Meet the Accidental Genius

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Great Big Story : Get ready for a brain teaser that will surely put your noggin' to the test. Put on your thinking cap and challenge your friends to a game of Cranium. (If you purchase this product, Great Big Story receives revenue. Everybody wins!)

Will R : those first few days he had are basically my life

The L.A. Explorer : How anticlimactic. How is he a genius? What are his accomplishments? He got jumped and now gives Ted talks. Is that it? I want 13 minutes and 41 seconds of my life back

Faygo Red Comedy : They beat some sense into him!!

ben king : That old man talks like he is taking a dump while talking

Beezer TwelveWashingBeard : I smacked my head on the floor ten times after watching this. I just ended up pooping myself, and I can't remember my name.

El Americano : I thought they were going somewhere with this, then it ended.

Dylan McDonald : 6:30 dude gets hit in the head and now obsessively draws buttholes

SaltyFish : TLDR: He was working out everyday, going out, socializing and getting laid. Then he got jumped and had a head injury. Now he draws circles and also... lines, and suffers from depression and OCD. However, because circles and also lines are math... he is by defintion a genius. Now he works at a furniture shop, and gave a Ted talk about how he is a genius. Happy ending. (Oh and he married a chick with good teeth)

N Cybr : they way that blonde doctor is speaking is driving me crazy

Luca Prenesti : Please hit me in the head so I can be smarter.

Dolan Com : This video sits in my recommendation for weeks so I had to click

Robin Banks : that old man sounds like jigsaw lmao

Gimme Subs Coz I have none D: : From cool kid to nerd

TheSupremeCheese 101 : The real question is.. why did they beat him up

Kexity : 4 weeks later, falls down the stairs Guy: “ this bath water tastes like orange juice”

Oscar Armstrong : This isn't really a genius tho... This is a dude with OCD who finds drawing like that thereputical.

Coccinelle Renaldo : I believe nothing we know is true, because everything, even math, the words we call stuff and language and how we think things work, they were done so by humans who knew nothing really about what was really happening,

Leonardo Donato : They should re-title this video “the accidental futon owner” First let’s just be clear, if he was such a genius why in the f would he buy a futon store. Wouldn’t he have forecasted that after the 90s futons would be as outdated as mullets 🤔....

Swavy Club : 5:30 me when I smoke a fat blunt

Clyde Cox : I've been to that futon store.

New Message : I was doing so well with my diet... and now all I can think about is pie.

Reuben Jordan : Told this to my uncle, hopefully now he will stop going for my cheeks (10:55 I think)

Caelesti _Reige : I literally cried. I thought I was the only one seeing and feeling and having the same thoughts. I thought I was crazy. It all started when I was a child, I kinda slipped and hit my back head. I almost died back then because I couldn’t breathe. Then the next day, everything went clear to me. I was not a genius. I just know things all of the sudden. I calculate. I guve logics to things. I sort things out. I became basically a person who only do and think things or prove things with logic. I tried talking it with other people and my parents but they don’t really understand. So I thought I was just crazy and thought it all to myself. But for me, I think it’s what I call ‘Forced Human Evolution’.

ORAORAORAORA : seems kind of a useless ability if he sells futons

MrCarter'sRods : It is indeed a strange feeling. Yet I do not consider it a gift... rather a curse. I was blessed with a larger brain and a far deeper, and well defined sulci and gyri (The folds and crevices of the brain). Yet I was also born to one day become a giant with a lot of perks in terms of the "genetic lottery". Being 6'8" 385lb with 11% body fat and would run a 4.8 second 40yd sprint. This however caused me to become a meat machine for sports and other social events. This led to me playing contact sports, being a target for a sucker punch if out in a social situation where others were consuming alcohol, and a career as a pro-wrestler. From the age of 16 to 28 I sustained 11 documented concussions and an unknown number that were undocumented. Through this, my brain would heal itself but reroute connections, even though I was unaware of it at the time. At the age of 31, I was attacked and after years of being a target, I learned that it was best to let people hit you until they got tired or over-confident (Through dozens of these experiences, and other head trauma's, not once did I get knocked unconscious.) and make it easier to defend myself at that point. Yet this attack ended up hurting me, where in the past, I rarely felt pain. After a few days, I was having trouble speaking. Motor functions were lessened, and pain skyrocketed and never settled. Worst of all was the constant analysis of everything.... EVERYTHING! Yet I kept it hidden from others. At age 36, I fell ill from an unknown illness. A few months later I lost the use of my left arm. 3 weeks after that, I lost use of left leg. The Dr's tested for everything. From stroke, to neurological damage to my spine from previous damage I received in my youth. After 4 years of looking for answers we looked into the psychological aspect in assuming I might have a dissociation disorder. I enter neuro-feedback treatments only to find out that my brain was firing from point A to point B but was doing so by going through several other points first to get there. After about a month I started to change. The rambling of my mind started to intensify and my perspective of the world became... well... advanced. My IQ and psychological tests went to levels that the team of Dr's never seen before. My intellect grew, but I could not retain much due to memory issues. Actually, I just realized that no one will likely read this, nor do I have the physical ability to continue writing. So I'll just say, I became very analytical at problem solving, yet I constantly doubt my mind because I do not feel as if I should be allowed to see things the way I do. No human being should understand things the way I do. I've been told that I am not normal, yet specialists in physical medicine as well as psychological medicine always look at me as if I am something for them to use as a tool. People say I am not crazy, and that I am the smartest person they know, yet I do not want that. If it is true, then it's definitely not enjoyable. I dont want to be special. I dont want to feel this. Yet everyone else wants me to nurture and grow it for their own desires. I feel as if I was born a few hundred years too early at times. It affects me in so many ways that I couldnt begin to describe. So if I am experiencing what others tell me I am, then you do not want it. It's exhausting. It's painful. Worst of all.. it is what others see in me when they look at me. It has come to be what others see and use to define me. But it's not what I desire. I'm seemingly forced to solve problems for the world, yet I cannot fix my own. No one's mind should work this way, this fast, or this constantly. It's hard to explain in text form... especially when writing with one hand that barely functions. It is part of why what I typed might seem to be missing such massive chunks. I cant slow it down to use in typing form, only in talking.. and I rarely ever recall what I said.

WindTheBrave : Before the video starts let me take a guess, did the condom break?

Boxing 4 Life : Me: grabs hammer and smacks myself in head

Lee sin : TRUE STORY : so one night at 4:30 am i woke up from sleep thirsty and went to the kitchen for drinkin water, i was so warm when i swallow cold water, i lost control and fall into floor and stroke my back-head hard when i woke up founding myself on the floor i went back to sleep the next morning i went school in another personality i felt myself more smarter and more wise and from that moment i have the same feeling like it's a super power or something before i was kinda a stupid akward kid no one likes my jokes after that people start really get interested in me and my life seriously god bless dat cold water i drank

Johnny Boulware : omg that’s literally how I feel about everything, I feel like I don’t think the same as everyone else and it makes me feel extremely alone when I realize what i’m doing, and when I’m at school I think about things such as how the schools are teaching math in the wrong way by using numbers, like if we were able to communicate in a different way we would all realize this. One day I was thinking to myself about how math is and specifically geometry has a lot to do with our everyday life and the world around us but I don’t want to talk to anyone about the way I feel because I feel like they wouldn’t be able to understand and I tried to tell my friend about it a while ago when I was around 9 and I just couldn’t say what I was trying to and I even told him that I couldn’t say it because I don’t know how to and ever since then I just felt like it’s not worth sharing because it’s just all nonsense but watching this video makes me feel otherwise, also since I was 7 i’ve been having symptoms of OCD and when I am typing something like this i can’t leave a mistake that I am knowledgeable about because it makes me feel anxious.

Finoose : Teacher: *draws a circle* Me: _Finally someone understands_

chappie.343 bingoboy : Now I am gonna hammer my head ...

Deneb ien : This video is dangerous. Now every silly kid would bang their head against the wall 😅

Angie Levy Belle : I suffered from a severe #concussion in November 2016. It most definitely changed my #perception of the world. I'm still learning how....

Ho Sniper : So he got jumped and acquired ASS...

Sara Bejinaru : "the universe is math" im getting outta here

feet : i suffered epilepsy since age 13. going into a seizure is called an aura. at the moment of an aura i become supercharged in my train of thought. i believe the answer of why we were created. in god creating the universe

66tas95 : I was walking down the street one day and passed a beautiful woman and was so taken by her beauty I turned my head to watch her. I walked straight into a post, result was I hurt my head.

PrPwnage : The Universe isn't math, its maths.

ARNWRKR : Sad he could have had OCD for music ? a real gift.

Rinoa Super-Genius : 0:26 math is just something we made, the world isnt math, its the other way around. math is a representation of whatever the world is. I find it funny that we just assume that our understanding of the universe is universally true, i bet if we run into another species in our universe they might have very different views on the logic of our world. a lot of these people who say the universe is mathematics, sound just as dumb as if they said the universe is science. its just a process we dreamed up and agree mostly works. however far more math doesnt work than does. the real world cant be summed up in precise numbers, its really messy, which is exactly what youd expect in a place consisting of so many analog events.

Erika Rosales : I feel like he and his wife looked like the same person...

Fly Markus : who is here for the music ?? 12:25 sountrack title ???

Mary.J.OK : I'm flabbergasted reading some of the comments. How is it possible for so many of you to miss the most important point?  LISTEN to what Darold A. Treffert says! Make a note of it. I did. Then I found and watched the other lectures of his on Youtube and found the books he has written. Lately I've been reading comments on Youtube and I can't figure out what is wrong with some of the people who write them. Is it a problem caused by the education system? Are more than 50% of people commenting on here trolls who are pretending to be dense? Of course, there's a chance someone will take offence to this comment. If so, YOU are one of the people I'm referring to.

R3MIX MODZ : GUYS! I see new shapes in my head that I cant prove. But call me genius!

P Sher : Well he lost the mullet, that's gotta be a 10 point IQ increase at least.

Billie Wooldridge : I have suffered 3 strokes and have had 5 craniotomies. After my 4th surgery and 2nd stroke I started to "hear" what people were not saying--to the point that conversations became confusing.

Zarta Lord : "The universe is math, Everything is math" by Jason Padgett

ROTO SCOPIC : ...and thus from this savage beating a champion would arise. Where once he was a mortal man he is now.... SUPERFUTON-MAN 💪🏼

Shawti : *make this a movie omg*