Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL

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JoeysWorldTour : I wish this dude would be quiet when Prince is playing.

Donny Burg : when Prince stands in the rain, the rain gets wet.

Jeff Bruner : That was the year the Super bowl opened for Prince

Joseph Johnroe : This tiny little Black Man wrapped in purple velvet would take any Man's wife and wink while he walked away in matching heels. Prince was on another level.

Lalturua Vanchhawng : Any thumbs up for the dancers dancin in 8 inch in that slippery tiles

8-Bit Eric : once in a lifetime performer. once in a life time performance. this is what legends are made out of.

Myles Garlick : Prince said "I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain", and the Lord said "I gotchu fam, watch this."

Dr. T Train : Performances like this are the reason people who never even met him cried when Prince died.

flash 26 : in forty years it never rained. well in forty years they never had prince. you think he wanted it to be the same as everyone else.

loera javier : Many people criticized the NFL for selecting Prince as the halftime performer but he was one of the best acts ever, incredibly talented, the best underrated guitar player ever. He left us too soon.

Igor Presnyakov : King is already gone, Prince too. The royals are fading away ...sad

Jordan Rose : You’ve got to be pretty miserable to give this a thumbs down.

Peter Fountotos : Prince should have gotten a ring too.

Marc Palmquist : Not even close, the BEST halftime performance ever. Nobody even remembers the game, but that performance will live forever. And I'm a hardcore NFL fan. Prince friggin owned that night!!!

crsbt : Concerts today have thousands of robotic sheep taking selfies...God i miss the 80/90's.

Lord Fourth : I actually performed in this halftime show. I was in the Marching band. (shout out to the Marching 100) fall 2006. This night is still very special to me. Yes it did rain on us. yes, the led lights made the rain purple, on everything I love, you have never seen or felt ANYTHING like that. It was very surreal, a ND it felt good. Thank You. Prince, for the experience.

Steven Jeffrey : Prince wasn't one in a million,..he wasn't once in a lifetime,...he was once, ever! Never before or never again will there be anyone like him.

The One : 5:09 Takes off head scarf and hair instantly on fleek... #RockGod

Charles Anaspoon Zaratustra : Don't joke me...that rain was told to be there

Brittney Welsh : 5,000 people have 0 taste in music

Juan - : There was a football match in this Prince Concert ?

Chuck Novy : Simply the greatest performer of all questions. Prince was a once in a lifetime icon. Thank you Prince for everything.

Pov Pranks : So sad he Died prior to perform again which would have been automatic in Minneapolis for the Super bowl last year..... RIP Prince, we miss you <3

Tiffanye Young : Just plain awesome. As far as I'm concerned, Mother Nature worked for him, not the other way around. Epic performance and a legend

Arnell Austin : If heaven got a rock and roll band it's one hell of a band

Fam M : You know the difference here is that Prince played a concert for the crowd at the stadium, whereas most half-time shows are played for the camera.

James Grau : Trump refused to stand in the rain to honor WW1 vets.

hawkeyr6 : Only prince throws a mic on the ground and has 100,000 people singing for him in the pouring rain

Deborah Olin : Shut up I JUST want to hear PRINCE!

Adan Roque : I bet people got up and headed towards the exit after Prince finished thinking the concert was over. Lol

Brian Love : The dude just talks right through the guitar solo. Geez

Velo1010 : Prince wasn’t my favorite artist, but I enjoyed his music. Then I heard he donated thousands of dollars worth of band equipment to the high school he attended. I was blown away.

Keenan Thomas : No performer today would even consider performing if it were sprinkling. “It would mess up their clothes”

Brittany McKnight : Goes to show real musicians can keep the stage/show simple and still rock the stadium!!! SB shows lately have sucked. All about the dancing and choreography and not about actually singing.

CardinalSessions : this is it, perfect balance between art and entertainment. too bad most things after and before that are mostly entertaining and missing the art.

Sophia 11/16 : Emotions run deeply...tears, chills. He was so so real!

J S Ellis : Saw it live and it still gives me the chills!

Angie O. : MY GOD😱..this was MAGICAL...SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE WITH GOOSEBUMPS..... awwww PRINCE... I'm in tears....watching this... Will always love PURPLE RAIN

The Reliable Source : It should be illegal to talk while listening to a Prince guitar solo.

Alistair Sebastian : Had to revisit this video of Prince after being subjected to Justin Timberlake's lackluster 2018 half-time performance. Sit down Justin, this is how a real musician takes the stage. RIP Prince.

Rusty Lindsay : The best halftime show I have ever seen , Prince brought it , no performer will ever match it , RIP Prince you were trully a musical genius who would give Hendrix a run for his money!!!

PurpleRain500 : This man IS the definition of epic! He had a new album out, and one on the way and YET wasn't out to promote himself. He did what he wanted and covered three songs without drawing any attention to his latest efforts whatsoever. This man wasn't out to line his pockets, he was out to make the most memorable Halftime Show in history calling upon the great American songbook for anthems that we all knew and cherished. It was never about himself. Now how many other entertainers would even think of passing up a global opportunity to promote themselves especially with a new album out with modest sales, and another one on the way? I'll wait.... NO ONE but MY PRINCE!... I'll never forget the day that I saw you live in Chicago on September 24, 2012 my dear friend.... Until we meet in heaven, I love and adore U until the end of ALL time, "Welcome 2 The Dawn," my darling Prince. O(+>

Hiram Rios : What do you call someone that is the opposite of a diva and a bad ass mofo, I'm not the biggest fan of his music but for someone like him to not cancel this shows how much he cared for his craft and the fans. Incredible.

Rupert Madge : Thank you God for Prince !!!!

Amanda Donaldson : When you can stop singing and raise your hand, and the audience can finish the song for you, you've won.

??? : 2018?🙌🏾

Raymond Samudio : Best Half time Show ever

444MH : Unbelievable performance, so talented to get the crowd into it, real performer for everyone to watch.

A Subber : The Best Performance of the Super Bowl's History! I miss you Prince! I only wanted to see you laughing in the Purple Rain!

Amaya Zelaya : The moment he dropped the mic and the crowd finished the song; legendary!