"Mr. Gorbachev - tear down this wall." - Ronald Reagan, Berlin, 1987

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Arthur Morgan : Trump:Mr Gorbachev help me build up this wall.

HikingWorm : When Microsoft announced cross-platform multiplayer

You’ll never know who this is : Torn by Ronald Built by Donald

Edgehead10075 : I don't agree with President Reagan on everything, but I give him credit for weapons reduction and for winning the Cold War. (Even arch-liberal Ted Kennedy gave credit to Reagan.) Reagan was a decent man.

Superdeath25 : Obama: If you like your wall, you can keep it!

Pep : Back when the republicans were respectable.

kaizoisevil : How did we go from someone this great to clowns like Trump and Bush?

Bob Billy : Torn down the wall like the Kool Aid Man, OH YA!

Rezo Chigo : If i were German, i would thanks to US all my life.

1f5sda1991 : I cried when this iconic President passed away (even though I wasn't around during his Adminstration), because he was a TRUE American PATRIOT. We need somebody that shares the same values he did

Justice Yoo : 2046: "Mr. Trump, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL" -Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un

mariaaa : What a lot of people seem to miss when bringing up Trump in the comments is Reagan was talking about Germany which, at the time, had a wall that divided divided their citizens. Trump wants to build a wall at the border to lessen the flow of illegal immigrants (which them being here is a crime hence the word ILLEGAL). These are not comparable in the slightest.

gazzeber : REAGAN SMASH!

Imran Khan : No more walls , tear down the walls

Dasam : insert "funny trump joke "here

John Smith : 0.5 speed: Reagan drunk LOL

Richard Nixon : I did a better job

daggergblue : And yet every single one of his fanboy's are clamoring to build another one.

Rob Evans : Lots of butthurt libertards in the comment section that's mad Trump won.

0SIPR : Civ 5 brought me here xD

phantomgamer935 : mr Gorbachev tear down trump

davocreative : Mr Gorvachev, tear down this TRUMP.

JerrBear81 : Anybody remember when we were trying to tear down walls instead of building them?

Mantis Toboggan : Mr trump, Build up that wall.

Sharon Holmes : Should listen to Reagan. Mr Trump..Don't build this wall!

ckendall67 : - 1987: "Tear Down This Wall!"  2017: "We're gonna build a big, beautiful wall & make Mexico pay for it!"

Milton Bickham : Trump if our pass presidents are knocking down walls what part of our government issues are you not understanding.too many tweets you need to read the united states history about the freedom we allow for other people. Money don't control everything when it comes to the mind of God's children.Martin Luther king says free at last we think our lord for that movement. Without king knowledge where would you be today. Now you need to check in the hospital with your family and friends and the Republicans because you all have a great big problem with understanding the US we are going into the future and you are still stuck on bullshit retirement is the right pathways for the Republicans cabin because you all need the Obama's care packages.

MILTON CORREIA : Mr. Trump - Tear Down This Wall. #UnitedStatesLie

Peter Paul : MR TRUMP TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lamppost904 : Mr.Gorbachev tear down this puss!

Dan Schaaf : Sorry to break it to you never trumpers but the Berlin wall was dividing 1 nation. A wall between 2 countries is for an entirely different reason. Move to a city where there are thousands if not millions of illegals and see if you can make a livable wage.

Stephen Mc Devitt : Not only would Trump demand Gorbachev to build a wall, he would demand for Russia to invade and conquer America because Trump is a fascist and a traitor to his fellow Americans.

Vlad Dracula : I want to preface this by saying I 100% support the border wall, but I think it will be a waste. Not because it won't work, but because as soon as it's done dems will run entire campaigns on heartfelt rhetoric about tearing the wall down. People will reuse Reagans speech excerpts in a nauseatingly emotional way. It will be fierce and non stop, and eventually, I think it will lead to its destruction.

The Cando Railfan : Reagan: Tear down this wall Trump: We must build a wall!

Carolyn Thomas : Fun Story my Sophomore History teacher told us. She used to have a neighbor who was from Ukraine, nice guy too. whenever it snowed he always piled snow from his driveway up into a massive wall between their houses. One time, my teacher, her spouse and the Ukrainian man were all out at the same clearing their driveways, the man making his typical wall. Her husband disgruntled by it muttered "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" repeatedly. The Ukrainian heard this, and began to dramatically tear down his snow fortress like how the iron curtain fell. It was the funniest scene ever.

EarlyTrail ET : Mister donald trump tear down the mexican wall!!!!!!!'

Garrett Plays Games : REAGAN SMASH!!!

JE Bro : I'm a die hard Democrat but I loved Reagan. Great man and great president! God rest his soul.

Chihiro Fujisaki : Mr trump tear down this boarder wall down


jaywar69 : You know... ? The Cold War never really died, though they'd like you to believe it. There will always be an Arms race.

5SORC - Five Seconds of Rubix Cube : Back then, presidents actually cared for the country. Now, with the Obamas and the Bushes, those days are over.

Brendan Croft : Well that was underwhelming

Rachel Ganey : love dis

Sharon Holmes : This Country was built on the freedom made up of immigrants! My uncle and brother died fighting to make sure our freedom stands. Trump or Cruz will not build a wall because there will be many tearing it down. We tried for years to end the Cold War and to get the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall..for that same principle...There will not be a wall built around this Country! PERIOD!

My penis is unbelievably small, but : Trump and Reagan by far the best. America first! 🇺🇸

Andy Summers : A wall in USA land of the so called free? trump, your a nutcase.

GayCunt69420 : mexico: mr. trump, tear down thos wall

Jackson Kelly : America is a wall "tearing down" nation, not a wall building up nation. - Jackson Kelly

FamilyHistoriandude : Comes back from the dead in 2027, "Mr. President, tear down this wall."