The Man with the Rewired Brain

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Great Big Story : Get ready for a brain teaser that will surely put your noggin' to the test. Put on your thinking cap and challenge your friends to a game of Cranium. (If you purchase this product, Great Big Story receives revenue. Everybody wins!)

New Message : I was doing so well with my diet... and now all I can think about is pie.

Lost : EVERYTHING IS MATH Me: Panic Attack

Mikkel Hansen : They beat the stupid out of him..... Noice

Can we get 1000 subs for Kermit to survive : New goal: stand outside of karaoke bars hoping to become a genius.

Violet Thompson : I'm confused... He gained a great understanding of mathematics and then decided to sell futons.

Will R : those first few days he had are basically my life

10kSubs WithoutAnyVideos : Plot twist: the people who jumped him were his tutors

Viktoras Ikasala : These "two guys" who thought : "let''s go teach him a lesson" ... Did a pretty good job, they tough him well, that's some epic lesson.

ORAORAORAORA : seems kind of a useless ability if he sells futons

Daniel Southerland : So all of this “intelligence” is preprogrammed into the brain? That’s the real mystery. If so, that seems like a predisposition of knowledge. Where does it come from? And so what if I hit a person from ancient times in the head, would they have the same access to formulas that are modern and modern thinking and intelligence. Maybe we are in a matrix.

El Americano : I thought they were going somewhere with this, then it ended.

Erika Rosales : I feel like he and his wife looked like the same person...

Gustavo Widman : Be this guy: is loser. Gets amazing and genious ability. Sells foutons

nanaandbump : I was mugged like this once! Unfortunately, no savant skills. . . Just tens of thousands of dollars of bills, and permanent health problems. . . Maybe I should try it again?

Jouko Markula : Well, aint that a kick in the head..

Dolan Com : This video sits in my recommendation for weeks so I had to click

nothinelsematters85 : So he got hit in the head, and finally learned how to use all the Spyrograph parts!

ApertureLabTech : I got this same effect when I smoked weed.. No joke. Enhancing your conscious mind and senses so your subconscious mind isn't filtering out what you would normally ignore can cause you to suddenly notice the beauty and patterns around us and especially in nature that would normally seem random. Untapping some of the brains ability can trigger some ultra deep trips into realization about ourselves and the world/universe around us that will humble you to the core.. It can be exciting, mezmorizing and especially terrifying. You have to be careful though.. I believe our brains conscious capabilities are throttled or tapped for a reason as currently our brain and mind can only handle so much. Ignorance is bliss and wisdom, awareness and realization are very straining to the fragile mind and tend to bring along depression and anxieties.

Ben Lee : So the moral of the story get hit on the head or get beat to a coma then you wake up a genius.😀👍

austin bevis : I think his wife is his long lost fraternal twin

Finoose : Teacher: *draws a circle* Me: _Finally someone understands_

ASD : *genius flex but okay*

Alidja Catalan : So one needs to have some type of accident with their head to gain this?...jk I'm not gonna do it **proceeds to put anvils**

Manboy Ak12 : I wonder if he can have a Jimmy neutron brain blast

R̭̪̜͜oto S̻̙̘͉copic : ...and thus from this savage beating a champion would arise. Where once he was a mortal man he is now.... SUPERFUTON-MAN 💪🏼

Rustybits : This isn't really a genius tho... This is a dude with OCD who finds drawing like that thereputical.

Findottier : This may also explain changes after accident and it explains also remote viewing results about 9/11 written febr 16 2019, google first, stories contributed by didianna beforeitsnews

luke : Its weird to think that we humans can do evreything, its just locked inside our brains, these guys unlocked parts of their brain that allowed them to see the world diffrently. I wonder if in the future humanity will be advanced enough to the point where we will be able to unlock every part of our brain. Like nobody would be special, evreybody would know hot to draw, how to scuplt, how to do math, how to run fast. Its all very interesting to think about, and i hope to live long enough to witness it.

No : The start seemed like a Netflix show

nik abbott : Damn my parents must’ve lied when they said the dropped me on my head during infancy🤯

Sara : "the universe is math" im getting outta here

cornelius van boven : Somebody hit me in the head please I Wana be smart!!!!!!

66tas95 : I was walking down the street one day and passed a beautiful woman and was so taken by her beauty I turned my head to watch her. I walked straight into a post, result was I hurt my head.

Bob Bob : 6:43 the music really pissed me off

doh1959 : obviously the human race for some reason lost the ability to use its brain to the full capacity

Rinoa Super-Genius : 0:26 math is just something we made, the world isnt math, its the other way around. math is a representation of whatever the world is. I find it funny that we just assume that our understanding of the universe is universally true, i bet if we run into another species in our universe they might have very different views on the logic of our world. a lot of these people who say the universe is mathematics, sound just as dumb as if they said the universe is science. its just a process we dreamed up and agree mostly works. however far more math doesnt work than does. the real world cant be summed up in precise numbers, its really messy, which is exactly what youd expect in a place consisting of so many analog events.

Sahvi : That old guy sounds like Jigsaw xD

jimbobbyrnes : before his accident he would have died unhappy as a player who never found happiness. now you can see the happiness in eyes.

Kenneth Avila : He got hit in the head and afterwards he started drawing lines and washes his hands 30 times a day wow! that doesnt impress me. did he invent anything or calculate a mathematic discovery equivalent to MC square? seems like this video is trash

IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers : My son knows the capital of every country and every city n THE WORLD. He can multiply numbers on a dine. He is 8 and I find myself asking him questions instead of google.

A Vsaucy Boi : I’ve got homework to do but looks like that’ll wait after I binge watch for hours

Joseph : so basically i should get my ass kicked to pass my finals eh?

Joshua Welty : Math SUCKS

Timmy Kapow : There’s only one answer to why someone would start to know things they’ve never known without studying it. I would only come from something or someone that already knows it and installs it in us like a app designer for a computer. For this instance I say it’s from God

IAM Doge : So he hit his head, and then he became einstein.

The L.A. Explorer : How anticlimactic. How is he a genius? What are his accomplishments? He got jumped and now gives Ted talks. Is that it? I want 13 minutes and 41 seconds of my life back

cro4591 : I wonder if these changes are a result of a trauma to a part of the brain that would otherwise inhibit a talent or ability that already existed, but was dormant or blocked by the part of the brain that was damaged.

MaskedHero : Dr Darold sounds like John Kramer from Saw. Haha - Like if you hear it!

ChrisWojoDotCom : Yeah, I did a report on parabolic curves in the 8th grade... No one gave a crap. I didn't get a story made about me and no one called me a savant. What's more is that everyone knew about the beatings I suffered at the hands of my father and no one gave a crap about that either. Ah, the eighties.