Apple Music Special Event 2005-The iPod Nano Introduction
Back When Apple Innovated 2005 The iPod Nano Introduction Presented by Steve Jobs 2005

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Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever iPod Nano.


Jon Void : back in those days when small was good...

Prashant Borkar : Sill a much better presentation than 2018 event

PIX 6 : Why am I hyping for something that got released 14 years ago?

Anupom Ghose : There is no iPod or headphone Jack #2019

Mritunjay : i like how people are not unnecessarily hooting.

Jo Vlogz : 2019?

Samuray Tv : I love how he freely adress the other brands and their products. That is the way it supposed to be.

Carlos Ribeiro : Apple 2005 - we have all these cool features . It’s awesome isn’t it ? Apple 2018- just the same of the last year . We just made it bigger. And bloody expensive.

Coffee Cool : i'm still rock'n the ipod classic 6th gen since 2007

TheSunnylover92 : Back when Apple was innovative

Mandar Mithe : At that time apple meant revolution. We miss you steve jobs

brickman409 : It's 2017 and this speech still makes me want to buy an iPod Nano

erstla : He was a very brilliant man.

fargeeks : why is it in my recommendations in 2019??

cassie : I remember seeing these at Walmart when I was younger and I always wanted one.

Umansate8 : i like how steve jobs would make everybody very exited about he new product!

bunsipod : Even though this product is so old, I feel like it's new because of how good Jobs is at selling it.

Alpha : Why’s this in my recommendation?TWELVE YEARS THIS WAS POSTED!

Guka Nozadze : 3:24 Steve's doing quick math :DD

Chris Veloza : Apple is not the same without Steve Jobs.

Litun Rath : Why is it keep recomending me after 13 years ? anyone watching this in 2019 ?

Chance Collins : I've never really like Apple products, but damn, Jobs knew how to introduce, and sell a product.

Don't subscribe please : 2019 IPod with no headphone Jack

Brian G : Ironic I use that pocket for my AirPods in 2018

Andrew Beard : in 2019, thanks to streaming services, you can have 35 million songs in your pocket

Matthew Blevins : 1:50 That intro was soooo smooth lol

Denis Epshteyn : Whos watching this in 2018?

Christian Castro : Mr jobs I'm stuck in the year 2018 and they're selling iphones over 1500$ calling it revolutionary and they took out the aux too well a while ago, now they're just ripping people off but some people just don't care if they are.

Michael Pzillas : Missing steve a lot.... todays presentations are way to much cringe

A-dutch-Z : People of ZEN watching this back in the day must've had a bad day.

Anucha Raksathan : iam from 2019

Devin Hull : I loved my mini. I remember my friend getting a Nano and me being blown away at how tiny it was. I was using my 160gb classic up until a year ago and now I’m typing this on a 256gb iPhone X. I wish there was still a need for iPods.

nikan gahangiri : can anyone imagine paying 199 for 2gbs of memory space in 2019 :))))

Makhulu Mapogo : I wish this guy was here to see the IPhone X max

GkZfOReveR : After 13years recommended

Daisuke Sakurai : "Today..." is the word that changed Apple to what it is today... Steve makes everything dramatic and important, it's like watching a show. I miss his presentations :(

MrMentalSoul : 1,000 songs! WOW Lmao. Technology is hilarious in retrospect.

Chill Zero : Can it charge with AirPower though? Oh right.......🤣

TheOnly 0506 : He can do that , BUT CAN HE DO MY HOMEWORK??

Paperback Writer : Now, everything is smart and i hate it, even the iphone im writing from. I miss those days...

Aslanbek Abdulkadyrov : Almost 10 years passed, but that Nano still looks amazing

kisuke urahara : Still watching in 2019😁

SHONSL : *Shows Jobs iPhone 8Plus* "800% larger, more than 7x the size"

J : $199 LMAO ....and this sounds like a Ginzu Knife Commercial hahaha

莫比 : Here I am looking for a comment from 2006

Ciro Santilli : 1:45 Ever wondered what this pocket is for?

Mr Convincing : I had a 1st gen nano. Then about 5 others lol.

Michael Bing : I miss this guy :/ My wallpaper is more exciting that Tim Cook.

orpheus2006 : The time when 4 GB was enough for photos and songs...