"Mr. Gorbachev - tear down this wall." - Ronald Reagan, Berlin, 1987

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A short clip of the amazing speech which helped end the Cold War. Given by US President Ronald Reagan in Berlin, Germany at the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987 (commemorating the 750th anniversary of Berlin) - "Tear down this wall!" was the challenge issued to Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev to destroy the Berlin Wall. Reagan challenged Gorbachev, who was then the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, to tear it down as an emblem of Gorbachev's desire to increase freedom in the Eastern Bloc through glasnost ("transparency") and perestroika ("restructuring") .

Comments from Youtube

Arthur Morgan : Trump:Mr Gorbachev help me build up this wall.

Toa d : Torn by Ronald Built by Donald

Edgehead10075 : I don't agree with President Reagan on everything, but I give him credit for weapons reduction and for winning the Cold War. (Even arch-liberal Ted Kennedy gave credit to Reagan.) Reagan was a decent man.

Bob Billy : Torn down the wall like the Kool Aid Man, OH YA!

John Smith : 0.5 speed: Reagan drunk LOL

Superdeath25 : Obama: If you like your wall, you can keep it!

1f5sda1991 : I cried when this iconic President passed away (even though I wasn't around during his Adminstration), because he was a TRUE American PATRIOT. We need somebody that shares the same values he did

FamilyHistoriandude : Comes back from the dead in 2027, "Mr. President, tear down this wall."

Danielson : insert "funny trump joke "here

Justice Yoo : 2046: "Mr. Trump, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL" -Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un

Rezo Chigo : If i were German, i would thanks to US all my life.

JE Bro : I'm a die hard Democrat but I loved Reagan. Great man and great president! God rest his soul.

gazzeber : REAGAN SMASH!

No God : Ronald Reagan, a great president. Donald Trump, a bad joke.

Garrett Plays Games : REAGAN SMASH!!!

Richard Nixon : I did a better job

Imran Khan : No more walls , tear down the walls

The Cando Railfan : Reagan: Tear down this wall Trump: We must build a wall!

lamppost904 : Mr.Gorbachev tear down this puss!

Josh xD : Thank you president reagan ~from Germany

Some Dude : Hit Like, if You suddenly got goosebumps, from one of the most electrifying speeches spoken, by one of the greatest men of all time.

ckendall67 : - 1987: "Tear Down This Wall!"  2017: "We're gonna build a big, beautiful wall & make Mexico pay for it!"

0SIPR : Civ 5 brought me here xD


Brendan Croft : Well that was underwhelming


Sharon Holmes : Should listen to Reagan. Mr Trump..Don't build this wall!

Meme Lesardi : Tear down for what...!!! 😂😂😂

Henrique Giffoni : It's nonsense a comparison between the Berlin Wall and the Wall Trump intends to bild. Totally different situations, totally different contexts.

Jaime Arévalo : Mr. Trump!!!!!!! Tear Down this Wall (says Ronald Reagan)

Brusier Weight3009 : “Mr. Gorbachov, make this wall ten feet higher.”

Robert Vlacich : I use this sound bite when I play sledge on rainbow six siege

II. Gyula : Better he hadn't.

Death to Anime Avatars : In an alternative universe Donald Trump was president at that time and the quote goes "Mr. Gorbachev, great wall. Who paid for it?"

Aryan Wadhwani : Beto: Mr. Trumpachev - Tear down this wall

Dr. Strangelove : Ronald Reagan will revive of the new border wall. *Reagan* : . . . Donald Trump . . tear down this wall.

michaeljfiorito : <3

Thelegend27 : Mr. Trump - Bring up this wall. And make Mexicans pay for it.

Seth McMuscles : being a republican or a democrat is the same as being a triple A liar and a 5 star asshole

JeffGR4 : Gorbachev's reforms ended the Cold War, more so than a struggling U.S.S.R. trying to compete militarily against the United States.

15DudeAwesome : Reagan Sleepy.....

Daniel Gone Guitar : cancer in my ass, i'm back. Cancer in my nose, I'm back!

fakename : Oh really? So that's why people making less than 10,000 dollars decreased by .5% while those making over $75,000 increased by 5.5%? So that's why there was a net increase of 21 million jobs? So that's why the misery index dropped 10 points during his administration (the 2nd highest drop at the point in the 20th century)? I'm tired of stupid an ignorant liberals like you making emotional and stupid assumptions without any factual basis. You just say shit the liberal media has trained you to feel.

Viper2026 : isn't being an actor essentially the same as being a professional liar? not really a desirable trait for a president...

Bakorafanboy13 : I will always have doubts about the intelligence of a man who deems anything completely evil. Also Star Wars really that's what he chose to call it. Either way at least he promoted the "American way" until the Cold War ended. Excuse me if I prefer glasnost and peristioka to reaganomics

Alex Hoster : @rbradaigh think about it, the billionaires typically own businesses, those businesses provide jobs, at least the working man had a job!

Alex Hoster : @rbradaigh think before you talk idiot! The billionaires provide jobs to working men! If he didnt support them they'd go over to china! And thats what happened after he was done being president! Use your brain! Idiot!

ar jl : Russia went broke trying to keep up with us why?... Because of Reagan's massive military spending. He may not have been the best president, but he certainly was a hugely popular one.

Russ Brady : The mush brain imbecile had nothing to do with ending the cold war. Russia went broke trying to keep up with us. Howdy Doody Reagan was a drooling idiot who screwed the working man and enriched his Billionaire cronies.