LGR - Christina Aguilera: Follow Your Dreams for Windows 98 ft. PushingUpRoses

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givememorebliss : Here's what the programmers themselves have to say about this title : "This PC product was completed in 3 months. This was written from scratch using the Magic Engine. This title is completed." - http://www.mtgames.com/

The Garden of Eatin : This was not written for girls who wear boots.

Mich Rain : I heard there's a three-part reboot of this coming in 2018. Can't wait! xD

Shahab Siahpoosh : I really liked your "rotary engine" reference, sir. You make nerds look pretty cool.

toasty DAY : at this point, the guards from Oblivion would shout at this game. so... STOP, YOU HAVE BROKEN THE LAW, PAY THE COURT A FINE, OR SERVE YOUR SENTENCE!

larrshin shin : Who else lost it and burst into drunken laughing at 7:36?

Ewan Wood : "I'm your best pick?" asks PUR. It's almost as though Clint doesn't know any other girls

God : A stop light is connected to a spooked cat by a yellow line on the main menu. Really makes you think.

riffs-a-plenty : "Welcome to some garbage" with the camera directly focused on Win 98 Xtina game. I literally laughed out loud

Bader B. : "I'm really glad you decided to follow your dreams" "huh?!" "what?!"

Link238 : wow, just 55 seconds in and I had to go back to make sure i wasn't seeing things. Lets just say, i didn't see Clint...

ccricers : Ah, state of the art UX design in 2000.

Wayne Moule : I thought LGR was being called a bad name when i first read the letter he got!

z3r0slugfm : ...still don’t know what a girl wants.

Zane Revai : Holy shit I'm still fucking laughing 😂 that shitty ass garbageware was hilariously stalkerish and utterly pointless!!! But how you two were reacting to that trash was worth the watch!!!


Dean Howell : This is a pretty sweet Hyper card presentation!

wazza3153 : Thank you, this made me cry with laughter :-)

thomps333 : This isn't odd at all. Personally when I shift my eyes circularly they move identical to rotary engines. True fact.

Adam Clark : Had to do a double take on the handwriting style of CLINT. Either way good video lol.

9859734 paul : my dream is to bang christina , will buying this game allow me to achieve my dream?

Dr Pepprchan : Do a review on Nocturne. I think you would like it

Numero6dl : Can't wait for the Steam edition

bradmonk69 : Damn, she was fine back then

Greg Wells : LOL Clint i dont know if you realise it but the way Eddie wrote your name up the top there is makes a completely different word thx for all your great work mate and of cause your partner in crime.

Matija Tomic : "I Can Me O.K."

smash bash : this game is the year 2000 poorly compressed onto a cd rom

vlo : In this inspiration station try to put in MANY object until it overflows some array, this could be the most interesting thing in this program :-)

slimdab : you are clearly not the target audience ;)

Rice Rice : LOL

Slay : 0:46 OOOOOOOOOOOH It says 'Clint'. I thought it said something else there for a second.

Fubar AlAkbar : "Christina Aguilera: Swallow Your Dreams"

mr 74 : Im a new player

lee nevin : 18 yo Christina, nice

portalplayer : christina aguilera was so gorgeous back then.. she was like a perfect doll.

Kulrig Alestout : The best thing about my family is that they: none of the above.

Bob Walker : I like roses, but honestly I did not feel you introduced her well.

teysa07 : omg this is the best video ever. I've laughed so much!

SoyAlfio : I don't want to be mean or anything but Tiger the cat must be dead by now :(

lbmixpro : One of the reasons why Christina sued her manager.

Jacki Rountree : DEFINITELY reminds me of Let's Talk About Me, but I remember liking Let's Talk About Me. Also Simon and Schuster. I desire a comparison video! And some laughs at the music. Some mini games in it, and more romance stuff...and anatomy education

Ezio Augustus : This is so bad, I hate Christina Aguilera. Britney Spears was always so much better.

Mr. Sauce : For some reason I don't think I am in the target demographic of this "game(ish)"

freakyfadge : Did he get that letter from an Australian?

Ray Cocker : Time to follow my dreams...

Aaron D : I was thoroughly entertained, hilarious, thank you. The collages was the best part

Max Blanck : Dude, managing to mention a Wankel rotary engine in a video about a Christina Aguilera thing is pure genius!

Your friendly neighbourhood Nazi : He. I know his username *and* password!

Daniel Trif : "Uses his brain.....a lot" that is subjective considering this game :))

m davis : Take note that there's both a Wrangler & Cowgirl listed in the credits. 10/10 redeemed the poor crew who worked on this.