DNA animations by wehi.tv for science-art exhibition

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Edit of wehi.tv's DNA animations. Created for V&A exhibition "The Future Starts Here" 2018 No narration, Yes sound and text.

Comments from Youtube

David Davidson : I am too high for this

Wheeler : Thanks for showing us this hard to imagine world

sauce : Amazing. And the sounds are terribly perfect for some odd reason.

Maddox Potter : Secret link anyone?

Ben Willock : Deep down. we're all weird and creepy.


NobodyKnowsAnything : That was really awesome. I've learned about these concepts before, but thank you for putting it in such a way that it was much more accessible and ... idk how to phrase it, but you just made it more "real" for me with this than any other way I've learned about it.

Jay Ireland : Id really like to experience a VR representation of this with a controllable scale slider.

Mohamed Ali : I'm a PhD student in quantum biology and was is such awe at this work. Wow.

kurisound : Gosh darn it Phil what am I looking at

Ali jandie : Drew Berry you inspired me Now I am studying bio-engineering and learning animation You are amazing I hope to be like you in the future

Whose Republic : ... а на клеточном уровне я безумно занят!))

ubernihilist : If you find the audio too dark and ominous, put on the Space Jam theme.

Козьма Байтков : Вот, что должны знать люди. А им вместо гистонов в нуклеосомах рассказывают о мощах в гробах.

HX Huang : Beautiful video, I can't imagine how time consuming it is to make the animation.

dr-kka : For any academic scholar and teacher this is pure gold! I cannot appreciate this work enough. A big fat universe-sized thank you from me and my students!

matthew styles : Wtf phil. Also y the goddamn gross sound effects

Robbie Barrat : the sounds are so freaky...

Gabriel Godina : finally, a visual representation of all this crazy chemistry that happens in our cells. It’s even more fantastic and bizarre than I could have imagined.

DruidPC : The sound effects along with the fluid animation make it much more interesting.

sibirskiy kot : Я буд-то смотрю фильм Дэвида Линча

Kyotra : I mean, I didn't _need_ to be comfortable in my own skin.

retsamamall : 7.6k views, 0 dislikes. This pleases me... ^.^

th3dudeabides1 : I just finished a biochem sequence. Seeing the histone octamer form and wind was well done.

Alan Tennant : Genuinly groundbreaking stuff. :) Deserves way more views/subscribers. The simulation approach is great, and it straightforwardly puts it all into context re scales/speeds/(interleaving and interlocking movement of the molecules, binding etc…). Life from/as machinery, there being very little distinction.

Khatuna Meskhidze : .....Oh, my Goood!!! It's just super! The transkribtion -translation , the synthesis of the proteins on the ribosoms , reduplications, mitosis, meiosis etc _ macrocosm on the level of the cell!!! _ looks like the theory of the strungs! Great animation! Bravo! The Geniises!!! .....It means,that we're so near to make the live _ the alive cell!!! .....BEST WISHES FROM GEORGIA!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

indah fiyar : It was amazing... I can't believe this animation. You make me falling in love with this.

Dante Inferno : Like if Phillip DeFranco brought you here...

MysticLoser : 1:00 - histone wrapping up the dna double helix to create chromatin(chromosome) in preparation of cell replication (mitosis). 2:30 - took me a while to figure what it was. It's the leading and lagging strand of dna transcription. Dna enters and split by helicase. The leading is transcribed by dna polymerase (going down in the example), and the lagging is worked on backwards by primase in sections called okazaki fragments (sections being moved from center to top). That's all I've learned so far.

Chris Smith : Fascinating, amazing, and for some reason that I still can figure out, slightly terrifying. Thanks so much for all of this amazing work.

Dan Esp : If your freaked out by this then just remember that this is happening everywhere inside you as we speak *HAVE A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP!*

Bill Kinsman : Thank you for sharing this one! I am impressed and amazed! The more you learn, the more you realize that what you know is such a tiny fraction of what there is to know! Onward and upward!

Ahrsib : Fascinating! Great explaining sounds added! Nice work, keep on doing!

Pana Cotta : This is so complex, I wondering how there are no more 'bugs'. Life is fascinating. This vid is captivating and hypnotizing. Thanks.

maulCS : 4:05 How are the little RNA bits just flying around and attaching? What is the mechanism for that?

Nana Koc : Holy bananas this was awesome to watch! Thank you Phil D ❤

superturkeylegs : Really appreciate the gear sounds on the nucleosome sliding segment of the animation.

Lord Dice X : Excellent video. It really helped me envision all of the concepts that I had learned but never fully understood. Thanks!

Rinthebelle : horror movie of the year...Phil why are you doing this to me

Nordinarensvenne : I think visual learning of the microcosmos along with the macrocosmos is really fundamental for understanding how the world works. At least for me, it's been really difficult grasping the reality of what makes me me. No matter the hundreds of times I read about it or have it all explained to me, I just can't seem to grasp it. With this it all becomes so much clearer, seeing the moving parts of my body working together, knowing their function and doing it without us saying so or without the knowledge to know what it's doing. This was, in short, remarkable.

Sana Ouchi : OMG i couldnt close my mouth up thats so amazing you guys did sush a wondeful work thank you so much for this video ... idk i couldnt imagin that our cells work that fast and... and i felt like im gonna cry bc this is so perfect سبحان الله ما شاء الله

wirelesmike73 : The speeds involved in what the world around us continually does is, to me, one of the most mind-boggling aspects of life. What seems like long slow processes to the naked eye are actually lightning-fast processes that never stop, for any reason outside of death which, just begins yet another set of lightning-fast processes. Talk about "multitasking". We live in a truly amazing world, indeed. Incredible animation. Well done, WEHImovies.

Billy Gus : The sounds, I'm crying 😭😂😂😂

Владимир Попов : Omg who made the soundtrack? Alva Noto, Fennesz, Aphex Twin...? ;)

afhdfh : Fantastic!!!

SolarMx6 : Man, all this epic organized biological work inside me and I can barely coil my garden hose...

csandazoltan : Somehow, both amazing and terryfining.... I'm itchy, is anyone else itchy?

OzzieBloke : This is awesome. Even though I know all of this already from my studies, seeing it in action like this is awe-inspiring. Great work.

Artiom Tim : Saw this when I dropped 200mkg of LSD and wached a slug in the forest)