Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL

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8-Bit Eric : once in a lifetime performer. once in a life time performance. this is what legends are made out of.

It's Just Brandon : The way he got the audience to join, every single one of them, was just amazing. I may not have been around to witness the legend we call Prince, but I feel blessed just being able to watch this performance. #RIPTheGOAT

ITBeginsAgain : Chills.

videoclipits : Post the YEAR Please

charlietow : Sure wish I went to one of his shows when I had the chance.

Timi T. : Iconic.

Tuna : I've never listened to Prince before.. But wow.. This performance was really something

Sully Hernandez : Who else wishes Prince was still alive in 2018!.

Matt Hawkins : It's nice when they hire an actual musician to do the show.

Solen'Ya The Pickle Man : That slow walk at 5:11 than throwing his top and running his hand over his slick hair and than finally that collar pop off at 5:17.....Epic

OldGangsta Rapper : A real performance!

Cicliste C : It really is the gold standard of all Super Bowl performances. You don't particularly have to like Prince's music to agree with me. He just absolutely blows the roof off the joint in the most appropriate way

Shawn32671 : I sure miss him.

Ninja Pig : Legend he was…

Brady Pelletier : The best Superbowl halftime show ever.


Heidi B. : I was there on the field! I always say, when I’m an old lady I’ll always say that was one of the most intense and amazing experiences!!! The rain made it even crazier ❤️

Eric Barnett : This should be shot into space. This is what other galactic species should know about planet Earth.

Vercina La'Nae : Prince was waterproof he didn’t even look wet <3

Army Angler : The Purple One

Stacy Bates : I have tears watching Prince 💜 such amazing person

Circe200 : A man who walked his own path. Never swayed. Won't be forgotten.

RaShar Hardin : *tears dearly loved and missed

Greg Casillas : I do not think that the human race will ever experience anyone or anything like this ever again.

Aurora Ponce : After every super bowl halftime performance, I have to come back to listen to real music with real musicians!! Prince a true legend you will be missed but your music will live for ever....

CardinalSessions : this is it, perfect balance between art and entertainment. too bad most things after and before that are mostly entertaining and missing the art.

TheGeeSpot : Of course god would send purple rain for Prince performance!! ICON !

Mlg Squeaker : Its cool when he sang purple rain it started raining and with all the lights it made it purple

I.AM.NIC : When legends die, you should let them and their music rest. No need to sing it, or anything. If you must pay tribute in your set (Justin Timberlake) play their music and project their photo...but by all means, keep your strained vocals off of their art! 💜💜💜💜

Cristina Burgos : Michael jackson was still alive during this performance and now both legends are gone R.I.P:(

SupermanHopkins : Prince ft. Super Bowl XLI.

Kevin Verelst : Till the day I die, I will regret the fact I never saw this icon, this musical greatness, this man of art,... live.

May Ling Gallow : I am soooooo glad no one fell. WHEW!! Whatta performance!]

Sherri Bowman : I wasn't a big Prince fan but this showed me what I had been this...Gods speed to you sir prince

Roxanne Moser : Prince loved Jimi!

janey rekats : Truly Amazing x

J. Lamar : Man you can't make this up, the rain came down more as soon as purple rain came on! Epic!!

Keith Doran : "It's too perfect"

Bobby Knock : I am 60 years young and I hope my kids and grandkids watch this in years to come and think ...WOW.👍

Mia Droll : Iconic. Miss You Prince💜 “purple rain purple rain”

OG Whitey : Best halftime show sence ive been alive

drallen888 : Had to watch it twice, RIP.

craftynumber2 : Greatest. Of. All. Time.

RookieDad : godamnit we miss you

Jason R : Everyone in harmony

Gino Sanchez : This was so awesome I couldn’t help but get emotional while watching

Marc LeJeune : he was a showman

Celia Islas : I love you prince

Sheila Barron : ❤💙❤💙❤💙ya Prince Thank ya 4 all the LOVE ya gave us (RIP)✌😢

Zivile Mat. : I can't bring my tears back watching Purple Rain part...