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Nice channel : WATCH ALSO 🔥 FUNNY CATS 😾😻😹 Have a Nice Day!

ARIANNA DAY : Okay but the 4:20 one that's just bad people he could have died and they could of gone to jail like that's not even funny

WuzNab : 5:17 How is this a bad friend? If my friend made me pancakes then did tricks so I could come in and eat it mid air, that might be one of my best friends.

korikawa : 4:26 he was just tryna be nice. Lol

Georgina Sotomayor : 5:54 Petting the dog is one of the realaxing things you could do. *DOG JUST BITING THE HOOMAN*

Banana - : 05:01 is the only one that had me laughing

Banana Berry : Nice Channel *Bad friends* The heck where is the logic here.

Michael Jay - Value Investing : I don't want any of these people as my 'friends'

Richard Fernandez : 4:20 that one was not funny at all... he could’ve broke his neck from that high distance, like seriously imagine if that was concrete...

Drake Fischer : 4:20 (blaze it)

Saben : 1:06 I wanna know the whole story here

SykoChiipmunK : I reject the term friend being used in these cases. None of that shit they did was funny. I didn't laugh one time!. Some of these were down right psychopathic and evil af, right down to the excessive maniacal cackling after the deeds were done. I try to keep people at arms distance. We can't be friends. we can only be acquaintances or associates. That's all.

Liam Mulvihill : most of these people are just assholes. like the guys that broke a guy's car window which led to said car going into a lake

Gacha Bubble : 1:30 the way he ran 😂😂😂

K K : This is why now I choose my friends VERY carefully...

Madisyn Marie : 1:40 4:11 9:12 we’ve got a lot of elmo’s, don’t we. you’re welcome

STUXnet : White humor borders on humility, bodily harm (injury) and or death. For 38 years, I could not ever figure or understand their careless thoughtless actions.

Oscar Vesseur : Wie heeft de video van Hanwe gezien?!

I cHaIrIsH ThE tHoUgHt oF dEaTh : 5:01 well played my dude...well played...

Cans : just reused old videos. 1/10

arebrec : Bad friends? 4:21 Does even occur to people that this could kill someone or paralyse them? Wankers.

Mariana Evin : *inhales* THIS IS WHY I have no friends

P A Comedy TV : খুব সুন্দর ভিডিও ! আরো এগিয়ে যাও ll বন্ধু হয়ে পাশে আছি ll 👌👌👌💗👍👍👍

Peter McDonald : You know when I see these clips about idiots doing stupid things and breaking things (like the arsehole who broke the fence and those fools who destroy escalators) I wonder if they have the courage to own up about it and the responsibility to pay the owner for the damage.

PETRA MARIA SCHERER (Student) : 7:35 is just mean😑

Elle._. Behler : 1:32 did anyone else hear him slide across the ROAD and he is just smiling BRUH

ΛRMY x OИCE x BLIИK x REVELUV : *I have no bad friends... oh wait, I DON'T have friends*

Takuyo Tamashi : Bu it was too Dangerouse i dont now how to spell it and plus some one could die

Ballin Stalin : 1:32 Farid Bang in seiner Jugend

Dem Skittles : Im gonna be the person you see on every video section comment!!!! ----first vid----- Dittos in Smash 4 are amazing #2 CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS COMPLITATION #22 REACTION !!! BAD FRIENDS 😆🔥

Jordan BL : 5:02 was so cringe it literally ruined the vid for me

greek kill3r : 5:52

Noob? Action! : 7:35 so RIP

ΛRMY x OИCE x BLIИK x REVELUV : *Friendships Were Broken That Day*

ΛRMY x OИCE x BLIИK x REVELUV : *And They Were Never Seen Together Again*

Mackenzie Garcia : At 7:44 that just pissed me off

Deivid Evangelista oficial : *Fiquei triste com os prejuízos que uns teve que pagar*

Vivianne Michiels : 5:53 Me witch history📖

All_TV : I wish I had a friend.

Abby Havea : 0:04 that laugh tho!!😂😂😂😂

Little Ez’s Animations : 5:53 *Yep, Soooooo relaxing....*

Takuyo Tamashi : I cant stop laughing 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Genius WIZ : Thats just fail army's video

Das Funny : 1:38 When The Joker and Harvey Two-face work together as painters instead of super villains 😄

Gank3h : This should be try not to laugh. 😂😂

Lavar Ball : I know I won’t have to worry about any of those fails because I don’t have friends 🙂

Ioub Ioub : Outro song name?

enzotat : kkk boa

Erik Hernandez : 5:53😂😂

Alexa geraldinne Contreras lira : 😂😂😂