Concrete Buffer Gone Wild

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Jessi Davin : Dude laughing so hard at 1:32 he farted hahaha

Leaders aA : Perfect, thank you. I'm crying haha! :D

TorchTaylor21 : The commentary is what makes this golden.

Colin Parlett : "We have now angered the machine." "It is now blinded and mad." "$50 and a free lunch."

Jackie Diaz : "We have now angered the machine." Absolutely gold.

Dawn Darrell Samaitha : "We have angered the machine." "Ride em cowboy. Olay." This is the most beautiful commentary I've ever heard.

Hero_ : "Hes carrying a big stick" Guy totes a 5 meter plank

priceman141 : Why is there no 'dead man's switch' on a concrete buffer, like the one on a typical household lawnmower?

Dettweiler / DJ Dett : Almost 7 years and I still laugh my ass off at this video

Robert Hladik Sr : "We have now angered the machine." "It is now blinded and mad." LOL !!!

Matt Smith : "Concrete Buffer! We've got enemy construction workers in Sector 47!" "It's a tarp!!!"

salted popcorn : im a construction worker and i find it funny, and im sure these construction guys will have laughed about it at lunch, best thing is no-one got hurt.

Adam Tombs : The commentary is funnier than the video

Adam : LMAO!!!

Haoko : Things escalating and getting hilarious and in the middle of it 1:33 Fart! xD

angelfire : "It's not goin down it's fightin"

Lexi Staros : This is so pointlessly funny and I love it

JustGingy95 : the number of people in the comment section getting honestly butthurt over these guys comments during the event is just a bit more ridiculous than a whole team of construction workers trying to stop a concrete buffer.

southernrebel69420 : that commentary was spot on priceless. "we have now angered the machine" lmao

EricJon : The laughter is making this so ridiculously hilarious... you can put that laughter to anything and it would be funny. Made my day!

Loren G : that one guy laughs exactly like that penguin from toy story

The Randomizer : "It's now blinded and mad." I cry laughing everytime I hear that

MaddiRoseCook : One of the guy's laughing sounds like a squeak toy XD

Paige Zancanaro : The commentary just makes it so much better. "We have now angered the machine, the machine in now angry."

ManyDoors777 : Do office workers get paid to stare out the window?

Ada K. : "They have now angered the machine." Hahahahah.

RED Shnipeh : It's like the work of Chaplin brought to life lol

Caylex T : Pure human drama. And an angered beast.

Alissa Hollar : Come on people they were having fun. This was and is an unusual circumstance and it is quite funny. I know everyone has different feelings or views on this but still. Just because these office guys are laughing does not mean that they don't care or have not worked a day in their lives. I on one hand think this is a funny situation, especially since no one got hurt :)

Klaüs Smooth : "Ride 'em cowboy !" broke me 

visioneerone : lost it at "blinded and mad"

X : "Ride em cowboy" lol

Daz Pez : The guy laughing sounds like mutley

Artary : LOL I heard someone in the video laugh so hard that they farted at 1:33

maud, marilyn jane amptmeijer : i think the people lauging at this and saying 'oh dumbasses etc.'' probably couldn't have stopped that stupid thing theirselves

honey bro bro : but that would kill the man.

94XJ : By my count there's at least 21 people who have stopped working to watch this. The commentator forgot himself and the other guys in the room.

vdate : Am I the only one who got an MST3K vibe off of the commentary?

SgtPerkins : thats actually not a bad way for them to have handled it, someone easily could have got hurt. but still, looking at it objectively that's the funniest thing i've seen in months

Rice Crash : It was actually clever how they stopped the buffer. They threw the water not to "Drown the machine" but to break the friction of the buffer with the surface of the cement. When that didn't work they used the tarp. They also used the board to pry the base up off the ground. Rather well done. The commentary team might not have been so condescending and judgmental if they knew what was actually going on.

Michael Welsh : The video is hilarious. The humourless prudes in the comments section are even funnier.

Yellowfang213 : "They've angered the machine" made me smile so much.

Julian Rivera : I never had one get loose on me and I hope I never do but it is very dangerous to attempt to grab those handles when it is out of control. Those men did a very good job stopping it . The machine is now most likely damaged but no one was hurt so that's a win .

ThePaperclipGuy : Watch me spin this is the dance of my people do not interrupt my performance

Derek Wildash : Some of you office workers should have gone down there to show em how its done.

TheCrustyFry : Actually these guys did a good job stopping it. See how they used the 2x4 to hold the bottom off the ground at the end.

wedemboyz DC4L : This actually happened to my uncle a few years ago but he grabbed it himself within 5 sec he accidentally had let go . Lol

Dr. Randomness : "It's now blinded and mad..." That narration made me almost cry with laughter!

Sheepreme : Highlight of the day

tundrazwolf : OK....this is funny, but the narration shows a great lack of respect for the hard work that is involved in construction.  These young punks likely would cry for mommy if they were even out in the hot sun....let alone while doing work like this.