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Music: Smallpools - A Real Hero https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-real-hero-single/992547202 Mbobrinskoy@gmail.com


Nagol : we are all real human beans in this burrito called life

TKR : The ending had me in tears. This is so sad. Can we hit 1.000 likes? Edit: Buy my merch

Ian McKay : Couldn't find him.

Jake Valerio : couldnt find him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

groszewa : It seems like mike was in it for the wrong reasons

Kewl Dude : "Couldn't find him", lol.

Wᴀᴛᴄʜ Wʜɪʟᴇ Hɪɢʜ : This is gonna end up on trending real soon! "Couldn't find him." line was the best shit I heard this month haha

Go8997 : Im a hero. Please like my comment

Yassine Am : All it needs is Ryan Gosling with his scorpion jacket.

schmoyoho : SMASHED that like 100,000 times because he's a real human being and a real hero real humor bean and a reel Hiro wheel ewe Mubeen Anna drill gyro real hew of been and a rail 'eerio regal Hume O'Bing Anna Rulíro Drill you my queen Ah, majeestic Spiros will eustachian-ing Amman pill zero

HUMANS TALKING ABOUT MOVIES : How do we donate to Mike's memorial fund?

TheEtherny : Whoa! 1k likes with only 4k views? Man, that statistic is insane!

DuniaTrollAnda : What a guy. #myhero

EpicDonutDude : You're an inspiration and a real human bean!

AndrewWebertv : This continues (2 months is a long time, right?) to be one of my favorite youtube videos of all time. Well done.

The Internet Explorer : Wow that was something, made me miss my dead parents again. :( Please like if you relate. If I get 50 likes I will say something deep to make you feel better about your life.

Matthew Genson : This is great.

NFS4LFE : I kinda like this cover. I also rescued a dog in Chicago. I regret every moment of it.

Konrad C : I just subscribed, what's your patreon? Take my money

TheoBrixtonTheKid : You're so humble, god bless you.

Koplod : RIP Mike. An inspiration to us all #hero #respect

Ciudadano Deapie : The couldn't find him part! LMAO

theonlydz : This was great, genius.

Nisco Racing : @TMJ / Mike Bobrinskoy HE don't be mean! This is how millennials will CURE the world. /s

robin wilhelmsson : This might be the most important video ever made.


Kevin Keyes : is that taylor who loves coffee and working in the city?

Christopher Sauve : needed saying, thank you

Jeff Wilmot : Gone 2 soon, RIP Michael

James : Even I can admit that this is a true video!

Infreezy : Haha youtube 2018 in a nutshell

shoulderBirb : You're a hero?! I'm vegan

Medieval Life Game : What watch is he wearing? Is that a Citizen Drive but with a different band?

Tide pods : "I want to be the change WE want to see in the world" God I cringed so hard when he said that

Micha Van Weiden : "Couldn't find him"

Deanout : This is a work of art. You can be my human bean any day.

keed : this is brilliant xD

Teknics : very well done, i don't know what this is supposed to be but it was great

howdj : I instinctively disliked your video based on the first clip. Sorry. It's ok though, I went back and smashed that like, subscribed, bought all your merch and put your future kids through university. #hero

city of trxsh : This video has more production quality than all of the YT activists combined.


Daywalker : This video is merch appreciated.

Jesus Arreola : #humblebrag

Brett Armstrong : you can tell how much he cares by how much he uploads good deeds

Rahul Bonnerjee : This is GOLD! So inspirational :)

J5am3ds : Ace Rimmer. What a guy.

PlamenDrop : This is amazing!

Do You Even Read, Bro? : What remix is that?

supersheeep : I gave this video an anonymous like