Chasing Amy Black Rage

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Rosie Brown : This was the scene that made me watch this movie. I just love everything about it. Oh and also later at the bar when they are fighting 😂 It's perfect.

Magnificoooooo : the Sith are only 13% of the galaxy and commit over 50% of the xenos homicides. Let that sink in for a moment!

bbz232 : What's a Nubian?

Ty Heavenlywings : I promise this is the greatest 'STFU' in cinema history.

Tr0nzoid : This was funny at the time, and a lot of movies from that generation of filmmaker had someone deconstructing something from pop culture for some comedic dialogue. Tarantino did it a lot. Now twenty years later, doing that has become old because every pseudo-intellectual in coffee shops or online forums has acted as if he's a character in one of these movies rattling off nonsense thinking he is being enlightening.

Mr Pool : "Deep inside we all want to be white" "Well isn't that true?" LMAO

Twain Driver : What's a Nubian?

LilLegyiths : "The chickens is comin home to roost y'all". lolololololol

Agtsmirnoff : Melissa Harris Perry didn't realize this is fiction.

MrKajithecat : Hooper needs to watch the new Star Wars movie.

C.K. Gould : What's a nubian? LMAO!!!

viermidebutura : who would of thought that in a few years this would become reality... #blacklivesmatter

syafiqjabar : Man, this alternate Goodbye Uncle Tom ending is dope.

LB74 : Funny thing, I don't remember too many black guys in the Intergalactic Empire. And Hell's Bells Hooper, didn't Vader take his orders from the crustiest white guy in the galaxy, Emperor Palpatine ?

John Malkovich : BLM in a nutshell.

DonPeyote : This movie is so pre-Columbine...

Blue Side : The very first Black Lives Matter activist LMAOOO

BlurTech : "Intergalactic civil war?" Love Banky.

Benjamin Rood : Best scene Kevin Smith has ever written

BananaMasterRace : Whats a Neubian?

Greg Falco : When comedic movies were actually funny.

IndyDefense : WE WUZ KANGS

JamalTheTitan : Look up Tariq Nasheed talking about Force Awakens

markbatch : Such a classic scene Always hilarious Never gets old Nice work Kevin

Brapmobile : If someone made a "White Hating Coon" comic book today, not only would it NOT get banned or receive any criticism whatsoever, it would be praised and it would sell *millions* of copies among the BLM, Black Panther, White Guilt, PC and SJW communities. Whoever made it would get rich, it would be genius. I love how this character uses this "gimmick" to sell his comic books, and it works! And it would work in real life!

Messofanego : Hooper is the best.

Gustavo Almanza : So in my city, this one black neighborhood has had a lot of property bought up to build businesses for cheap since the property costs so little. That's intergalactic civil war of I ever saw it

xxxCrackerJack501xxx : Love this movie, sad that Hooper's radical persona is fairly commonplace nowadays.

FilmFanaticX : One of the funniest scenes in that movie, and it's also "Chasing Amy" is my favorite movie from the View Askewniverse.

HalfLucan : I heard this was a good deconstruction of star wars... But it sounded like he was advocating the use of an oppressive (and incredibly unsafe) death star.

Social Suicide : Kevin Smith gave birth to the first social justice warrior.

Zack TheBongRipper : "We waz Kangs."

Sadie : "BLACK RAGE!!!" Still gets me 😂😂😂

Brian O'Reilly : brought me here, and I thank them for it. This is hilarious! Jason Lee is freakin riot.

Vince Noska : BLM right here

Alex Lemonds : This was funny but I have to ask: why didn't any of the fleeing people call the cops? As far as they knew what went down in that room wasn't an act.

KrookedSaint : Melissa Perry sent me here. Kappa.

John Doe : Pretty much Reginald Hudling's Black Panther comic run in a nutshell.

Zach hm : I am surprised Kevin Smith hasn't apologized for this.

Stay Sick : Classic shit. View Askew could do no wrong back then.

David B : This movie came out before Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace makes me wonder if George Lucas got the name Nubian from this movie LOL

Yawn Michaels : My name is Earl and thanks to karma I just got shot to death by a triggered black man!

Jenni Valentine : I feel like this constantly

steven hayes : "They trying to tell us deep down we wants to be white!" Lol.

gingrr666 : Dwight Ewell, superb. Not even a fan of Star Wars, but your fan. Best clip of the whole film, which is really good. Go George.

PrAnKsTaFiLmS : Jason Lee is making me Lmfao so much in this scene

Agent52k : Well it's what I felt when I first Star Wars lmao

Eric Kelly : Best scene in the whole movie

dudujencarelli : Imagine this scene if you included mentions of Finn. He'd get even more riled up over the way the film treated the former stormtrooper.

Bugz2k14 : Epic! Absolutely Legendary!