Kylo Gregg (via Screen Junkies)

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Otto Buechle : why does this work so welll lol

The Dippin American : This is better than the original old Gregg

Tim Price : this should have more comments this videos is hilarious

Reaux Bo : This vid needs more attention!

WeakSkill Rblx : This is amazing

Kate Blair : I am so happy this exists.

Tia Belle : Am ol Gregg

Chris Jacobsen : 9 people don't wanna go to a club where people wee on each other

Paul AA : shit

gman93 : "i got a mangina!!" - kylo ren

Alex Lawyer : quality meme

WeakSkill Rblx : This is amazing

TheLeadDog150 : "....I'm gonna hurt you.." lol I died at that part!

Austin Luthi : First lol

Northern Nightmare : Miss the Boosh

Jimmy jacklepacket : You ever drink Bailey's from shoe?