Snake-Handling Pastor Bitten By Deadly Rattlesnake | MY LIFE INSIDE: THE SNAKE CHURCH

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TacoS WoRLd : What a bunch of fruit loops

Matt Gonzalez : 😂😂😂😂😂😂proof natural selection is 100% real by way of religious fanatics

PapaSMOrc : As a snake owner myself, i feel so bad for these snakes. They are still innocent animals and you are commiting animal abuse. The amount of mistreatment here is astounding. Of course the snakes reaction to you swinging it around like a baseball bat is gonna be volatile. Dropping a snake from standing height can be fatal since they dont have legs to break their fall. They dont feel secure and think they are going to fall and die. You should always be supporting 2 different spots on the snakes body. These people are insane, and I hope the snakes are taken from them and released back into the wild.

Claire Dawson : This has nothing to do with religion this is a cult.....he's jumping around like he's possessed.....That's not religion.....

Lisa L : YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!! This is what they all are..

Jay Legacy : This is a cult

Enviotonin85 : feels like they are worshipping snake god rather than Jesus. The males in that family seem to have some kind of intellectual disability

Yuki_100 : He says he loves snakes, but he treats them horribly! Poor snakes.

Khethiwe Gubisi : Those snakes must be like what the hell is this people trying to prove,

Amor Love : Kentucky Red neck, hill billy, hick ignorance at its best, lol

Antiluddite : Scenes from a mental institution without staff.

Tanvee Dadhich : 0:35 you mess with nature... It messes back with you

Midnight Moonflower : Something wrong with a man who will knowingly take a chance of his children watching him die.. then his children's children watching their father die...

Frimy Estrada : This is why Christians like me get criticized because of our beliefs. This isn’t from God and not all Christians are the same. These are used by the devil omg

Colette I : do not tempt God in the name of faith, am sad for them, they live for quick miracles And why are they all obese?

Danny Moore : Cody you better listen to me.Your wrong in the snake handling.Your tempting God and you really know that in your heart!

1968catrece : Just so no one gets confused. This is the wrong spirit. When the Bible says in Mark 16 that they shall take up serpents-it actually means to cast away from you. NOT to take them to church with you. The Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek originally so if you look up this scripture in these original form you will see that take up means to cast away. That is why the Bible says study to show thyself approved. You can't just take it at face value because from one language to another it has a different meaning. I pray the Lord God of Heaven would open their eyes from this deception. AMEN!!!

Janet Wood : I think the Bible's verse 📖 means that if you "accidentally" pick up a poisonous snake 🐍, God will protect you. I don't think God intended for people to go around dancing with snakes! 🐍 That's just plain crazy!

Jazz Jazz : Aaaaannnddd. . . . This is why we have trump. These are his followers.

sanleunam : This is why you don’t marry your cousins.

DJD1411 : All this for the imaginary sky wizard....

Jim Elliott : They'd think Australia was heaven - until the entire congregation was wiped out in a month or two.

dennis tate : Fuckin dumbass inbred crakkkas😂😂😂😂

Electra Cute : Snakes are not evil, they are a creation of God. Satan used a serpent to tempt Eve who tempted Adam, they both failed and gave in. All people were cursed after that, but what people tend to forget is the snake was cursed as well. To slither on it's belly without arms and legs in the dust. Some want to act like snakes are of the devil, but they aren't.....they were created by God just like all other living things but was cursed........just like us. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for us, that we, who were cursed, are made new through You. (I do hate to see these snakes used in this way, it just isn't right)

chigasaki06 : 1. He messes with snakes but don't know that they're venomous and not poisonous. 2. This is what happens when people pick verses from the Bible out of context to serve their own stupid purpose. the Bible clearly states that we must not test God. In other words, we should not purposely put ourselves in dangerous situations to force God's hand. That in itself is sinful.

Janet Wood : 5:58 Those overalls! That cute Southern accent! I miss the Jerry Springer Show!

Michael Dembs : This is satanic and demonic deception at the highest level. These poeple lack DECERNMENT and can not hear from God or the holy spirit. This is ungodly,, unbiblical doctrine driven by emotional highs and false sense of spiritualality. Its awful to see this let alone for the world to see. Leading poeple astray, including children. This is why so many poeple in the world harden their hearts towards Jesus Christ and his church. Poeple following satin in the name of Jesus. A perfect example of the Blind leading the blind. It's astonishing to see that after loosing his dad to a snake bite, that wasnt even a clear enough sign from heaven that maybe this practice is not Gods design for his church. Open thier eyes Lord God. Set them free from this nonsense. Before more poeple turn away from you or die decieved. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

richie wheeler : It’s crazy how passionate they are about something so foolish.

G Hall : This is such a an embarrassment. It makes people from the mountains look ignorant. Believe. it or not , we are not all ignorant inbred snake handlers. I know that's what most people would like to believe , but it's far from accurate.

Erika foxx : They all idiots. 😁. Amen. 😁

Sizzla Kalonji : Next service try a Black Mamba..

x T : I'm sorry to say one more but these ignorant Appalachia hillbilly have no concept of how this bible was put together. Also, speaking in tongues is a learned and copied behaviour not a divine holy anything

CoolGuy830 : It seems the snakes aren't just a part of the service, they appear to be the entire focus of the church. They're sure taking one part of the Bible and placing a lot of importance on it. Kooky bastards.

Beaverj420 : Isn't this a trump rally?

Roblade . : I've read almost every Bible on Earth and every version, please can someone give me the one where God said play with snakes can it's a representation of him

Joe Momma : Supposed to be an experienced snake handler. Says they're poisonous instead of venomous.

Grade A Trash On Wheels : The fact he said they're poisonous just goes to show how much he actually knows about the snakes...They're venomous not poisonous.

Dave Lawlis : As hard as I try I just can't picture these folks in Westminster Abbey.

gtgrnhuh1 : What in the trailer park hell is going on?

Donna Frank : Just tell people to drink the Kool-Aid ain't no different than Jim Jones

Postmodern neo-Marxist Hoe, Dr.Gavagai : Why not just jump off a cliff to test god ? 😂

david siegel : The snake should have at least said something before deciding to bite.

Dawn Shrodes : It is sad, but when are you people going to realize the loward has nothing to do with what you’re doing!YOU ARE TEMPTING THE lOWARD!!!

RattPoison80 : More like Church of Animal and Child Abuse

00100000 : THIS is what religion does to people.

TeeCutz Barbershop : The Bible do not say worship with snakes., the Bible do not state that.. you are adding to the word.. if God had anything to do with your snake handling you would not ever get bit.. you may not be crazy but you don't have it all there either...

Jumee Hu : You are jumping around with the snake on you. What did you expect the snake to do? Speak to you? Of course it’s going to want to bite!

Donald Gorth : That is did that invisible guy in the sky healing work....the dumber people are the more religious they are..

Edward Pincus : And this is, I admit, really bitchy of me: If folks in Appalachia are so poor, unable to purchase necessities such as food, how did so many of them get so overweight? Yet another miracle... God works in mysterious ways to be sure.

Anthony Escalera : 1:57 Me trying to scream while in sleep paralysis