Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL

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Timi T. : Iconic.

ITBeginsAgain : Chills.

videoclipits : Post the YEAR Please

Sully Hernandez : Who else wishes Prince was still alive in 2018!.

charlietow : Sure wish I went to one of his shows when I had the chance.

OldGangsta Rapper : A real performance!

Matt Hawkins : It's nice when they hire an actual musician to do the show.

Ninja Pig : Legend he was…

YomYestreen : Prince: Stands in the rain, doesn't get wet. Legend.

Brady Pelletier : The best Superbowl halftime show ever.


Shawn32671 : I sure miss him.

Eric Barnett : This should be shot into space. This is what other galactic species should know about planet Earth.

Greg Casillas : I do not think that the human race will ever experience anyone or anything like this ever again.

Army Angler : The Purple One

Circe200 : A man who walked his own path. Never swayed. Won't be forgotten.

Mlg Squeaker : Its cool when he sang purple rain it started raining and with all the lights it made it purple

Aurora Ponce : After every super bowl halftime performance, I have to come back to listen to real music with real musicians!! Prince a true legend you will be missed but your music will live for ever....

Kevin Verelst : Till the day I die, I will regret the fact I never saw this icon, this musical greatness, this man of art,... live.

8-Bit Eric : once in a lifetime performer. once in a life time performance. this is what legends are made out of.

Bobby Knock : I am 60 years young and I hope my kids and grandkids watch this in years to come and think ...WOW.👍

J. KING : Man you can't make this up, the rain came down more as soon as purple rain came on! Epic!!

May Ling Gallow : I am soooooo glad no one fell. WHEW!! Whatta performance!]

IBALL UFALL : One of the many few artists who made actual music with instruments not computers!

Stacy Bates : I have tears watching Prince 💜 such amazing person

Jeff Bruner : That was the year the Super bowl opened for Prince

Keith Doran : "It's too perfect"

Pov Pranks : So sad he Died prior to perform again which would have been automatic in Minneapolis for the Super bowl last year..... RIP Prince, we miss you <3

Sodthong : Another legend killed by Big Pharma .....

SupermanHopkins : Prince ft. Super Bowl XLI.

Sherri Bowman : I wasn't a big Prince fan but this showed me what I had been this...Gods speed to you sir prince

TheRayner2814 : If I had the chance to go back in time, this is one of the places I'd want to go. This show at the Superbowl.

drallen888 : Had to watch it twice, RIP.

craftynumber2 : Greatest. Of. All. Time.

CardinalSessions : this is it, perfect balance between art and entertainment. too bad most things after and before that are mostly entertaining and missing the art.

OG Whitey : Best halftime show sence ive been alive

claud maximus : hes definetely one of the best performers ever

Marcel Nicolasora : Flawless performance

ANNUNAKI TRACKS : Prince was a King!!!!

janey rekats : Truly Amazing x

Marc LeJeune : he was a showman

lissa campbell : This man will forever remain my idol and favorite artist

RookieDad : godamnit we miss you

ANNUNAKI TRACKS : People forgot they were even at the Superbowl!!! Long live Prince in our memories forever!

It's Just Brandon : The way he got the audience to join, every single one of them, was just amazing. I may not have been around to witness the legend we call Prince, but I feel blessed just being able to watch this performance. #RIPTheGOAT

Lori Wozniak : PRINCE will always be missed by the people who loved him so much...what a artist..a soul so bright for this world..he will always touch someone for all times...

Deb Blevins : Only to say is Wow. Such a talent that will be missed from this lonely World. RiP.

FMLandry37 : ...When Price actually upstaged the Super Bowl.

Zivile Mat. : I can't bring my tears back watching Purple Rain part...

Igor Presnyakov : King is already gone, Prince too. The royals are fading away ...sad