Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL

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JoeysWorldTour : I wish this dude would be quiet when Prince is playing.

Jeff Bruner : That was the year the Super bowl opened for Prince

YomYestreen : Prince: Stands in the rain, doesn't get wet. Legend.

Sully Hernandez : Who else wishes Prince was still alive in 2018!.

Donny Burg : when Prince stands in the rain, the rain gets wet.

Igor Presnyakov : King is already gone, Prince too. The royals are fading away ...sad

Eric Barnett : This should be shot into space. This is what other galactic species should know about planet Earth.

Jordan Rose : You’ve got to be pretty miserable to give this a thumbs down.

Dr. T Train : Performances like this are the reason people who never even met him cried when Prince died.

flash 26 : in forty years it never rained. well in forty years they never had prince. you think he wanted it to be the same as everyone else.

8-Bit Eric : once in a lifetime performer. once in a life time performance. this is what legends are made out of.

FMLandry37 : ...When Price actually upstaged the Super Bowl.

albertftw : If we're all being honest here, I say Prince probably asked the clouds to rain hard that day and the clouds agreed.

datalink7 : That one time when the Superbowl opened and closed for a Prince concert...

Supreme Reese83 : Man you can't make this up, the rain came down more as soon as purple rain came on! Epic!!

Juan - : There was a football match in this Prince Concert ?

Bobby Knock : I am 60 years young and I hope my kids and grandkids watch this in years to come and think ...WOW.👍

Sophia 11/16 : Emotions run deeply...tears, chills. He was so so real!

Pov Pranks : So sad he Died prior to perform again which would have been automatic in Minneapolis for the Super bowl last year..... RIP Prince, we miss you <3

Sherri Bowman : I wasn't a big Prince fan but this showed me what I had been this...Gods speed to you sir prince

Lord Fourth : I actually performed in this halftime show. I was in the Marching band. (shout out to the Marching 100) fall 2006. This night is still very special to me. Yes it did rain on us. yes, the led lights made the rain purple, on everything I love, you have never seen or felt ANYTHING like that. It was very surreal, a ND it felt good. Thank You. Prince, for the experience.

Tiffanye Young : Just plain awesome. As far as I'm concerned, Mother Nature worked for him, not the other way around. Epic performance and a legend

Joshua Pray : I will never forget this performance. Gives me chills and teary eyes to this day. Absolute magic.

Nestor123057 : There'll never be another like him.  Brittan has it's royalty, but we have Prince.

oacevedo81 : Prince brought the thunder that night... pun intended. I only wish I could've been there.

Fam M : You know the difference here is that Prince played a concert for the crowd at the stadium, whereas most half-time shows are played for the camera.

ANNUNAKI TRACKS : People forgot they were even at the Superbowl!!! Long live Prince in our memories forever!

IBALL UFALL : One of the many few artists who made actual music with instruments not computers!

Sodthong : Another legend killed by Big Pharma .....

thorndog100 : All this time has passed since the Purple has passed and i still cry to this performance. Pure magic XX

Alistair Sebastian : Had to revisit this video of Prince after being subjected to Justin Timberlake's lackluster 2018 half-time performance. Sit down Justin, this is how a real musician takes the stage. RIP Prince.

hawkeyr6 : Only prince throws a mic on the ground and has 100,000 people singing for him in the pouring rain

FIGHTER177 : Legend he was…

Brittany McKnight : Goes to show real musicians can keep the stage/show simple and still rock the stadium!!! SB shows lately have sucked. All about the dancing and choreography and not about actually singing.

Kyle Martineau : This was probably one of (if not THE) best Superbowl performances ever!!

Amanda Donaldson : When you can stop singing and raise your hand, and the audience can finish the song for you, you've won.

ANNUNAKI TRACKS : Prince was a King!!!!

Billy Boost : The joy on the peoples faces says it all

Rusty Lindsay : The best halftime performance of all time, wow , Prince you will be missed but your legend will never die!!

May Ling Gallow : I am soooooo glad no one fell. WHEW!! Whatta performance!]

househansa : He looks DRY the whole time ??? Only Prince...

Supa Honky : The best half time... Period...

Duane Buckner B : The entire weight of my age landed on me watching this. I remember so well the power of his music in the pitch of my youth.

Velo1010 : Prince wasn’t my favorite artist, but I enjoyed his music. Then I heard he donated thousands of dollars worth of band equipment to the high school he attended. I was blown away.

dazed genius : What an entertainer, what a performer, what a man, what a legend! We will miss you!

John Decker : "Can you make it rain harder?" Coolest man who ever lived.

Marc Palmquist : Not even close, the BEST halftime performance ever. Nobody even remembers the game, but that performance will live forever. And I'm a hardcore NFL fan. Prince friggin owned that night!!!

Darko Ianculov : R.I.P. PRINCE!

James Franklin : This is a perfectionist in the rain

444MH : Unbelievable performance, so talented to get the crowd into it, real performer for everyone to watch.