Flea & Koko [The Gorilla Foundation]

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My sweet and true friend Koko rocks a flea bass like it ain't nuthin - FLEA Help support The Gorilla Foundation here: https://www.bonfirefunds.com/kokos-team

Comments from Youtube

Pequeno Gafanhoto : Amazing, RCHP and ARCTIC MONKEYS jamming i know bad joke

Cooner Smaff : For anyone who doesn't know, this was the gorilla who became friends with Robin Williams, knows English, and can communicate with over 1000 signs.

AcidHotLine : Old footage of me and flea

Bass Lightyeah : Frusciante Fanboys be like "She'd be a better replacement for flea than Josh is for John."

e.g. John e.g. Smith : Our Lord and Savior Harambe can do anything

Paulo Mv : Harambe isn't dead, he's on world tour

Daniela Carrera : I'm sorry flea, Koko will replace you in the band...just look at her groove!!!

SeriousJackson : She's already one of the greatest bass players in the wold.

Emilio Armienta : She's playing a song for her bro Harambe

Cassandra Campbell : Love all the Harambe comments. Also, I'd cut all of my limbs off to see Flea teaching a gorilla to play bass.

purple : Koko's gonna go on a tour as a tribute to Harambe

August Ellison : Next Album ft. Koko

JazzMan : Rob Trujillo on bass guitar

finally changed my profile pic : came here from cr1tikal

John Doe : After Frusciante, there was Klinghoffer. And now, after Flea, there will be Koko.

Gen. Layabout : Man, I'm glad Flea finally found a soul mate, someone he can settle down with. It makes me happy for him :)

Matthieu Simard : i'd be curious to hear the result after a few years of practice :P

Luciano Mattielo : Pray for Harambe

håkon hansen : #DicksOut

João Sidônio : This really sounds like the Korn bass player

Patrick Interiano : Koko plays better slap than me 😑

Carlcig6669420 : Why did I know that the comments would all have to do with harambe before I even looked

one word man : Something about this video reminds me of about 4:30am at a house party.

BearKillz : i could watch a lot more of that ...Watching the way something so innocent plays .. I would really have liked to have seen her reaction to fleas amazing bass skills , is there more footage ?

gd01skorpius : I'm probably reading too much into this, but I'm curious if gorillas have right/left handedness like people do, and if so, if Koko is left handed :)

Monster Lapin : Koko rocks! x)

leo souza : Best bass player ever! Biggest musical influence in my life! Thank you for the great bass lines and music! By the way who is that guy on the left lying on the floor ??

Jackbho : "My sweet and true friend Koko rocks a flea bass like it ain't nuthin." -Flea 2016

Klaüs Smooth : I love how he taps on a neck after looking at it for a while "Yeah, it's maple, good." 0:18

FetusWenus : Koko the cat killer! It was an inside job!!!

Advance93 : I like how at the end he seems to realize he needs to hold the other hand off

Lê Araujo Oliveira : O Gorila é amigo dele, que dá hora cara, e ter um amigo Gorila guitarrista é outra história porra veio demais!!!

Byrnee 30 : Better guitarist than Lil Wayne

Douglas Norton : Thank you Flea for sharing and so jealous. :)

TheMovieDoctorful : Still better guitar playing than Hollywood Undead, XD

kretenčić : Me(Koko) and my husband🙌🙌

Salvadõr Dalí : That is one of the best things I have ever seen! With you Flea. Never forge how awesome your life is. Blessed with Koko. So very😘😍😄

Aint1S : I understand where Flea gets the primal instincts from when he's playing! 👍

user191991_code_lifeafterearth : thats definitely metallica's bass player...hey Flea you know Robert Trujillo ? :P

Starman Deluxe : finally the gorillaz and RHCP colab I've been waiting for!

Guilherme Motta : Justice for Harambe

Francis Niño Mindaña : Koko play some "Don't forget Me" by Harambe. ✌

Nick Dry : He's Rob Trujillo of Metallica!!!

DamageIncM : Gotta love that Flea learned how to play the bass. It's really impressive. It shows that we are related somehow through evolution.

Lillian Fashan : this is free of sin and a true gift to earth

violetninja : Not sure that Rule #2 applies in this case.

J4KE : Cant stop addicted to the guitar Harambe says im gonna go far

香るにあなご : ハマオカモトのラジオでの発言からこの動画にたどり着いたぞー

Meme AF : Someone probably already commented this but I like the new direction Gorillaz is taking with their new album.