Flea & Koko [The Gorilla Foundation]

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bla bla : Will Koko play the second bassline for Go Robot in the next concert?

Pequeno Gafanhoto : Amazing, RCHP and ARCTIC MONKEYS jamming i know bad joke

Cooner Smaff : For anyone who doesn't know, this was the gorilla who became friends with Robin Williams, knows English, and can communicate with over 1000 signs.

Daniela Carrera : I'm sorry flea, Koko will replace you in the band...just look at her groove!!!

Bass Lightyeah : Frusciante Fanboys be like "She'd be a better replacement for flea than Josh is for John."

Byrnee 30 : Better guitarist than Lil Wayne

August Ellison : Next Album ft. Koko

Cassandra Campbell : Love all the Harambe comments. Also, I'd cut all of my limbs off to see Flea teaching a gorilla to play bass.

Speedster7889 : That's a nice gorilla you got there it would be a shame if I dropped my kid in its pen..

e.g. John e.g. Smith : Our Lord and Savior Harambe can do anything

purple : Koko's gonna go on a tour as a tribute to Harambe

Paulo Mv : Harambe isn't dead, he's on world tour

SZ : She's already one of the greatest bass players in the wold.

Matthieu Simard : i'd be curious to hear the result after a few years of practice :P

Gen. Layabout : Man, I'm glad Flea finally found a soul mate, someone he can settle down with. It makes me happy for him :)

John Doe : After Frusciante, there was Klinghoffer. And now, after Flea, there will be Koko.

Emilio Armienta : She's playing a song for her bro Harambe

AcidHotLine : Old footage of me and flea

one word man : Something about this video reminds me of about 4:30am at a house party.

Luciano Mattielo : Pray for Harambe

JazzMan : Rob Trujillo on bass guitar

KoolDawg99 : *Young black child walks in the room* Koko looks at him in shock and then in anger. Koko points at the young black child, then pounds her fists together, then points at herself, then pounds her fists again. This translates to "You got my friend killed!!!" Koko chases after the young black child with Flea's bass guitar attempting to bash his skull in with it. The child runs outside onto the streets, with Koko close behind. Koko throws the guitar at the child, but mostly misses, only making the child stumble for a few seconds. Black citizens are on the side of the street screaming "Black Lives Matter" and burning down buildings, while several other people are on the other side of the street shouting "Dicks out for Harambe!", "Go Koko!", and "Gorilla lives matter!" The police show up and shoot Koko. Koko is dead, but the sound of the gunshot scared the black child and made him fall and scrape his knee. The black citizens on the street are screaming at the cops for it.

Patrick Interiano : Koko plays better slap than me 😑

Carlcig6669420 : Why did I know that the comments would all have to do with harambe before I even looked

finally changed my profile pic : came here from cr1tikal

håkon hansen : #DicksOut

leo souza : Best bass player ever! Biggest musical influence in my life! Thank you for the great bass lines and music! By the way who is that guy on the left lying on the floor ??

João Sidônio : This really sounds like the Korn bass player

Guilherme Motta : Justice for Harambe

Monster Lapin : Koko rocks! x)

BearKillz : i could watch a lot more of that ...Watching the way something so innocent plays .. I would really have liked to have seen her reaction to fleas amazing bass skills , is there more footage ?

brokn : Flea & Harambe [Before Harambe got shot]

Advance93 : I like how at the end he seems to realize he needs to hold the other hand off

Josh Stewart_3301 : I knew harambe could play I'm so proud of our Lord

Jeff E : RIP Koko.

David Barboza : RHCP BRASIL PORRA!

Random Ads : This is the greatest video I will have watched this week

thegrassmaster2 : Harambe didn't die, when he survived the bullet, he broke out of the Cincinnati Facility and fled to Melbourne where he met Michael (Flea) and lived with him ever since

Alberto Meza : [harambe joke]

Wraith King : I'm in love with the coco....

Meme AF : Someone probably already commented this but I like the new direction Gorillaz is taking with their new album.

Klaüs Smooth : I love how he taps on a neck after looking at it for a while "Yeah, it's maple, good." 0:18

Kimberly M : I was going to add to a discussion on how amazing this is and that the famed Koko is still going strong. Instead I see childish/juvenile harembe meme comments from all sorts of losers. Have fun in your circle jerk.

ToFF TFoF : Rip Koko

gd01skorpius : I'm probably reading too much into this, but I'm curious if gorillas have right/left handedness like people do, and if so, if Koko is left handed :)

Chief : Came for the Harambe comments, was not disappointed

FetusWenus : Koko the cat killer! It was an inside job!!!

Conor Fahey : R.I.P KoKo

The Big LeBoschski : Harambe honorarium cover band to be made

Gonçalo Brandão : not harambe FeelsBadMan