Snake-Handling Pastor Bitten By Deadly Rattlesnake | MY LIFE INSIDE: THE SNAKE CHURCH

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TacoS WoRLd : What a bunch of fruit loops

Daniel Selk : ...the Bible also says to not put God to the test. God made that snake poisonous and gave us a warning rattle from it for a reason... IDIOT.

2horses4U : They keep the snakes underfed, so their bodies dont have the energy to make their venom as potent as it should in nature. The snakes are kept underheated too, the colder their body, the slugiest they are. They steal them from the wild, where these snakes help balance the rodents out, so that viruses like the hanta virus stays under control, to condemn then to a filthy crate, deprived of nurishment, water and heat. Snakes cant hear, but they sure can feel the vibrations of the music, the shouting, the jumping etc. I cant imagine how frightened these animals are, given the fact a snake naturaly tries to hide. These people are animal abusers, pure and simple!

Claire Dawson : This has nothing to do with religion this is a cult.....he's jumping around like he's possessed.....That's not religion.....

Enviotonin85 : feels like they are worshipping snake god rather than Jesus. The males in that family seem to have some kind of intellectual disability

Jay Legacy : This is a cult

Gab S : I own 4 snakes , all of witch are not venomous and I love dearly, but I feel like Those snakes are being torcherd, he’s throwing them around and screaming around them, they need a new home, like if you agree. Edit: OMG thanks for the 43 likes, I LOVE YOU PEOPLE it’s the most likes Ive ever gotten and I’m SHOOK

Yuki_100 : He says he loves snakes, but he treats them horribly! Poor snakes.

Amor Love : Kentucky Red neck, hill billy, hick ignorance at its best, lol

Midnight Moonflower : Something wrong with a man who will knowingly take a chance of his children watching him die.. then his children's children watching their father die...

Funny Fortnite Clips : 0:28 If you ain’t been raised up in it and you look at it, you gonna be like man, them people’s crazy 0:30 - 0:40 Looks like a cross between a cult and some psychopaths lol 😂😂😂

DarqSkye88 : "Don't underestimate the power of stupid people in a large group". I love this quote.

Colette I : do not tempt God in the name of faith, am sad for them, they live for quick miracles And why are they all obese?

Seer King : You never saw any of the apostles playing with serpents holding them while aggressively preaching and teaching and then passing the toxic snake around. Lol 😂 this is not faith this is radical stupidity.

Aaron Esteban : What in the snake-bitten varmint is going on in this video? All of these people are cousins!

Jazz Jazz : Aaaaannnddd. . . . This is why we have trump. These are his followers.

Khethiwe Gubisi : Those snakes must be like what the hell is this people trying to prove,

Jim Elliott : They'd think Australia was heaven - until the entire congregation was wiped out in a month or two.

John Smith : He might want to familiarize himself with Matthew 4:7, "Thou shalt not test the Lord thy God."

Edward Pincus : And this is, I admit, really bitchy of me: If folks in Appalachia are so poor, unable to purchase necessities such as food, how did so many of them get so overweight? Yet another miracle... God works in mysterious ways to be sure.

Timothy Agbonkpolor : This is madness. Jesus didn't use snakes neither did prophets to bring ppl to Christ.

Suraj Dev : 0:35 you mess with nature... It messes back with you

Lisa Doyle : I was raised Pentecostal and I have been to snake handling churches. My grandma took me to a tent revival once and we were told of poison being placed in foods. Apparently, a person would be protected from the poison if they were without sin. As an adult, I read the Bible myself and realized a lot of what I had been taught was not in the Bible. Many preachers from this time period couldn't read or had 4-5th grade educations, and taught the Bible based on stories passed down from generation to generation. In my opinion, they mean well and truly believe how they worship.

BodyGuardOfLies1 : These morons will deny the scientific discoveries of Charles Darwin and yet there is no better example of natural selection.

sanleunam : This is why you don’t marry your cousins.

1968catrece : Just so no one gets confused. This is the wrong spirit. When the Bible says in Mark 16 that they shall take up serpents-it actually means to cast away from you. NOT to take them to church with you. The Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek originally so if you look up this scripture in these original form you will see that take up means to cast away. That is why the Bible says study to show thyself approved. You can't just take it at face value because from one language to another it has a different meaning. I pray the Lord God of Heaven would open their eyes from this deception. AMEN!!!

CoolGuy830 : It seems the snakes aren't just a part of the service, they appear to be the entire focus of the church. They're sure taking one part of the Bible and placing a lot of importance on it. Kooky bastards.

Danny Moore : Cody you better listen to me.Your wrong in the snake handling.Your tempting God and you really know that in your heart!

Janet Wood : I think the Bible's verse 📖 means that if you "accidentally" pick up a poisonous snake 🐍, God will protect you. I don't think God intended for people to go around dancing with snakes! 🐍 That's just plain crazy!

Antiluddite : Scenes from a mental institution without staff.

Blackface Drake : 2:47 the word "poisonous" is not found anywhere in the definition of serpent pal.

Lisa L : YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!! This is what they all are..

Frimy Estrada : This is why Christians like me get criticized because of our beliefs. This isn’t from God and not all Christians are the same. These are used by the devil omg

ERiggs : All false doctrines are IMPRACTICAL. What God's Power does For Man & Through Man Is for the EDIFYING of the Church to REDEEM Sinners. Not for your entertainment to goof off with..

chigasaki06 : 1. He messes with snakes but don't know that they're venomous and not poisonous. 2. This is what happens when people pick verses from the Bible out of context to serve their own stupid purpose. the Bible clearly states that we must not test God. In other words, we should not purposely put ourselves in dangerous situations to force God's hand. That in itself is sinful.

Henk Hatzmann : This is not Christianity it's insanity.

Janet Wood : 5:58 Those overalls! That cute Southern accent! I miss the Jerry Springer Show!

DJD1411 : All this for the imaginary sky wizard....

david siegel : The snake should have at least said something before deciding to bite.

Erika foxx : They all idiots. 😁. Amen. 😁

G Hall : This is such a an embarrassment. It makes people from the mountains look ignorant. Believe. it or not , we are not all ignorant inbred snake handlers. I know that's what most people would like to believe , but it's far from accurate.

ERiggs : When you no longer desire to "Live Clean, Obey God, Evangelize the Lost, Preach the Gospel, See lives Changed, Make Heaven... You start up EXTRA-BIBLICAL REVELATION

Matt Gonzalez : 😂😂😂😂😂😂proof natural selection is 100% real by way of religious fanatics

syndicateprox : There are a few things that are true about what the pastor says. But the truth mixed with lies is no longer the truth. It becomes a lie.

gtgrnhuh1 : What in the trailer park hell is going on?

Dr.Gavagai : Why not just jump off a cliff to test god ? 😂

Joshua K : Oh my goodness, lunatics... The sad thing is, there are many churches of comparable insanity everywhere - not just in the Bible belt.

iTwe4kz : On behalf all the Cody's out there...I'm so sorry

Vinny : these people go to the circus on Sundays i mean "church"

Luciano Augusto : i don't care what's your relegion, just don't put inocent animals in the middle of it.