This is the real deal my life of a alcoholic

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joseph desimone : come from alcoholic broken home single parent,,,lived in 10 different citys and suburbs from the age 12. homeless as an adult 3 to 4 times,,, broke on the street,,,been to jail total 5 years......but forginate when i left AA TO STAY SOBER OVER 22 YEARS NOW 55 YRS OLD,,,,JUST BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE A YEAR AGO...CUSTOM CHOPPER IN THE DRIVEWAY AND MOST OF ALL I MET SOMEONE TO SHARE LIFE WITH..........GET ERRR DONE''........ CHEERS

Daniel Tyler : Good video good advise. I am in the same place. Can't stop. Everyday the same hopeless situation. I want to stop but it is bigger than me. Forgive me I wish no harm, I am just powerless over the grip of alcoholism.

Iraq Vet Iraq Vet : smoke weed

camo : How can you smoke a whole cigarette without exhaling once. Im staggered!

Cause&Effect : I'm 15 and I got so drunk it ruined it for me forever I'm never touching alcohol I only smoke weed bc it's a plant.

Jeff Roush : It's an honorable thing to admit you have a problem. It's disgraceful that you get drunk & air your dirty laundry on social media. Sorry you were a piece of shit & fucked your life up. Guess what... so did I but I did something about instead crying about it. Not trying to be hateful... tough love buddy... we all need it. Get your shit straight you can do it

Ca$hMoN3Y : im 22 and i think im a better person when im drunk

Brad patin : I know you mentioned the religious part of your life. I am a recovering alcoholic who's number one trigger is his own thoughts. I was told that God is just the voice in your head, not a person or object. The consciousness is the beauty of life and most interesting part. Nobody's perfect, we all have bad thoughts. Turn to the good thoughts in your head. They become the best distraction.

D S : These days there are drugs specifically for alcoholism. antabuse is one of them. You will need a prescription (or try your luck online with an illegal offshore pharmacy and hope it's legit) so make appointment with your Doc and be honest about your situation. I wish I knew about these drugs a long time ago. I'm sober now for 5-6 years but completely destroyed my career, marriage and bank account before straightening up. If your so bad off you can't get sober on your own (AA is a fucking joke) get the meds.

Dylan Herndon : thanks for your story man helps all the other people struggling.

Yarnell Riley : I drink two half-liters every evening. Is that considered the danger-zone?

Robbie Manuel : the way he smokes is fuckin annoying lol

Brian King : peace brother

geekchaser : I drink two 40oz beers a night. 8.1% alc. Doing it since I have been in the Marines. There is literally no other way I can go to sleep. The va gives me straight up narcs to knock me out. I quit taking those. I am 45, been doing this since my twenties. Had some ups, had some downs.. Found I shouldn't go to the f-ing club after I woke one morning wondering if a killed some sombitch. Got out of the corps, drinking got worse. Ended up on the streets for a while. Working odd security jobs. Ended up getting married to a pretty gal 14 years younger than me who didn't drink. I lost her. Was working hard labor and I mean HARD. 110 degree heat no shade 6 days a week.. Got hurt. Had to quit. Lost the wife after knee surgery. Knowing I had to change careers, I got my ass back into college to become a network engineer at the age of 39. Now I am 45. Good f-ing job and I still have my two 40oz beers every night.

Giveaway G0D : where can i donate for better cam not a potato

Robert Sajewski : i'm sorry man. hope it gets better

sealrk19 : of "an" alcoholic dummy

Khem Hue : thanks for sharing your story man, seek out the help you need it aint too late

Jennifer Smith : 40 does not look good on you sir

matt doria : Bro blow out that smoke lmfaoo ya lungs hate you more then your liver

J Simo : i fucking hate alcohol. alcoholics on both sides of my family. one brother dead from booze and drugs. other brother drinks at least (2) 1.75ml of shitty vodka a week. i was an alcoholic myself for 20+ years. sober for 3 years now. i remember always having an excuse to drink. bad day at work-get drunk. nice outside, lets celebrate-get drunk. same old shit everyday. shit is straight evil. the way i see it. either you have a bottom or you don't. luckily i did. i pray for this guy.

disgustika : when was I ever subscribed for this?

STELLAFELLA : I've been an alcoholic for 10 years now since i lost my job....... It's fucking awful. Lost all my friends and family and girlfriends through it. The sadness and lonliness is unbearable. To anyone who says just give up...... You try being an addict.

Peter Scott : He admits being an alcoholic which is good but he is an alcoholic that has no interest or intention of becoming sober that is sad

Kevin Tunby : thumbs up

Edgar Allan Poe : This guy swallowed the shit out of the cigarette smoke lol

Lest Hunt Productions : This is gay

anthony falconetti : well you are still young enough to change.. quit sucking that shit , get off your satchle ass, get in shape...there are a million things in life you can do besides drink. try a few... you will find something else..

Anton EightBall : i remember I was 13 or 14 when I got shit faced drunk lol I was hitting on every girl I saw at that party until I threw up all over my self and my mom had to take my sorry ass home. hate drinking tho never enjoyed it.

OK : Inspired me to make a change. Thank you.

Тони Андонов : thank you so much hope you get along with the kids

Tdot heisenberg : My younger brother has been sober 2 years now , and I'm trying to stay clean out of a bad cocaine addiction . Long road ahead brotha but keep your head up and keep trying like I am , we can beat addiction I'm getting so close to giving up but I still got something left in the tank and so do you

Steven Davis : Hi , I feel your pain mate , I thought I'd never stop ever , I've lost everything in the past , now at 32 years of age I've fought back I did 11 months sober , slipped up for two weeks n fought again !! If I can do it so can you man 👍🏼we can quit , we can do anything

don cahooti : so how are you going to live the next 10 to 20 years ? you could quit drinking , lose weight, get healthy in a year or two and spend the rest of your days happy and full of life with , or without, your family ; WHAT EVER YOU CHOOSE. Do you choose to remain a fat demented self pitying slob ? Or change your entire life by not drinking alcohol ? You can decide to tell yourself that you are a fat listless drunken slob - or tell yourself that you have chosen to become the better man . There is nothing you have to do or not do except not touch alcohol -- every one has problems but you are the only one making them worse for yourself and much harder to handle by your own decisions. You know what to do if you want to enjoy the rest of your what could still be substantial life.

Allyson Jayne : Demon alcohol is ugly, but demon nicotine is worse.

John Sheline : Thank you for your honesty and sharing your story.

Joseph Walsh : hang in there man

Jay A Lay : bruh so trill about his life....

Jason O'Dwyer : Try going to a "Primary Purpose" AA group.

Jonathan Daughenbaugh : Man I needed this thank you and hope your doing well my friend

Rebel Michaels : I'm a 25 year old man. I been an alcoholic since I was 19. I have a great job, my co workers have Cadillac's and bmws. I have 3 duis so I have a bike. they have houses and kids, I have a dog and I rent 2 room apartment with 2 other alcoholics. none of us have a car, we barely make rent, and all of us bring in at least 700 a week. we spend our money on alcohol, drugs, and we don't remember what else. I am in and out of jail, I have warrants in 3 states, been to prison for a year. however funny thing is, out of that year in prison, I was drunk and/or high for 11 of those months. it's 12:15pm here, and all three of us are drunk. they are smoking crack too but luckily I quit crack and heroin. I can't stop drinking tho. I'll wake up after 6 hours of being passed out shaking and first thing I do is hit my bottle, light a cigarette, then take a leak. I eat 1 meal every few days. I am 5'10, I weigh 147 pounds. I use to weigh 194, with a six pack, and I use to be in the Michigan amateur mma division. i held their title, but one night I was drunk, went into a rage and went to throw a chair. as I twisted I broke my knee. I need a knee reconstruction surgery, they say maybe even a knee replacement. I'm 25, walk with a cane, and I don't care unless I'm sober. But I may be sober for the 30 seconds between waking up and grabbing my bottle. don't start drinking. My life is falling apart. and I don't care at all. don't be me.

Jono Robinson : Sounds like you got the isms. Alcohol isnt the problem, its the solution. Mad propst for your honesty.

Jonathan D. Augustine SSG. RET. : Hang in there brother! Your story is a rough one and I appreciate your sincerity! Imagine how many more people you could help if you overcame it. It would give us hope that we can overcome it and find peace even at 40. Praying for you man!

Matthew Calderwood : Yup, I thank you for hounest share. I was lucky that men in A.A. found me, should and helped me with the 12step and my life has been a miracle. 1976 to today. Thanks again for the share, awesome.

riffer madness : fuck you i hope your dead

Laz Low : You must smoke a lot of ciggys in a day

King Conan : Hits deep... hang in there brother

Owain Johns : Hey bud, very honest vid, thank you for talking about this. I hope you could find someone to talk to about this, have someone point out the great things in your life, try, day by day, to learn to love yourself and to find your light again. I know you can do it!