Meet the Accidental Genius

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New Message : I was doing so well with my diet... and now all I can think about is pie.

Oscar Armstrong : This isn't really a genius tho... This is a dude with OCD who finds drawing like that thereputical.

Lingi6 : When I was a kid... teachers & parents would hit me on the head all the time.. but it did the opposite.

Isaac Clarke : Acquired Savant Syndrome Short form : ASS

Ikey Schultz : Wonder if he could see the shapes generated by me wasting thirteen minutes of my life watching this story going nowhere?

koribryant : i got the shit beat out of me once and have been in 3 car crashes ... and all i got was the shit beat out of me and was in 3 car crashes.

Daniel : This video is just a FUTON ad.

mickey supbro : OK so some guy gets beat up then starts drawing spirographs free hand. Then he takes a math class at a community college now he owns a mattress store. AMAZING!!!

operationcwaI789789 : So, he got hit in the head. Now he can draw patterns with a protractor and a ruler... and the genius of this is what, exactly?

Josi : Looks at pillow “Math!” Looks at drugs “Math” “Jason that’s meth not math”

Rinoa Super-Genius : 0:26 math is just something we made, the world isnt math, its the other way around. math is a representation of whatever the world is. I find it funny that we just assume that our understanding of the universe is universally true, i bet if we run into another species in our universe they might have very different views on the logic of our world. a lot of these people who say the universe is mathematics, sound just as dumb as if they said the universe is science. its just a process we dreamed up and agree mostly works. however far more math doesnt work than does. the real world cant be summed up in precise numbers, its really messy, which is exactly what youd expect in a place consisting of so many analog events.

8,000 Subscribers With No Content Challenge : *Muggers:* "We're gonna ruin your life and make you bleed." *A few years later:* The Accidental Genius *Muggers:* "...Shit..."

スナッチ・ホットドッグ : Tutorial to get smart 1.Work out 6 to 7 days a week 2.Sing karaoke 3.Get beat up and get a concussion Done

DrDalek : Perhaps he wasn't an accidental genius. Perhaps he was always a genius. Maybe all it took was trauma to the head that was powerful enough to open his eyes to see the Universe for what it is; the extraordinary complex, yet so logically simplistic wonders that we call the Universe has been discovered to another soul. Who knows who will discover it next.

VOID ON DEMAND : this guy is on a constant acid trip :D

El Americano : I thought they were going somewhere with this, then it ended.

Polar : All these people got all these gifts, and then that one dude just gets to know what day of the week a date will fall on

OOF : This video is pointless

id104335409 : If geniuses were made by hitting them in the head I would be walking out with my baseball bat every single night! All those guys I want to "correct"....

Jory Rez Tangalin : Hey, I'm an eccentric thinker too, maybe I'm also a genius.....nah, I'm just weirdo

J C : cooooool. he gets hit in the head, inherits a more advanced and evolved form of synesthesia. a mathmatical genius. I get hit in the head, BOOM a huge bald spot.

Safir : 3:34 He sounds like he got shot & is dying. He should do voice acting!

Hell Boy : So he became a admin accidentally In the simulator

Ethan Castonguay : What equation goes to the shape of a futon?

jhounsome : How do we access that part of the brain. DMT and psilocybin. 🤩

Jacob Heine : Does anyone else just spend hours on this channel? I keeping saying "ok one more video"!

Osel Somar : BULLSHIT> I saw the equations on the whiteboard. I saw this Latino teacher doing a Fifth grade math - ar you telling me that this is genius???

James B : Eh boring ending he's not a genius hejust sees useless shapes lol

Joyce Allen : They always told me they were going to knock some sense into me too! but it didn't work.

Kenny Kenny : 0:30 he said everything is math, my straight up opinion: It's the opposite math is everything. The span of energy values existed long before we were the one to sense them and limit them to numbers and call their reaction math, we also created other limits like words ... they are useful but mostly we forgot about the wholeness of the reality we coexist in. We really are all there is that researches and shares about evolution and enlightenment, as people we simply connect or block. We do it because of love's structure. We are one and you're reading my comment & I'll read yours if I see it and if it's meant for me. So that the energy flows on as it's purpose is. Simple and complicated. We have a perspective that limits our view, our view is where our focus should be. And that perspective can always be altered with beliefs and disbeliefs that you have and created. Everything is if it's accepted, so just accept yourself and everything follows, don't ask how, ask rather what and why. And when you find a new limit in your perspective, you'll start to understand more as you go, and when you experience it, you'll have your how answered. It's all about what you believe in, how you look at it and what you do with it. Good luck.

Minty Meeo : Getting hit in the head so hard that debug mode got switched on.

Meow Tow : He reminds me of the Virtual Reality Life Simulator where you play as Roy from Rick and Morty when they go to Blips and Chitz. Instead of a rug store, it's now a futon store.

ExpensiveDerp Dude : Why don’t you just damage the neurons in a certain section of the brain where your dormant mathematical potential lies and see what happens once the nerves heal completely. That’s clearly what happened because the guy got hit on the back of the head where the potential lies

fanghicheck : so why was he attacted ?

SajidA829 : *Watches video* *Hits head on anything he can find*

Peteru Avertis : Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather.

combato wombato : The universe is *meth*

Jon Irenicus : Proof that we are living in a simulation.

Robert Palmore : "brain is on overload" This is a little bit what it's like to be autistic. Every sound. Every touch. Every light. EVERYTHING is too much. Overload. So intense. It's so hard to explain to someone that hasn't had a similar experience.

wiz kid : That's the way God created everything, the formula is math!!

Jennatools : Him : an Accidental Genius Me : an Accident.

sexy korean girl : so what did he do afterwards?

Zach Watkins : Sounds like he’s tripping on acid

Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru : Effects of steroids. You have been warned. 😎

rocket racoon : Soundtrack please!!

The Original Gamer : Proof that beating your kids works.

d尺o乇メ : Omg" Imma let that spider on the bathroom bite me to get a superpower🤔

Murph the surf : accidental Psilocybe cubensis

Angel Angel : 5:40 just like when you on acid...

Kevin Sognal : Maybe it’s accidental JailBreak to the brain to do more things. Maybe the brain is able to do so many more un fathomable things that we cannot unlock. Or are not aloud to by God.