Beat The Devil Out Of It

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The wonderful Bob Ross cleaning his brushes. All Bob's shows are on his official channel:

Comments from Youtube

D. B : I wish I could find something that I enjoy as much as Bob enjoyed beating the devil out of that brush..

Mike O'Sullivan : "I'm gonna get off here" You and I both, Bob.

qIdlbIp : 39:06 for the last devil beating on the old round easel. Rest in peace little devilless easel. Rest in peace.


Megashark 101 : You can see him enjoy it more and more.

travelsonic : 0:52 "There you go, just redecorated your living room." XD Hahahahaha

Fergus Conolly : I like the bit where he beats the devil out of it


roadworkahead? : Crying in the club rn... What a wholesome man...

Big Boy : Asmr beating the devil out of it

Caleb Collier : Who needs exorcism when you can just beat the devil out of it

Abbey Darlington : 121!!!! He said “just beat the devil out of it” 121 times!!! That took a while to count

MRFANCYPANTS777 : 42:54 "Come out of the closet and paint flowers."

seeburg220 : It makes the sound of Fred and Barney running.

Johnny BlackJock : RIP Devil

Thomas McAllister : Van Dyke brown is the bane of humanity

Jimmy Schwietert : I believe his son is @36:38

Luke : 6:50 It can't be fun if you don't beat your brush

m cal : If someone can find that brush, they can banish evil with it.

Lee Trott : Thank you for taking the time to put this together!!! Had me and my sister in fits of laughter.... Would you consider possible making a Bob Ross song, composed of his famous sayings AND his rhythmic beating of the brush?? Thank you

rz1891 : So happy when he's cleaning brushes! Well done and thank you.

Ben : Heh, heh, and just beat the devil out of it.

Morphic c : That sound is very relaxin

AnthonyYoung23 : When it’s the first of December

SoulWalrus : Dakadakadakadakadun

Joe Boyle : @2:55 HE SAID IT!!!

marcoio23 : 3:33 Now im in a dangerous position here.. He's gonna get me xD that cleaning tho :v

6degrees : He gets so much more comfortable as the episodes go

Ryan Reaves Comedy : Lmao @van dyke brown so many times

Big boy AlThePal : 12:21 first time where he says “beat the devil out of it” more than once in a row

newper : I made it through the whole thing but I had to split it up into two days.

Hom Tanks : KappaRoss video, hehehe x)))

Aitch2_D2 : Bob bless you for this!

pheonix jeff : You can beat me like that bobby

Jack Eubanks : this was a religious experience

Tim M Jr : I imagine this a took a long time to edit.........nice job on this compilation.

Lalo : 2:54 Yes!!!

microm3gas : This would be a great ringtone

SjBarty : "Odourless Paint Thinner" is the mantra I used during Transcendental Meditation sessions

AL : All guest brush cleanings - 3:33 - 5:00 - 5:43 - 9:24 - 13:42 - 22:56 - 24:51 - 25:21 - 35:34 - 36:37 - 40:07 - 45:45

quiksilvababe : Thank you

x_p4 :

Alondra Amador : 3:36 LMAO

Skyforme Shaymin : I’m so glad this video exists.

Jonathan Myers : 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🖼🖼🖼🖼🖼

kateflieshigh : He sure likes using dirty brushes for going into Van Dyke Brown

wintertheAmpharos : “Well, hey. Welcome back. ready to do a fantastic painting with us? Okay, let’s get started. So often we fear this big, two inch brush, but it’ll do wonderful wonderful things for you that’ll make you just so happy. I hope when you see your enemies, you’ll beat the devil out of them.”