Kakashi vs Obito Full Fight HD

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SilverWolf04 : this shit was soo deep

fbgcurly reese : this was the best fight because they not using overwhelming ninjutsu and shit not just randomly blowing up

LoFi Art : I don't even watch Naruto so I wouldn't know the emotional background this carries but man, the hand to hand combat is one of the best I've seen in any anime. Makes me wanna start watching Naruto

The Energetic Turtle : SPOILER and the sad thing is even though Obito wanted this fight to get rid of that cursemark to become the jinchuriki it's sad to think that Madara actually wanted Obito to get rid of the cursemark damn Obito fell into Madaras hands the entire series

Retired batman : Both these characters are awesome as fuck

Eins Niko : This is the saddest shit I've seen all week, they didn't even play badass music, this fucked me up so bad this shit hit me right in the honey nut feelios Man this is not ok, cartoons hiving you depression and shit what the fuck

Hamzy : this fight was so emotional plus i love taijutsu fights

Majestic Hotdog : The genjutsu actually predicted the end of the fight.

Kakashi Hatake : i should have gone straight to his head rather than his shoulder

Jackson White : Don't really care for naturo but I was over at my friends apartments having a few beers and roommates where watching this. I had my friends who have no idea what anime even is and we were all just in complete silence watching this fight. It was pretty raw, a wonderful memory.

Obito Perez : When Obito pushed Kid Obito back, that cut me deep. What a masterpiece of a fight. ]

immanuel uchiha : most emotional battle in Naruto Shippuden

Iqbalx1 : so this is,what happens if naruto turns evil and Sasuke is the hero

Jong-Jong Slownely : When the kid Obito was about to make the Unison sign, but the current Obito pulled his shoulder back. That part tore me up within. I came for action, but I left for feels.

Majestic Hotdog : Notice how the sparks from the kunai is blue when the currents Kakashi and Obito fight, and how the sparks are golden when the young ones fight. This shows that the Will of Fire is there, but it is not tenacious anymore. They have mature and the flames have dulled, it's come down to only business. No more fun and games.

YaBoyTheC.I.B : that was impressive.... he borrowed Kakashi hand to form hand sign's. That was Dope.

StudioYT : I cry every time I watch this bro ong

MERC MANZO : minato: alright, hand to hand combat. ready begin! obito:FIRE STYLE, FIREBALL JUTSU minato: really nigga?

Aizen Taichou : Too bad this fight was a trick to get rid of the seal and kakashi's feats were nerfed again.

Dragon F : 4:05, so many feels

Cbeal33 : this series would've been wayyy better if there was more fights like these (taijutsu)tbh... because all you ever see is some overpowered ninjutsu that you don't think can be stopped ever, and then all of a sudden someone comes out of nowhere with some fucking repellant.i can't lie tho,i do like some fights but they start to get boring... i like naruto and all but shit, all I'm saying is let more main characters die and have more hand to hand combat.

Death Note : There's a guy named Alex Colden who is real life Obito...yes you heard right he also made highly anticipated Amvs bc he is related. To think this was Alex a year ago when he got confronted fought his best friend to death & after 3 years on his rampage when Alex's girl was killed Damn chills on my spine ..

Matthew Robinson : most intense fight in the whole series in my opinion.

timmy timmy turner : this fight was the best ones ever in naruto

XxInthecoldxX : Let my mans kakashi would have been a full blood uchiha with more chakra I don't know if anybody would stop him

ThePdg : SPOILER: It´s sad to think that the fight was already planned by Obito. He wanted Kakashi to destroy his heart to remove the curse mark. Kakashi thought, Obito was fighting, because he wanted to kill Kakashi, but all that Obito wanted is to get rid of the curse mark and become the Ten Tail´s Jinchuriki. Obito was the real mastermind all the time and no one noticed it. SPOILER

MaximusPrime : wish hashirama and madara had an epic fight scene like this. instead all we got was 2 slow giants throwing boring attacks at each other

Madara God Of Thickness : Just so people know obito could've destroyed kakashi if he wanted to Only reason he let himself get beat was so kakashi could destroy the seal so he could fuse with the juubi

Shreyas Bharadwaj : when u and ur friend r fighting over a pizza

• J o s i a h • : I don't even like Naruto but this is cool

richiefranklin76 : You can tell there was a much bigger power gap between Sasuke/Naruto in their early days,then there was between Obito/Kakashi. Obito actually held his own for quite a while before being defeated by Kakashi. Naruto usually got KO'd within a few seconds until he started getting some serious training.

Jimmy : hand's down . Obito is stronger than kakashi

darklight002 : Dragonball z and naruto taught me to never give up! :D

Rosalie Yo : this is so intense too watch even tho i watched it so often

SaintKing Alm III : For every 7 bad things Naruto does it does a good thing this was a good thing

The Last Sheikah : This fight is the most emotional fight in Naruto. Two shinobi, use to be partners, battling to the death to protect their own versions of a peacful world. R.I.P Obito.

The Sage : Kishimoto king of symbolism

Shiki : The animations in this fight (and some other) are the only reason that I "like" naruto while despising Dragonball and Onepiece. Well fucking done.

Safwan fuyoo : This is the reason why i want to be a ninja

Soldier Barnes : I also tried the hand trick that obito does on kakashi with my opponent when we were fighting in school,but later he punch me right in the face....

OfficialSavageKing : I swear this the best fight in Naruto

Sid Kadam : what is the name of background music? plz reply me

JavierIsInfamous : i feel like kakashi and obito are also the reincarnations of indra and ashura as well. Except the personalities are opposite like if naruto became evil and sasuke became the hero of the leaf village. Anyone else agree?

operayl : 1:56 what makes this so scary, is that he's got those eyes and a smile that says I want him dead so badly.. it's so sad he became such a dark, and evil killer. The only thing that made him happy at this point was Kakashi's death.. so fricken brutal if you actually think about it..

I Am Pain : Who i am is not important...

Dwayne Lindsey : That hand sign trick was clutch as fuck

RagingBlast732 : Damn... Kakashi did the same thing to both of his teammates. Chidori through the chest

DanielC94 : The fight is great that's true and i know there are a lot of Kakashi fans, i like him a lot too, but lets be honest is ridiculous to compare them, Obito is stronger, he let Kakashi "win" that's the truth Obito is one of the strongest ninjas ever, and i don't even think Kakashi is in a top 10

Uchihas Obito • : Uchiha Obito = Uzumaki Naruto Hatake Kakashi = Uchiha Sasuke

yasser montasser : dear DBZ , that's how you make a hand to hand combat intense and more releastic .