Beat The Devil Out Of It

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Mike O : "I'm gonna get off here" You and I both, Bob.

D. B : I wish I could find something that I enjoy as much as Bob enjoyed beating the devil out of that brush..

qIdlbIp : 39:06 for the last devil beating on the old round easel. Rest in peace little devilless easel. Rest in peace.

seeburg220 : It makes the sound of Fred and Barney running.

Fergus Conolly : I like the bit where he beats the devil out of it

Megashark 101 : You can see him enjoy it more and more.

SoulWalrus : Dakadakadakadakadun

Morphic c : That sound is very relaxin

Johnny Takigero : RIP Devil

roadworkahead? : Crying in the club rn... What a wholesome man...

Luke : 6:50 It can't be fun if you don't beat your brush

Big Boy : Asmr beating the devil out of it

Ben : Heh, heh, and just beat the devil out of it.

newper : I made it through the whole thing but I had to split it up into two days.

Skyforme Shaymin : I’m so glad this video exists.

Hom Tanks : KappaRoss video, hehehe x)))

Lee Trott : Thank you for taking the time to put this together!!! Had me and my sister in fits of laughter.... Would you consider possible making a Bob Ross song, composed of his famous sayings AND his rhythmic beating of the brush?? Thank you

Jimmy Schwietert : I believe his son is @36:38

Aitch2_D2 : Bob bless you for this!

quiksilvababe : Thank you

travelsonic : 0:52 "There you go, just redecorated your living room." XD Hahahahaha

rz1891 : So happy when he's cleaning brushes! Well done and thank you.

m cal : If someone can find that brush, they can banish evil with it.

microm3gas : This would be a great ringtone