LGR - Christina Aguilera: Follow Your Dreams for Windows 98 ft. PushingUpRoses

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givememorebliss : Here's what the programmers themselves have to say about this title : "This PC product was completed in 3 months. This was written from scratch using the Magic Engine. This title is completed." - http://www.mtgames.com/

EposVox : "welcome to some garbage" yes.

Erin Plays : This is amazing that this exists. The year 2000 was out of control.

SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!! : This game should be remastered for the n64!

MAX 330 : Nice Wankel engine reference

WrecklessEating : Yay Roses!!!

FanfareT.Loudest : 6:51 Christina looks just a tad creepy in this pic, lol.

didma : hopefully they release it on steam

A Guy Called Pi : The late 90s were a difficult time for the world.

DiGiTyDarKMaN : Welcome to some garbage. Hahaha. Awesome.

FCKundo : - Have you seen the inside of a rotary engine? - All the time, every day hahahahahahah

Agsma, Just Agsma : God, for a moment I misread Clin't's name in the letter and I needed to hold my laugh at the office.

maksus : "I Can Me O.K" Words to live by.

Highretrogamelord : This video was *SO MUCH FUN* .

Jeffmetal 42 : "this was the year 2000, She wasn't quite X-tina yet, she hadn't quite discovered drugs... at least the right ones..." Holy shit that part killed me.

metalmugen : This whole product reminds me of those early porno dvds for some reason.

Generic Green Squid : F o l l o w y o u r d r e a m s 9 8

Macho Fantastico : "I needed girl" - LGR 2017.

UltimaKnight : "She won't shut up" Christina Aguilera in a nutshell

dykodesigns2yt : This game should have been titled: "Christina Aguilera in self indulgence world". This "product" is just probably the most narcissist popstar glorification game there is.

Jacob Smith : The notification edited out the "For Windows 98" bit, and I thought we were getting the most unlikely music video in the universe.

Katie : This game is essentially a paid-for PowerPoint presentation

MarcoZ : Woah a 1920x1440 video. I can finally use my CRT without letterboxing.

Ben : Wow!  That is one terrible piece of software!  But the part where you were making your creepy stalker collage had me laughing :-)

Machtyn : Watching my girls play games, this would be completely appealing to them. They're 8 and 10 years old. Granted, my wife and I would reject the game. The girls coming out of the Disney factory just are not ideal role models.

Good Old Days Gaming : This is...creepy. Whoever had the audacity to purchase this heap of crap now has a ton of baby photos of Christina. It's like borderline creeper love shrine of a pedophile.

Dean Thomas : When people write out your name, they REALLY need to make sure to put enough space between the "L" and the "I". I thought he was insulting you there for a second.

Any Odyssey : "you can do it in any order you like" hmmmm. sounds like something a prostitute would say tho.

chronicle a : So this game is just like her music: She overnarrates in this game She oversings in her music. This game is soulless Her music is soulless

Vincent GR : You need cheat codes to get all that stickers...

The Mini Details Of Dr.H : Ha. 12:48 Voice over artist - Rachel Jackson. Christina literally did no work for this.

TheGamerDarius : Good lord, those opening menus seem more like an adult "friend finder" site. .... not... that I KNOW what those sites look like. *cough cough*

Gangsta Hustler : Finally a game for all the RX-7 people out there.

Matt Snyder : Ok I feel kinda stupid asking but you added that Duke Nukem picture right?

Jvk1166z : "You're not as cool as you think you are" thats an anime insult right there.

RarefoilB : Every day we stray further from God's light.

The Real Drunkard Hu : She used to be so hot.

bryan adkins : Play more hot garbage with Roses.

Lothar TVNI : Eddie should do a better job separating his Ls and Is. It looks like he's opening up his letter with an insult, or he's Australian.

Marco Pontello : We know why you really hated this: no woodgrain background available on the collage thing -> hard pass!

Brandon Tarrant : Best solo audio clip ever "I needed girl".


MikeZdoesit : I love 'old' (ironically!) Christina Aguilera, she was goooorgeous, WTF happened ?! She looks like a possessed jellyfish now

Baron von Quiply : I'm a genie in a DOSBox, you gotta run me the right way.bat

innovaciones : 12:51 "Intended solely for private use. Public performance or other use is expressly prohibited" you definitely are a risk taker! 3:30

ForkedEye : "I CAN ME O.K. WATCH" - that inspires me! Thanks, Clint!

Hector Oliver : Where is my Shia lebouf DLC?

The Dastardly Gamer : can't wait for the HD remake

Malkav The Mad : I was distracted Christina wearing her pants just ever so slightly off center in the dream screen.

tehkill3r : cant help but read 0:44 as "C LI N T"