Cory vs. Stickler Full Fight [english sub]

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Corambe : I fucking hated Stickler. He kidnapped Meena. He harnessed Raven's psychic powers to predict Cory's every move and turned her gay. He poisoned Victor's cooking. He even was behind the assassination of Richard Martinez: The 69th Presikage [Not that Richard didn't do anything messed up in the series but damn!] and he sold his only daughter Sophie to an underground sex-trafficing ring. He helped Hillary drone strike innocent citizens and helped Russia hack the elections. He conspired with George Dubya Tush and was behind 9/11 and turned the frickin' frogs gay. He even killed Newt. NEWT of all people, someone who had done nothing wrong in his life and had only made great guitar solos, all in an effort to provoke Cory to go Supa Busta mode. Well, he got his wish. And I enjoyed every single punch, kick and hit Cory gave this sick son of a bitch. The Busta Blade Cannon was just the icing on the cake. No seriously, I know he's "just a character" and I usually like villains or try to see where they're coming from but this piece of shit was just a spoiled prep boy who cheated his entire way. Whether fans want to admit it or not, he was behind or helped cause almost every single horrible event in Cory's life. I don't care if he redeemed himself later when he helped Cory in the Kek God arc. He had this fight coming. The best part was when Cory shoved his big black cock up his ass and shot the ultimate Hymen Piercing Giga Dill Busta Muh Balls Lazer [it's a long longer a name in the japanese edit]. I couldn't even stand his annoying english voice actor. And it was all animated beautifully. Say what you will about Disney, but leave it up to them to animate a top notch fight scene. So you know what, I hope you burn in hell Stickler, you cock-fucking piece of shit. Fuck Stickler.

A Random Rat : 10/10 best anime.

Leoven : My favourite animu fight scene of all time.

hots towel : pfft, more like Filler in the house.

Ikiez : Top 10 anime fights

Saddam Hussein : Funny how through out the downfall of DC arc Jason Stickler is built up as the main villain responsible. Yet later it is revealed that he is merely an underling serving the evil Aztec snake-goddess that seeks to destroy America. She had the power level of a hundred Sticklers; even when the White House transformed into a mech suit for Cory he barely stood a chance.

Ivan ThepervertedRussian Braginski : What's funny is that they later team up in season 69 to beat Fejj0t

Haru Okumura : This fight kept me on the edge of my seat it was unpredictable and well directed. Thank You Myizaka for this great show

Blackomega : 69/10, better than mine

Indrid : By far the best arc in the entire series. I think the most intense part (spoiler warning) is when Jason Dolley is killed off by Stickler. Leading Cory to enter exile for a full year to increase his powers to new godly levels. This is where he even develops his strongest attack, the Ten Thousand Megaton Punch. Which gives him enough strength to completely decimate Stickler and avenge his fallen friends. The animation style is beautiful, you have to love that full on realistic style they're going for. The action is great, the voice acting excellent, the story beyond compare, this was just a really damn good story arc for Cory in The House and I hope the next arc holds up just as well.

HeatEdgeSucks : good lord, the fan sub group didn't do a good job of translating this awesome anime. AGAIN.

Burriel77 : 74/30 diez de diez like porque eres knpa

Pat M : 2 much fan service in this fight

Mahado : "What anime is this?"

Pat M : Dat You're end is near face was too perfect

Allen Walker : The Fullmetal Baxter


raven the demon : this story arc was the best

村正本刀に三世 : so much better then the english dub

Mina tina : Who else here watched the new season 98 Cory vs stickler stickler is far more powerful Cory cannot keep up I think Cory and Raven may have to fuse in order to defeat stickler

Cory Baxter : Now this is what I call true Anime. If this were to air on lets say Toonami or even Disney Junior, the ratings will skyrocket and surpass any show in existence. Even the walking dead

ruth mcnally : I hope the inevitable Cory Vs. Trump fight can live up to these high standards.

newsuperstevebros : All memes aside, does anyone know where the audio comes from

sr. melón : like si eres pendejo

TheSpartan758 : Cory in the house is the best anime

Eita champola : *The manga was better*

Gas Mask Collector Review : I wish moonman would be in the fight too

redben20 : LMFAO man I didn't know you were a comedian Jamafang. You got me as a sub now :)

Franchesco 999 : 9/11 ING

Isa V : This should be in watchmojo's list of best anime fights, seriously

aero. : "stickler... what's 1000-7"

Giane Diego Pineda : Meh..... Robbie Rotten arc was better..😒

ChickerMc Nigger : stickler looks like a bootleg chin chin 0:59

rayfireblast : What's the original source?

Daniel Orozco : Fuerza Weona y autista del fiuren sir Uriel reportenze ahora en 3 2 1 aqui el negro papuuuu

Max Burg : Genius.

Gas Mask Collector Review : top 10 satyfying anime deaths

TheEpicMario : Great editing!

Ernie Valles : Cory in the house is the best anime...

Biggu Bosu117 : 0:55 UGH! My leg!

war jr : the manga was better

superwholockfan544 : my favorite fight

awsome person : I may prefer Dubs but Cory in the House is simply to good to watch in only one language

awsome person : my favorite villain of cory's is the juicer

Calvin lui : nah i prefer icarly as the better anime. It is far superior compared to cory in the house and thomas the tank engine. #F**k percey

Hentai Sentai : drake and josh best anumie

the reviews : this may have been good but it's noting compared to the Hillary fight

mcappy 134 : don't know what is better Cory in the house or the bed movie

classeychicforever : This was one of the best anime fight scenes ever! This an overall good anime.Almost as good as Drake and Josh.

PlushSwitch : Im about to watch the first episode guys! but is the anime still going?