Kakashi vs Obito Full Fight HD

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TimmyTTv : I swear this the best fight in Naruto

Jordan Williams : You can tell what a well animated battle like this is about to happen. Whenever the animation style of the characters changes colors and has less outline, you can tell.

The Energetic Turtle : SPOILER and the sad thing is even though Obito wanted this fight to get rid of that cursemark to become the jinchuriki it's sad to think that Madara actually wanted Obito to get rid of the cursemark damn Obito fell into Madaras hands the entire series

LowFye Art : I don't even watch Naruto so I wouldn't know the emotional background this carries but man, the hand to hand combat is one of the best I've seen in any anime. Makes me wanna start watching Naruto

Madara L : Just so people know obito could've destroyed kakashi if he wanted to Only reason he let himself get beat was so kakashi could destroy the seal so he could fuse with the juubi

Casper Van Der Kroef : This is the best fight in naruto ever. The story and how the fight goes from recently to back then. it's just beautiful . i can watch this for days.

Tiago Lopes : I am a fan of Kakashi but that part where Obito trick him with that parachute-kunai and kick him in the face where even the sharingan can't keep up, is just delicious. This is what Naruto fights should have been since the beginning! Real fan of the rest of the series

Hamzy : this fight was so emotional plus i love taijutsu fights

OVO GOD : 4:02 - 4:10 gold pure gold that is amazing even if it seems simple

MaximusPrime : wish hashirama and madara had an epic fight scene like this. instead all we got was 2 slow giants throwing boring attacks at each other

F. Zero : Finally they kept the fight simple. Not ninjas doing kamehamehas taking out mountains and shit

Iván García : Naruto often gets a lot of hate, but, even if you dislike the show, you can recognize this scene as a beautiful creation. They made a fight sequence in a way that makes you feel sad. It's not fun to watch, and that's a good thing. You can feel the anger of Obito and the burden of Kakashi. The idea of killing your friend in order to protect him is very poetic.

RagingBlast732 : Damn... Kakashi did the same thing to both of his teammates. Chidori through the chest

The Sage : Kishimoto king of symbolism

Jack is not in the box : So this is where all the budget went lol

Shreyas Bharadwaj : when u and ur friend r fighting over a pizza

ItsMoonYo : naruto shippuden needed more fights like this,where the ninja try to outsmart each other and find creative ways to win a fight which is what the ninja were all about in the first naruto series...not the now popular super energy beams and op justus with huge explosions and destroying villages and landscapes which turned the ninja into freakin wizards wtf

GoG : Forgot what the hand signs meant in the beginning, no one tends to do them before a fight though. Kakashi and Obito must still respect each another to have done it before fighting.

StudioYT : I cry every time I watch this bro ong

Woopty Do : Real ninjas finish fights in 7 minutes. Everyone else just measure their dicks and turn places into craters.

The Uchiha Cat : From these comments, one thing is sure: You guys do love taijutsu fights like this one.

Baba Yaga : naruto is by the best anime to me because I can relate to it so much. I had to fight my best friend, he left me no choice. The man had talent, a natural athlete, and natural skill. Me? I worked hard everyday in martial arts. judo, kickboxing, muai tai, bjj, you name it I have practiced it just about. My friend lost his way, he lashed out at his parents, grandparents, friends, and me. We beat the hell out of each other for 20 minutes and I finally came out the victor. 2 months later he died from getting gunned down in a drug deal. It honestly killed me inside fighting the way we did. My point is naruto is that show I can relate to so much.

Liquid Madara : I also tried the hand trick that obito does on kakashi with my opponent when we were fighting in school,but later he punch me right in the face....

Rosalie Yo : this is so intense too watch even tho i watched it so often

ThePdg : SPOILER: It´s sad to think that the fight was already planned by Obito. He wanted Kakashi to destroy his heart to remove the curse mark. Kakashi thought, Obito was fighting, because he wanted to kill Kakashi, but all that Obito wanted is to get rid of the curse mark and become the Ten Tail´s Jinchuriki. Obito was the real mastermind all the time and no one noticed it. SPOILER

Smokinjobes : Need to find other anime with fights like this one, I need more constant action than one move destroys half a country

XxInthecoldxX : Let my mans kakashi would have been a full blood uchiha with more chakra I don't know if anybody would stop him

Cameron Gill : reason why kakashi is the ultimate badass and better than obito: he can kick a kunai with his heel

f19ure : To all those saying Obito got reckt in this fight. Lol. The guy was purposely holding back since he was aware of the tag Madara had placed on his heart and wanted it removed. That's why he allowed himself to be chidori'd by Kakashi. If you watch this scene in its entirety (when Obito kamuis the both of them to this plane of existence), he foreshadows the events of this fight through the use of genjutsu. Not once. But TWICE! By this point Obito had surpassed Kakashi in skill a long time ago, and that's despite the fact that he gifted him one of his eyes... Also, to all the Kakashi fanboys/fangirls trying to suggest that he was holding back as well. There isn't a shred of evidence to support this, Kakashi clearly states that since there's no convincing Obito of changing his mind. His new desire is to kill him, to protect the current Naruto from becoming like the current Obito.

Kevin Hernando : Still better hand to hand fight than DBZ

Maddie Wilson : If I have to explain to people why I love Naruto still despite how many years it's been compared to other anime, I tend to bring up this fight scene. Unlike a lot of anime where they use other beings (cards, Pokémon, spirits, etc) to fight their battles, this show has to do with rising to the top using nothing but hard work, unrelenting determination, and ceaseless training. It has a "never give up" feel that has really impacted my life in so many ways, and helped shape me into the woman I am today, not the girl I once was. I love this fight because it really portrays the spirit of the show incredibly well: fighting hard for what you believe is right, while bringing the lore and deep storytelling to the table.

cyphacirclemusic : greatest anime of all time

Spae Talic : I'm not crying I'm not crying I'm not crying I'm not crying I'm not crying I'm not crying I'm not crying

yasser montasser : dear DBZ , that's how you make a hand to hand combat intense and more releastic .

YaBoyTheC.I.B : that was impressive.... he borrowed Kakashi hand to form hand sign's. That was Dope.

Joshua Groß : Sometimes I wish to fight like them

Eli The Yungli : The orchestra in the back just makes this fight so amazing... it bring about so many emotions and the hand to hand combat is so much more enjoyable since they arnt blowing everything up

amey Shinde : This Fight Is Truly One of the best battle in the series . Also , You Gotta admit the way Kakashi acknowledges Naruto is Simply Amazing . Perfect sensei

Joel Bello : “all i can give you is death”

qatsu bundem : I love Obito's brute force, he just expresses his feelings by his every attack <3 <3 <3

TNT Section : The "Naruto" series had a lot of taijutsu. The Naruto Shippuden series started to focus on The Kekkei Genkai abilities and The eye abilities. Completely OP in fact. Not so much straight up hand to hand combat. The classic 1 on 1 fights though were good. Deidara and Sasuke, Itachi and Sasuke, Kakashi and Hidan and Kakuzu.

Sogic- Brandon : This sure is in my top 3 naruto fights...

JavierIsInfamous : i feel like kakashi and obito are also the reincarnations of indra and ashura as well. Except the personalities are opposite like if naruto became evil and sasuke became the hero of the leaf village. Anyone else agree?

ronald vann : that moment when kakashi tricked both the sharigan and rinnegan with a lightning clone definitely a genius

Erick C : The best fight in Naruto in long time. Epic!

Safwan fuyoo : This is the reason why i want to be a ninja

Leetake : Can't tell how many times I watched this over the years x_x

Light Yagami : There's a guy named Alex Colden who is real life Obito...yes you heard right he also made highly anticipated Amvs bc he is related. To think this was Alex a year ago when he got confronted fought his best friend to death & after 3 years on his rampage when Alex's girl was killed Damn chills on my spine ..

Ali G : Still better and more impactful than the final Naruto vs Sasuke fight.

Onizuka Sorimachi : people here are arguing over wether kakashi won OR obito won by manipulating kakashi to stab him. Honestly guys, when 2 great friends fought against each other, both became losers. and deep down they knew that too..