this doesn't have more views.

brushy mountain : i drank diarrhea

King Conan : Hits deep... hang in there brother

Shaggy Lloyd : I'm quitting today for a few months, need to clean myself out.. Noticed withdrawal symptoms these days & there awful!.

JeffAffects : I'm 15 and I got so drunk it ruined it for me forever I'm never touching alcohol I only smoke weed bc it's a plant.

Innes McLellan : Dana White has really went downhill

Anemic royalty :D : This is the type of video they should show in school instead of the shitty videos with clean cut, unrealistic actors.

Ray Aley : Someone get this guy into rehab. He wants help and needs it.

James Nguyen : I fully respect you. Hope you're well.

Colton Yenne : id get drunk with ya good luck man

Jorge Blanco : I appreciate your video.

manyu : smoke some weed my man

Ben Inman : Bruh jus smoke some weed

Spencer Whitney : more people need to see this

josh jankinson : dude get some hobbies

TheLandOfTears s : Gotta have something to live for bro, otherwise that addiction will never stop. It is what it is, usually when you got nothing to live for, you just end out finding and outlet like alcohol.

Andrew Moreno : Thank you, man. Good luck.

Gary Stefan : You are a very brave man for making this video and trying to help others. You shown kindness to others but you also need to be kind to yourself. You're only alive right now in this moment not in the past or the future. So just stop drinking for day at a time, don't worry about tomorrow or dwell on the past. Just one day.

Shnarkle VonBarkle : I've been clean and sober almost 17 years now, and I still can't figure out how to upload a video onto youtube, so at least Charley has something going for him. The thing I don't understand about all this is why are you telling people that drinking is no way to live when there are countless people out there who drink way beyond their hearts content, throw their lives away just like you have, and don't care? Who are you to tell them to stop drinking when you don't want to , or can't stop drinking either? You say you aren't judging people, but if that's the case, you should have no problem with others just like you who don't want to stop drinking either. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work for anyone else who drinks. Some people know how to hold their liquor. I was court ordered to AA numerous times, and I was EXACTLY like you. I was so disgusted with those pompous self righteous narcissistic anonymous assholes telling me about how much fun they were having while they were drinking, and how it all went to shit as time went on. It's a pissing contest to see who drank the most because that way an alcoholic can point out how far they've come from where they started out at. There's always going to be a bigger idiot with better stories to tell. I did the exact same thing you did, with the exception of having to continue to go to the meetings because the State mandated it, I had to go up and get my piece of paper signed so I could get processed out of the system. Fat chance. That took me over a decade, but eventually I learned my lesson. Don't drink and drive. Don't even take one single sip and get behind the wheel. Don't drink anywhere where law enforcement can make contact with you. God bless AA for helping to keep drunks from getting behind the wheel and killing someone. I found me a boat, disappeared out into the Sacramento Delta, and proceeded to get blind drunk for the next five year. Why? Because alcoholics have this problem with their brain where it tells them that they want to drink, even when you know you don't and it's going to kill you. Pain can be a touchstone to progress and recovery, but some can't find enough of it to make a difference. When people get to a point where they're done suffering, they make a change; sometimes death is the only change that will get us to stop drinking. Most alcoholics would rather be dead than drunk regardless of whether they're drinking or not.. This video is nothing more than a snippet of what an AA meeting is like. One of the best meetings I ever went to was one where the guy who was leading the meeting confessed that he had spent the weekend out with a woman drinking. He said that he had a great time, and went on about the time he had with this woman for about 5 to 7 minutes, then he pointed out that he didn't meet the qualifications to be a group leader anymore, and was ready to step down in order to be replaced by someone who was qualified. The next few people to share went on a tirade on how they had better things to do than sit at an AA meeting listening to some drunk talk about how much he enjoyed drinking, and that he didn't belong in AA. There were a lot of people who were really ticked off at this guy. I wasn't one of them. I was his sponsor, and I was proud of him and his honesty. The fact is that alcoholics are assholes, regardless of whether they're in AA or not. The BIG difference is that a FEW of the biggest ones in AA know that they're assholes and are attempting to do something about it. They're trying not to be assholes and it's a lifelong process. All that can be done is to lessen the effects of being an asshole on others around you. Drinking ain't going to help. Many times you will hear people in meetings say: "Go try and do some controlled drinking, if you think you still can", or "If you want to keep drinking, there's the door". Obviously, that's the path Charley wants to take, more power to you. I saw a video of Charlie Sheen raving about how great it is to do drugs, and I say the same thing, more power to you Charlie. I like to see people who can still enjoy drinking and doing drugs. I guess I'm living vicariously through them, or maybe it's a matter of knowing that I'll never be able to enjoy drinking again so I don't envy them in the slightest. Charley has 37 comments to his video, but if he went to an AA meeting, he could get a whole lot more than that any day. I'm sure that if you went to as many AA meetings as I have, you'd be able to find countless reasons NOT to go to AA meetings. However, when you've gotten to a point in your life where you discover that you really don't want to die, maybe you get something akin to the fear of God into you; then none of those other reasons will matter anymore. They could tell you that you need to worship Satan, and that they're going to completely brain wash you and you'd be fine with that. When the State no longer required my presence at AA meetings I finally got to a point where I had to go anyways, and I didn't give a shit what those assholes at AA thought. Instead of getting pissed off at what they had to say, I started owning real estate in their heads. I may have even gotten a few of them to go back out and drink. Fuck em, if they can't take a joke. The point is that it works for those who really want it. All you really had to say to get people to stop drinking was to tell them that you're 40. You look like you're at least 55-60 going on stone cold dead forever...I've never seen anyone who couldn't take a breath without it being full of smoke. Just an FYI Charley, your problem isn't alcohol, but you'll never be able to figure out what your problem is unless you stop drinking.

K Boslice : I'm sorry brother, I wish you the best, I can't pretend I can related, but I think it is never too late to turn things around for the better, you are still alive!

Hammah Department : I respect that brotha

beautiful vibe : made me cry. please try, i know its hard god bless

BaylorGang412 : im 20 years old.. the past 2 years ive been struggling with a xanax/percocet addiction..lost jobs, relationships, and not to mention the money ive spent..i totaled 2 cars..the police came and everything im just lucky i didnt get a dui. thank you for this video..whether its alcohol or drugs or anything , addiction is a nasty nasty thing and can ruin your whole going to continue to watch this video everyday to remind myself..once again THANK YOU for have helped alot of people

Joe Migliazzo : Go to rehab. It'll be the best decision you'll ever make in your life.

Ryan : I hope that one day you get to experience a life without alcohol and return to being happy. You deserved so much more than the cards you have given yourself. The honesty is so powerful in this video. Good luck Charley.

Mike Zelenovich : I can't stand the videos of the young, good looking people who talk about being sober/vegan/healthy/yoga recovering alcoholics when they tell you they drank 4 drinks a night for 6 months.

B San : Sir I hope you are doing well and that you were able to stop and get help. My first time in AA I didnt understand it and did not give it a chance. I too tried to take my life twice and lost my family. When that happend that was my bottom and needed help started going back to AA and life was a lil more easier to deal with. Im 110 in to the program. Its not easy at first but in time it gets alil better ONE DAY AT A TIME. When you find your higher power. You will start to find peace.

flowerz for dayz : Shit man this helped me so much I'm 17 been drinking since like 12 and shits got bad all my money goes to beer and alcohol this really helped me out, hope all is well with you tho man. This has really motivated me to stop

Jared Perry : Man, I've wanted my dad to say this for years. Alcoholism is devestating, but you speak like you have all your molecules together. Just one time try to watch this video sober & that may finally kill the demon that has it's grasp on your life.

William O'Rourke : I'm a 25 year old man. I been an alcoholic since I was 19. I have a great job, my co workers have Cadillac's and bmws. I have 3 duis so I have a bike. they have houses and kids, I have a dog and I rent 2 room apartment with 2 other alcoholics. none of us have a car, we barely make rent, and all of us bring in at least 700 a week. we spend our money on alcohol, drugs, and we don't remember what else. I am in and out of jail, I have warrants in 3 states, been to prison for a year. however funny thing is, out of that year in prison, I was drunk and/or high for 11 of those months. it's 12:15pm here, and all three of us are drunk. they are smoking crack too but luckily I quit crack and heroin. I can't stop drinking tho. I'll wake up after 6 hours of being passed out shaking and first thing I do is hit my bottle, light a cigarette, then take a leak. I eat 1 meal every few days. I am 5'10, I weigh 147 pounds. I use to weigh 194, with a six pack, and I use to be in the Michigan amateur mma division. i held their title, but one night I was drunk, went into a rage and went to throw a chair. as I twisted I broke my knee. I need a knee reconstruction surgery, they say maybe even a knee replacement. I'm 25, walk with a cane, and I don't care unless I'm sober. But I may be sober for the 30 seconds between waking up and grabbing my bottle. don't start drinking. My life is falling apart. and I don't care at all. don't be me.

buzz : Alcohol the handy works of Satan.

JeffAffects : And a church will help you more than aa

dan buchardt : This dude is just absorbing the dart smoke....Like his lungs are eating it all and he's not exhaling anything...jesus buddy

Brad patin : I know you mentioned the religious part of your life. I am a recovering alcoholic who's number one trigger is his own thoughts. I was told that God is just the voice in your head, not a person or object. The consciousness is the beauty of life and most interesting part. Nobody's perfect, we all have bad thoughts. Turn to the good thoughts in your head. They become the best distraction.

Marc Ferretti : It's never too late man your only 40!!! The area you live doesn't matter, There is a whole world you could still see if you fix yourself right now! Your kids need you man! be there for them! If your dad wasn't there for you, why would you want your kids to feel that way too! Be loving and compassionate, life is short there is no need to act like a hard ass in front of them... Enjoy your life man, do what you love! You probably lost the big picture to life, noone knows why they are here man, we are all on the same boat!

milldabeast519 : how do you work 78 hours a week and spend your nights at the club every night.... 400 $ a night. when u only make 600$ a week from 78 hours....

Patrick Madigan : Nothing worse or pure useless information when coming from a drunk who’s loaded hiding in his barn giving his drunk a log stay off the internet sober up go to an aa meeting sober grow a pair of balls and get up in front of a crowd of sober people and give your drunk a log

Cayden : It takes a real man to admit that he's wrong. I respect that. I hope he got his life on track now and has a great relationship with his family

Tommy Stone : The honesty here is amazing. I wish nothing but the best for this man. So opened and honest

panbad1 : Thank you for sharing, I hope you are doing better :)

Khem Hue : thanks for sharing your story man, seek out the help you need it aint too late

pdude1911 : Thank you, kind sir. Greets from Europe.