Divide by Zero on the Friden STW10 Mechanical Calculator

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Haze Anderson : 355 / 113 = PIE? And this whole time I have been using an oven ...

Joe Average : What a beautiful machine. I love its noise.

Jay Glenn : Because Division by 0 approaches infinity. What a beautiful mechanical way of expressing that. Note: dividing by 0 does not =infinity because infinity is not a number. Dividing by 0 _approaches_ infinity. If this was not so all math would be broken.

Chris Quick : Teacher, "You are allowed a basic 4 function calculator for this exam." *Walks in with this.

Gabriel Drake : So the inventors added an extra Anti-Idiot-Button. Clever XD

SolApathy : The Div /0 command allows you to oil the mechanicals and then you can cancel the command once oiling is complete.

Richard Ball : That's incredible that they foresaw the whole information revolution and popularity of youtube etc.

Joe Duke : If you let it run for millions of years, it'll come up with ...42

Denise Thasder : A wonder of technology, even in this day

gokartbuyer : Is it me or does anyone else find this incredibly satisfying to listen to?

Brendan Downes : This would make a sick drum track for a black metal song.

Kurt Rozentaun : You have a strange piano

Shop Dog : It's even idiot proof

l wilton : There were several ways you could get those machines into an infinite or else very long calculation; the div stop button was handy for aborting most any calculation if you realized that you had fat-fingered the inputs before it was finished thinking. This is also what happened with early computers that didn't have a check for divide by zero. They would just "lock up" in an infinite loop until someone hit the reset key. They didn't blow up, or go insane, or any of those things that newspapermen and authors and Hollywood screen writers claimed they did.

Joshua Rehaluk : When I divide by zero I have to put on protective gloves first

Matt Siegel : haha, great! :D excellent stupidity-to-entertainment ratio ;)

Vapor Wave - sama : It would have been hilarious if you have edited the video with the calculator catching on fire after dividing 😁

scowell : Grandpa had one of these at the company... he could get it to play a drum cadence... some certain numbers, not sure if div or mult, played a nice cadence! Enjoyed the video, thanks for posting!

johnclawed : I'd like to take that with me to take a test.

Clone36 : I always lose my calculator at work, I need one of these.

Louis Poche' : when I was a little kid my father had one in his office.. I would push all the 9s then multiply and then all the 9s again... how long would that take to complete???? and was there a way to stop it????

Benjamin Brady : What about 0 divided by 0?

Mandolinic : I remember using a hand cranked Ohdner machine at school some 45 years ago. Division was exactly the process your machine went through, except all movements had to be done by hand.  I nearly broke my wrist when I tried dividing by zero.

AlainHubert : Hello Marc. I have a small challenge for you: can you find out what numbers Jack Lemmon entered on the Friden to get that exact drum beat, when the carriage moves to the left 1, 2, 1-2-3, 1, 2, 1-2-3 spaces ? Being a drummer, I'm curious what those numbers were... The Friden could make a primitive "programmable" mechanical drum machine ! lol

hifijohn : now people know when electronic calculators came out in the early 70's they were considered so amazing.

auri : hon hon hon, poisson, calculatrice!

Kirk Nelson : this thing is purely mechanical, like its just gears and cams and stuff?

basti4655 : What kind of superbrain you need to engineer such a machine? im speechless. This is much more impressive than modern computers!

Preston Jones : *machine implodes and creates a black hole* That is a beautiful machine, btw. The engineering that must have taken to build that is undoubtedly staggering. I know even micro processors are still machines with moving parts, but with this bulky, heavy machine, it's much more satisfying to watch.

Shelby : this more beautiful than my wife

Justin Duijn : Now; Let it loop outside Without stopping.

ShazamMafia : It a electro-mechanical calculculator... as you don't have to operate it via a crank...

DESCENT : dang! would love to use one in schools today, just to get everybodys nerves wrecked haha

-tan s : I kept saying "you're gonna break it you're gonna break it" but you had an emergency stop dont do that you scared me

MrSandman127 : Div stop stops the machine in case of repeating decimals, pretty sure it's not solely to stop the division of zero.

Brendan : Divides by zero. *universe implodes

Wurm : In slowmo it sounds like ambiance from a Silent Hill game

BAD BIKER BENNY : Where can I get one of these things?

Andrew Williams : Well, it actually kinda gives you the correct answer, then. It can't show an infinity symbol, so just keeps going until you get it. "C'mon: I'm giving you the answer! Press 'stop' already!"

BerkeleyGang : My father had one of these at work. I did this same experiment. I freaked out when the calculator started smoking. I don't remember what I did to make it stop. I was sure I was going to get in trouble.

Luck : My teather told us a story, that someone broke an arothmometer by dividing by zero. He told as that as a reason to read documentation first.

RonJohn63 : Proof that dividing by zero does *not* equal infinity...

randomtronic : Great video mate! Love the clunking sounds!

And So It Goes On : Actually when we divide by zero, the result can sometimes be understood as infinity. Pretty cool that this mechanical calculator actually shows that happening, rather than just writing "undefined"

Whatisthis 8937 : This is clickbait, dividing by zero on a calculator creates a Black hole.

unturned maniac : where can i buy one i want to use it during school

Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride : this machine would probably help with the US budget

GamingGoldstein : That's a cute "little" calculator!

Garga : infinite lüp! :D

Just a Youtuber : That thing is a mix between a calculator and a machine gun