This is the real deal my life of a alcoholic

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Stooda : do u ever fucking exhale

Chris Payne : just need some good old fashioned LSD man!

Dave : Great vlog, you probably saved at least one person.

King Conan : Hits deep... hang in there brother

Ben Inman : Bruh jus smoke some weed

Olive Dog : Definitely respect this man, but he has to know that relapse is a part of the sober journey, doesn't mean he's doomed. it's never too late. and working at a gas station isn't something to be ashamed of, I worked at one, and I actually enjoyed it. but I don't drink hardly ever now, but I used too. have alot of alcoholics in my family. the struggle is real

e l l i s : Smoke the reefer my dude! instead of putting money into beer buy some good weed or hash then get super blazed out. way better than AA and cannabis in the long term will start to have a positive effect. This is how i have overcome that addiction, redirecting it into something that takes the harm and pain away from it. It has something that has given back physically and mentally many times in my life. Don't destroy your life man, live it as beautifully as possible. Substance Abuse is a serious issue in this country we just all have to try to be good people and help as many others as possible, even it as something as small as saying something nice, or something as big as completely paving someones way. Because in the end we all only have one life as far as we know, so why not go through that life living knowing you've done your 100% best, to do what you can to get back what you put in to be happy.

joseph desimone : come from alcoholic broken home single parent,,,lived in 10 different citys and suburbs from the age 12. homeless as an adult 3 to 4 times,,, broke on the street,,,been to jail total 5 years......but forginate when i left AA TO STAY SOBER OVER 22 YEARS NOW 55 YRS OLD,,,,JUST BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE A YEAR AGO...CUSTOM CHOPPER IN THE DRIVEWAY AND MOST OF ALL I MET SOMEONE TO SHARE LIFE WITH..........GET ERRR DONE''........ CHEERS

Daniel Tyler : Good video good advise. I am in the same place. Can't stop. Everyday the same hopeless situation. I want to stop but it is bigger than me. Forgive me I wish no harm, I am just powerless over the grip of alcoholism.

Cause&Effect : I'm 15 and I got so drunk it ruined it for me forever I'm never touching alcohol I only smoke weed bc it's a plant.

Brother Jared : Its a drug just like anything else man. Satan knows that and its one of his biggest weapons. Get right with God he is the only true cure.

Carson B : Much respect man. I'm 23 been battling alcoholism since age 20. Your story gives me new hope; I've started a new life with my girlfriend just moved into a house and a new job. I don't want that to go away. Thanks again.

TheBobFish : Yo im watching this on acid right now. this niggas head changing sizes or am i tripping?

Ca$hMoN3Y : im 22 and i think im a better person when im drunk

Trizz block : how do you spend 400 on drink a week

vern schock : I have a similar story-thanks for sharing brother-GOD BLESS you-i pray for you-I'm 50- been sober for 3 years-longest sobriety since 17 years old-keep on trying -keep your chin up-keep posting videos

Spank Me : seems like he likes the nose powder also

HeroOfHyrule97 : get some weed man that shitll get u off alch you wont feel the urge

James Sonny Crockett : How can you smoke a whole cigarette without exhaling once. Im staggered!

Zach Manning : im frunk right now

hittingtax26 : If you ever quit again, please for the love of God: -never touch alcohol again -don’t look at it  -don’t be around it -don’t go to parties, the experience is liable to remind you of alcohol, whether alcohol is present or not -don’t hang out around people who are drinking, -limit your income so you can’t afford to drink, -avoid any and all exposure/marketing/advertisements, -don’t let your kids drink -create a fun experience not involving alcohol and remember it -let your descendants know about your experiences, alcoholism tends to be hereditary -anything is better than an alcohol addiction, even chronic aches, pains, anxiety, depression -ask the police to put you in prison if all else fails -try to survive in the wilderness, that will distract you!

polspect : I hope you are still reading and checking messages. I am 26, an alcoholic, and live with my mom. I buy two cheap handles (1.75L) of vodka every week. I mix it with cheap diet soda and drink every night in my room. I hate myself, but without it I would probably try killing myself (i have a few months worth of ambien that i dont take but i keep refilling).I don't know how to live with myself. Thanks for the insight and I hope I end up half as gracefully as you did. Message me?

Steven Mccallan : Where there is life there is hope but the older you get the less hope there is for the alcoholic. Alcoholism is a horrible disease and I think that many get to the point where they wave the white flag and drink till the day they die. So very sad to think of what could have been but the bottle took it all away.

Greenbot7thst : G a week is trash

Ian Ffield : There are much better drugs to do than alcohol, but man, once that physical dependency kicks in, it'll getch ya......

NoworriesmZ : rick sanchez is the most functional alcoholic tell your mom to get her facts strait

Str8 sauce : i respect him for being brave honest and open but i cant respect someone who knows there problem and cant man up enough to make a change sitting there smoking aint gonna change shit .. im not a hypocrite after a major surgery i was relying on painkillers its hard but once you go clean just never look back . the first week is hell the second week is stressfull, moody temptations increase but once you make through a few weeks run and never look back find a new niche to fill the void and youll be back better than ever stronger than ever

Frenchy 7 : you have touched the hearts of many, whether you believe it or not, there is still hope for you to turn it around.

Journey awaits : In these times if you have a wife and your own house you are lucky as shit

d1ks4u : hope you're doing okay man

Needing Sobriety : Good for him to be st8 up.

beedee211 : Man I'm so sorry, but please, don't feel useless because you aren't. You've inspired me and I even though I don't fully know you I definitely won't forget you.

*John Smith* : Okay cool but where is all the smoke going

Iraq Vet Iraq Vet : smoke weed

really dude : Damn this is a good video

The Sites Saint : Fucking smoking during the whole thing like its any better

ItsBrianHere : Very wierd to me bc my dads an alcoholic and i am a twin.

Astro nayon : My dad passed away a couple of days ago because of thrift illness🙁

Jonathan Alexandre : i appreciate that you had the confidence to acknowledge your mistake and make a video on Youtube about it and everybody should share this because a lot of people think its cool to drink and do drugs. And I hope everybody that has watch this brave mans video has learned from him and I thank you personally. God bless the person who made with video and everybody that reads this comment have a wonderful life thank you

Nathan Solomon : Why don't you just become a stoner ????

max reichert : You have to be more motivated ! What youre not doing is telling us how you can change and become the man you want to be. Stop telling yourself you wont change because you simply wont man. Motivate yourself to become the person you want to be! You CAN do it !

xyzek : such a large difference between how calm both of them are LOL

Allen Winslow : Hope you're doing well, man. Hurts to hear what you've been through.

Ben Roars : I wonder where the smoke he inhales goes..

Idek 4real : such a bummer that a great guy like this have been swept in to alcholism. any addiction is a struggle and especially alcholism. I wish that everyone who feels as if their life is a constant mess due to alchol and drugs would try to get sober no matter the price. Honest to death, ask them to lock you up, tell the truth and nothing but the truth and I'm positive that with alot of time and work, anyone can get clean.

Ryan McKay : Why was this in my suggested videos?


Weed : This why we need to legalize weed

ZivanBeast : *Sips 40 oz while listening to this*

Tay Tay : That's why I only stick to that DISEL😁