The Man With the Rewired Brain

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In 2002, Jason Padgett was the victim of a vicious beating outside a karaoke bar in Tacoma, Washington. Upon regaining consciousness, Padgett’s sight was forever altered by a condition called acquired savant syndrome. The brain trauma opened his eyes to an entirely new world—one filled with patterns and strobes, like a stop-motion film. This is a fascinating story into the hidden power of the mind and one man’s inspiring tale of courage and personal triumph. The Acquired Savant is a film by Thomas Petersen. This Great Big Film was made in collaboration with our friends at CNN Films. It is one of 12 short films that we will be releasing throughout the year. Stay tuned for more! SUBSCRIBE: Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Make our acquaintance on Facebook: Give us a shout on Twitter: Come hang with us on Vimeo: Visit our world directly: Great Big Story is a video network dedicated to the untold, overlooked & flat-out amazing. Humans are capable of incredible things & we're here to tell their stories. When a rocket lands in your backyard, you get in.


TurboJake : Him: everything is math Me: *fails math* Me: I guess this means I fail everything

HotBurger122 : Well they did teach him a good lesson

TDKAssassin YT : *steps weren’t clear ended up getting robbed*

Subscribe to PewDiePie : Legend says he was only using 3% of his power

Xen : New goal: stand outside of karaoke bars hoping to become a genius.

Gustavo Widman : Be this guy: is loser. Gets amazing and genious ability. Sells foutons

Rosemary : This is like the episode of SpongeBob when Squidward turns handsome

LaloOof : Let me get hit in the head and become Einstein

joe nodden : So if I hit my head hard enough in the right spot I could become a geometrical genius? Tempting.

Don’t Subscribe : *smashes my head against a wall* 1 + 1 = yes

Brandon_kx250f : Wonder if any of the 10 million views is one of the dudes who beat him

Rishab Shah : That old man sounds like jigsaw

nik abbott : Damn my parents must’ve lied when they said the dropped me on my head during infancy🤯

Random Doggo : Its like that one episode where Patrick became smart cause Spongebob placed brain coral inside his head

Mikkel Hansen : They beat the stupid out of him..... Noice

Sketch it D.I.Y : “Listen to me morty, math is everywhere!”

PainKiller Playz : Guy - I can see the world in Different strings 360p viewers - Am I a joke to u

alex wutang : that's crazy man, have you ever done DMT ?

Nuevo Escobar : at 1:31 it sounds like a normal saturday night in tacoma

Cris Stan : So he jailbroke bis brain?

austin bevis : I think his wife is his long lost fraternal twin

Lul : My mans got beat up and started seeing things in +sqrt1−x 2 \-=sqrt2(2x 2 −1).

CronaLovesAnime : He was Einstein for a day or two but now he sells futon's

Gabriel Punla : He went from Common Chad to Einstein Stan

BaKeDCrAcKer : The only man in the world to ever get some sense knocked into him.


Sayalkumar Hajare : Yeah, I'm going to hit my head. Two scenario: I die, or I get powers. A win-win

Manboy AK12 : I wonder if he can have a Jimmy neutron brain blast

Immortal_Blaze : mans entered debug mode

P Sher : Well he lost the mullet, that's gotta be a 10 point IQ increase at least.

Joey Vazquez : Give this man some LSD.

WORDS OF : $20 for anybody who will punch the back of my head. Another $20 if I become a mathematician. I want a refund if I become a crack Head.

Till Wowler : This is like the spongebob episode where Patrick finds a new head

Rp : am go hit my head with a hammer and go to the doctor and come back with super powers... its a joke

Viktoras Ikasala : These "two guys" who thought : "let''s go teach him a lesson" ... Did a pretty good job, they tough him well, that's some epic lesson.

No : The start seemed like a Netflix show

AGenericAccount : i feel like a lot of people have similar revelations on psychedelic drugs.

Ella Flynn : Wait sooooo what’s with the futon talk at the beginning

Fatima Boukhdoud : where is the bat where is it i will beat myself lol

amazing_dude : I am accidental but not a genius..

Brandon Findlay : This guy must have had the best sex anyone has ever had... ever. Even if it was from a fleshlight.

Breakfast Club Sandwich : Someone pull out a bat and whack me above my head why doun’t you

mister Moody : "everything is math" Another reason to commit suicide

XxYorWrstNigtmre : After coming off heroin cold turkey I haven’t been the same. Definitely messed up my brain, maybe rewired it?

VideoVast : Wow, he transformed from a normal person to a Redditor in an instant.

Dank Mheems : jeez, I wish someone would punch me in the back of the head and I became a genius and got a wife.

100 Subscribers Without Video : I was dropped on my head but I just got more stupid :( don’t recommend

Nolan John : Using his math skills, a very particular set of skills he acquired, he looked for them, he found them, and he killed them......

HI How are you? : If everything is math, then why is there other subjects in school? Checkmate scientists.