My weight Loss Journey Losing 100LBS in a year (Success Story)
Sharing my journey losing OVER 100 pounds in a year

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My weight Loss Journey Losing 100LBS in a year (Success Story): WEIGHT LOSS COURSE: Weight Loss Support Facebook group (Private): SUBSCRIBE: Hey, it's Joey Saavedra and I am going to help you on your weight loss journey. I've lost OVER 100 Pounds and now I am using my story to inspire and help others do the same! This video is all about my story of losing over 100 pounds in a year. I want to explain my journey and give you guys hope and insight of what to expect on your weight loss journey. STORY TIME How I lost over 100 pounds: I played football most of my life (14 years) and I played on the offensive line for most of that time which means the bigger the boy the better I was. After realizing that I did not want to continue into the collegiate level, I decided to begin my weight loss journey. How to lose over 100 pounds. By the time I started my weight loss journey I had no idea of how the science of weight loss actually worked. I never had a weight goal I just wanted to look good for once in my life. I hope you guys enjoy my weight loss success story. On my 100 pound weight loss journey I started to educate myself more and more about applied fat loss tricks. I tried many different “hacks” and “secrets” but none of them worked. I now know that most of what people advertise as a weight loss trick is nothing but a gimmick. I dug deep into the science of weight loss and applied many different things. I found that a very few select tricks actually work. Watch the video my weight loss motivation for you to do what I have done. I kept asking myself and those around me, “How do I change my life?” My weight loss life change made everything in my life turn around. Watch the video to continue learning about what I did to see real success in my weight loss transformation.


lizbrewer123 : This is amazing! awesome story and transformation

12chapiman : did you record this by valencia high school? seems familiar lol. nice video

A Day In The Life Marisa : Great video Joey. I'm struggling to lose 50 lbs. ...I subscribed 😊

Hopeless Otaku : Good quality video. Should have more views for sure.

Xenoflexor Pro : Great video, I'm on a weight loss journey to lose 100 or so lbs as well. I've lost 50 lbs in 4 months ( Its actually 3 1/2 but I like to round up haha). I have to agree, all of my weight loss has to do with the very simple factors you've stated on this video. Consistency is the key! You've earned another sub. Keep up the good work!

Misti Rainwater-Lites : Subscribed. 💫🍒💫

Misty Sumo : Great work. I’m personally struggling with 211Ib at 5’8 and really wanna hit 180Ib. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two from you.

Fintan : Hi, I’m 15 and want to lose about 30 pounds, I go to the gym 3 times a week and cycle a lot, do you have any tips??

GrowTent Revolution-California : You need a directional Mic and wind muff.