Divide by Zero on the Friden STW10 Mechanical Calculator

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Joe Average : What a beautiful machine. I love its noise.

Haze Anderson : 355 / 113 = PIE? And this whole time I have been using an oven ...

SolApathy : The Div /0 command allows you to oil the mechanicals and then you can cancel the command once oiling is complete.

Richard Ball : That's incredible that they foresaw the whole information revolution and popularity of youtube etc.

Matt Siegel : haha, great! :D excellent stupidity-to-entertainment ratio ;)

Ellie Auri : hon hon hon, poisson, calculatrice!

Eriamjh 1138 : Jack Lemmon was awesome in that trailer at the end.

Mokongthe3 : Welcome to why is this in my recomandation? episode 111?

Mokongthe3 : Welcome to why is this in my recomandation? episose 111?

Matodin IV : Pardon me but somehow it reminds me of the Nazi Enigma Machine

JDR : Thats more amazing to me than a modern day calculator on my smartphone. How does this thing work?

Dinocrest : So how does this work? Considering it's from the 50's I'm assuming no computer inside is it all mechanical?

William Kasper : Brings back fond memories. My grandfather had two of these of which I inherited both of them slightly different models. That was 40 years ago I was a teenager and I spent many hours playing with these machines not fully understanding what they are doing. I don’t ever know what become of the two that I had. But I sure miss playing with them.

Simon Deelstra : 355 / 113 is NOT π, no division is π since it is irrational

Zoomin : perfect for a math exam

LOLeq21 : More like a math machine

Nellis Falcon : May I use slowmo division sound from this video for my horror game?

ALVANN PAREDES DY : Is there a square root function? Please do square root of -1 if there is

Layered Chip3 : When given complete freedom, a calculator will set itself ablaze when attempting to divide by zero.

nvbasedlad _ : Noise musicians would have a field day with this

Ispy : Yeah, but can it djent?

porp109 : I mean it's not like you can't divide by zero, it's that it's defined as a mathematical hole which represents limits in the function. A /0 is as useful as a spacebar on a keyboard.

SuperAronGamer : Try 0 divided by 0. Will it stop at one or will it continue forever again?

Perfect Diamond : now try 0 / 0 does it loop forever or does it stop at 0? at 1?

Perfect Diamond : legend has it it's still counting

Windows 7 : It equals - (flip: 8)

cascadefly : How about 0/0

Wilson Solt : Got creepy

Kurt Rozentaun : You have a strange piano

kenhur13 : DIV Stop isn't just for idiots making YouTube videos. My father had one of these in his office and as a small child I did exactly as you did and do a division by 0 and the machine wouldn't stop. Took me a few minutes and a lot of sweat but I finally found a way to make it stop. DIV Stop at the top of keyboard! Thanks for the memory.

Kriss : Yes it won’t catch fire it will explode

Alackofcaring : What happens when you divide zero by something? The answer is zero but how does the machine calculate it?

WizKidGamer99 : This isn't the Divide by Zero I was hoping for...

Goldstein Gaming : That's a cute "little" calculator!

NoFantasy : Where can I learn more about this incredible machine

AndroidDoctorr : I kinda want to see it catch fire

Aradhaid : Divide by 0

Matej : Imagine taking this to school

BerkeleyGang : My father had one of these at work. I did this same experiment. I freaked out when the calculator started smoking. I don't remember what I did to make it stop. I was sure I was going to get in trouble.

scarmoh : This video won't leave my home page, I had to dislike

hotmandead1 : Nice

Hugo Walker : what if it gets to 99999999999

Kamil Hajduk : Damn, i went too far on YouTube :) cool machine

W MARTIN : Slow motion PI sounds like a train derailment. :-)

hrit roy : Dividing by zero does not give you infinity. It does not give you negative infinity. You just can't divide by zero as 0 has no multiplicative inverse. Even the limit of 1/x as x approaches 0 does not exist!

kshitij sharma : @smartereveryday should do a video with it

Shady : well, it's correct. anything divided by zero is said to be not defined or infinity

ᴘɪᴄᴀᴛʀɪx : I came here to try math yet i still dont understand math...

hornetluca : I didn't even know that this device existed

Dan Man : So basically dividing by 0 is infinity