Darci Lynne and Terry Fator Deliver An Unbelievable Performance - America's Got Talent 2017

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Emily Shin : If only Paul Zerdin joined them too :)

mike- rayner-videos : just fantastic :) i'm glad she won bless 💕

Roland Bat : Amazingly done

SamboWambo : When she hit that high note, my whole body got chills.

Reese Oliveira : So cool! Does Terry Fator still perform in Las Vegas?

Ares5933 : Her left toe has more talent than my entire body

GamingFanactic911 : Simon got owned!!! LMAO


Lifestyle Focus : #what a great talented girl-really super girl, beautiful performance

arisart22 : Most people don't know this but Terry is probably more thrilled and happy than Darci right now. When he auditioned in agt, he told that once he did a show and he was so saddened that there was not a single kid in the audience. That's one of the reason he joined atg, to make it more mainstream. Years past and here we are a kid influenced by him continuing what he did and still does. I bet his heart is so fulfilled right now.

Lifestyle Focus : #what a great talented girl-really super girl, beautiful performance#

Zachery Radziewicz : 2015 winner: comedic ventriloquist 2016 winner: singing 12 year old girl 2017 winner: singing 12 year old, comedic, ventriloquist!


Electric Grizzley : She’s just as good as him lol

jihyobubbles : how the hell do they hold and make those noteS LIKE I CAN BARELY SING W MY MOUTH OPEN

Wolf Snow : What do you call a Cheap Circumcision A RIP OFF

Luis Alexander : WAO, WAO, WAO, eso fue FANTÁSTICO.

Dat : legendary

V Reacts : Excellent!! I reacted to this!

Jijenji : I think she showed her professionalism more in this performance than any other. She got the lyrics backward at the beginning of the song, didn't let it faze her and she was perfect the rest of the way. Great job.

Caitlín : What a nice save! I think it's awesome she just carried right on.

Keith Purdue : Even though she screwed up the first line she kept going. That is mark of a Pro!

Risstheirrelavantpotato : Oh, don't mind me, I'm just watching this for my 30th time in the past hour

Core : The animals were really good, but I'm not sure those humans added much to the show.

Capybara : Incoming "they can sing better than me when I sing normally" comments.

3BricksHigher : "Anything I can do you can do better, uh..." LOL! Congrats on your win Darci! Our family is happy for you :)

Selina Shiny : Woahhhhhhhhhhh Darci is incredible


Tigerman1138 : It is SO EASY to think Winston and Petunia are talking. Somehow Jeff Dunham’s characters seem less real in light of seeing these two perform.

Sophia Kim : absolute legend

julie johnson : Thanks AGT judges. Well done! Darci deserved the $1million.

Bianca C : Darci winning makes up for Grace winning last year!

Zrob 8 : 1:44 she messed up she meant to say anything you can do I can do better but she accidentally started to say anything I can do.... And she stopped because she knew she screwed up

Musicalpassion2016 : two true masters of ventriloquism together! great presentation by Darci and Terry

Arvid Duekilde : If anybody has any doubt about darci's actual talent purely as a singer go to 2.25. That was simply unreal! I believe she never displayed her full singing skills on stage because a lot of her focus went into the ventriloquism and general acting. But had she entered as a singer I think she could still have given Angelica a run for her money!!

Daphneee : GO DARCI

Can I get 1000 sub without any videos s : Lol at 2:27 when darci hits that high note the guy says "oh my god" with his turtle 😂


Beat Thirsty : 100 likes and I'll remix a theme song for AGT!

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit : My cousin Petunia won!

DJGIRL 105 : Finally! Someone from Oklahoma

Smile Yay : Aww Darci is so cute I hope she wins America has got talent

alicia arango : I like when petunia sings in opera.

Zachery Radziewicz : Would have loved to have seen Darcy's final performance be petunia and oscar doing this song.

KamFong Lau : How can they do that?! 技驚四座。

Abigail May! : Petunia is sooooo cute who agrees like if u agree!⭐️

The Dude : This girl is a class act. It's awesome how she pretty much upstaged the great Terry Fator. She was born to perform. She kind of gives me Shirley Temple vibes: wildly talented beyond her years. I see a lot of success in her future.

Free Angel : She is an amazing singer! xD

i-mat gaming and more : The dislikes are from jealous people (brain dead people)

KamFong Lau : Just like father and daughter. They are genuine! Angelica, I love you so much too。