Concrete Buffer Gone Wild
Guy sees construction workers struggle with runaway zamboni narrates it with an audience

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My dad's description: We're glad that nobody was injured in this potentially hazardous situation. If my memory is correct we bought lunch for some of the participants. This was a great construction crew and they built a magnificent facility for us to enjoy every day. PS: Muttley is enjoying all of the attention!!


Robert Hladik Sr : "We have now angered the machine." "It is now blinded and mad." LOL !!!

Hero_ : "Hes carrying a big stick" Guy totes a 5 meter plank

Torch21 : The commentary is what makes this golden.

The Randomizer : "It's now blinded and mad." I cry laughing everytime I hear that

Jackie Diaz : "We have now angered the machine." Absolutely gold.

Jessi Davin : Dude laughing so hard at 1:32 he farted hahaha

Batter Sempai : "We have angered the machine." "Ride em cowboy. Olay." This is the most beautiful commentary I've ever heard.

angelfire : "It's not goin down it's fightin"

salted popcorn : im a construction worker and i find it funny, and im sure these construction guys will have laughed about it at lunch, best thing is no-one got hurt.

Dr. Randomness : "It's now blinded and mad..." That narration made me almost cry with laughter!

Matt Smith : "Concrete Buffer! We've got enemy construction workers in Sector 47!" "It's a tarp!!!"

southernrebel69420 : that commentary was spot on priceless. "we have now angered the machine" lmao

Susan : You laugh now, but this is just the first stage of the Machine Uprising!

Adam Tombs : The commentary is funnier than the video

Ada K. : "They have now angered the machine." Hahahahah.

Paige Zancanaro : The commentary just makes it so much better. "We have now angered the machine, the machine in now angry."

Klaüs Smooth : "Ride 'em cowboy !" broke me 

Leaders aA : Perfect, thank you. I'm crying haha! :D

Caylex T : Pure human drama. And an angered beast.

Perkins : thats actually not a bad way for them to have handled it, someone easily could have got hurt. but still, looking at it objectively that's the funniest thing i've seen in months

Loren G : that one guy laughs exactly like that penguin from toy story

MaddiRoseCook : One of the guy's laughing sounds like a squeak toy XD

Haoko : Things escalating and getting hilarious and in the middle of it 1:33 Fart! xD

Dettweiler / DJ Dett : Almost 7 years and I still laugh my ass off at this video

EricJon : The laughter is making this so ridiculously hilarious... you can put that laughter to anything and it would be funny. Made my day!

Mau Vasconcellos : The laughing guy just let out 2 or 3 ripped farts during his climax. That was hillarious!

ThePaperclipGuy : Watch me spin this is the dance of my people do not interrupt my performance

Yellowfang213 : "They've angered the machine" made me smile so much.

Pandatege : "now we irritated him, threw 'em in a hole, and 18 people are now watching this."

visioneerone : lost it at "blinded and mad"

priceman141 : Why is there no 'dead man's switch' on a concrete buffer, like the one on a typical household lawnmower?

X : "Ride em cowboy" lol

JustGingy95 : the number of people in the comment section getting honestly butthurt over these guys comments during the event is just a bit more ridiculous than a whole team of construction workers trying to stop a concrete buffer.

Daz Pez : The guy laughing sounds like mutley

Gems St : Usually commentary is dumb, this commentary should win an award. FUNNY!

Michael Welsh : The video is hilarious. The humourless prudes in the comments section are even funnier.

Anthropophagi5 : That wheezy laugh was priceless!

TheCrustyFry : Actually these guys did a good job stopping it. See how they used the 2x4 to hold the bottom off the ground at the end.

Artary : LOL I heard someone in the video laugh so hard that they farted at 1:33

Amperzand : 1:16 onwards for the best squeaky laugh ever! And at 1:33 you just know the guy is now crying with laughter!

America Malvaez : "He is now blinded in that" hahahahahhahahahaha!!

ManyDoors777 : Do office workers get paid to stare out the window?

Mandalore the Stoic : Robot: I do not accept my slave name!


Super Grobanite : "Ooh ride 'em cowboy!" I die laughing every time I hear that. 😂😂😂

Évelyne : the film is rolling, howard

Yeet It up : The new Wall-E movie looks great👌

94XJ : By my count there's at least 21 people who have stopped working to watch this. The commentator forgot himself and the other guys in the room.

TheMagicSpatula : Contagious laughter is the best