Apple Music Special Event 2005-The iPod Nano Introduction

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Denis Epshteyn : Whos watching this in 2018?

bunsipod : Even though this product is so old, I feel like it's new because of how good Jobs is at selling it.

Jon Void : back in those days when small was good...

Chance Collins : I've never really like Apple products, but damn, Jobs knew how to introduce, and sell a product.

Daisuke Sakurai : "Today..." is the word that changed Apple to what it is today... Steve makes everything dramatic and important, it's like watching a show. I miss his presentations :(

brickman409 : It's 2017 and this speech still makes me want to buy an iPod Nano

Kyu Ho Lee : His speaking skills are really damn good. Also, Steve sounded as if he was showing off his cool product rather than selling/ informing about it. He had pride in the products he was presenting and really knew how to portray it with emotion.

Flashbek87 : Almost 10 years passed, but that Nano still looks amazing

dlroW reverse : Back when apple was really innovative.....sigh

Ciro Santilli : 1:45 Ever wondered what this pocket is for?

Abhinav Verma : This is Jennifer Aniston of gadgets. Doesn't age. Still looks incredible!

Victor Plus : that's condom pocket

osamaFXX : What makes the nano so slim is a new design of the logic board and a new generation of flash storage. also it uses less wiring and thinner battery. even by standards of 2015 the first nano is ridiculously thin

CityKids : Man I remember being 10 years old when this was announced. I wanted this thing so bad for my birthday and when I actually bought it on my birthday it was one greatest days of my life. Im 20 now and I still used my first gen Nano up to this day survived all of Elementary, Middle School and throughout High School. And still using it for college :)

Prashant Borkar : Sill a much better presentation than 2018 event

Bernhard Waldbrunner : On that day, all those MP3 player manufacturers must've started drinking. LOL

BrentWoodSean38 : Back in the day, people got robbed for they ipods at my high school, LMAO, memories

John Stone : Steve always had a flair for the reveal :) RIP Mr. Jobs

Brandon Xing : It's so simple how he does presentations, but they give such a perfect effect. Just look at his use of text. At 5:11, the slide reads "Really small size" in very small font. At the back of the auditorium, I'll be it was hardly readable. You were probably straining to see exactly what was on the screen, and then, he *immediately* switches to a much, much larger font on something you were already focused on. That created a lasting impression on the audience. Steve was a master presenter. He knew how to captivate an audience in ways that no one else could.

Gerald Ladera : I would keep my iPod Classic 160gb until the end of my entire life... it´s almost family hahaha

Erald M. : I'm still using this to this day at the gym.

Jimmy Struthers : shame everyone is replacing ipod nanos and just using iphones.....still a big fan of the nano for music

CBMaster2 : When being small for a device was a good thing, miss these days now with 7' phones everywhere that you need to carry in your backpack

Adam D : Can't believe this is a decade old!

appleinformation : Even back then Samsung was stealing ideas from Apple and their products.

lifestream85 : My first apple product ever

TheOnly 0506 : 2019?

BISWAJIT : What Apple had was Jobs ! I really miss this kind of presentations today. And Apple is lacking innovations too. Still follows the exact footprint of Jobs, but with an increased price tag !

Lodmot : Damn.... That was one hell of a presentation! x3

Christian Castro : Mr jobs I'm stuck in the year 2018 and they're selling iphones over 1500$ calling it revolutionary and they took out the aux too well a while ago, now they're just ripping people off but some people just don't care if they are.

Potomac Studios : this was before he died... right?

Navin J Raj : Motorola phone on the two years steve jobs changed the mobile market..... And his phone is all time best

Steve Jobs : DAMN!! WAS I 'T H I C C'

Christian Wilhite : He looks so much more healthy in this than he did near the end. The transition is tragic.

Google User : Why it is in my recommendations in 2018?

DPhoto : This was the perfect iPod. The first Apple product I purchased. Steve was an incredible salesman.

Ram Tech : RIP STEVE

Daniel McNeary : It's funny to think that the current iPod Nano isn't even that much smaller than the iPod Nano introduced 11 years ago…

DANIMALjjmn Hj : Back when apple was ran by a truly inspired man. Now we got a godless homo

Bipolar Peculiar : Watching in 2018

Sanjith Hegde : i like when youtube recommends me 2006 content.

Smokey BEAR : steve jobs is a god

Daniel : Without Jobs, Apple is not Apple .

orpheus2006 : The time when 4 GB was enough for photos and songs...

Error 404 *Gameplay not found.* : Apple p'wning Samsung since 2005

Edward Nygma : I wish this guy was here to see the IPhone X max

SwagHags69 : Feel like no one cared as much as Jobs about things being super thin. Almost this whole presentation is about its size not its quality.

Def Qon : its funny he died thinking he made something special :) unfortunately, nobody use it anymore, only people who was paid for it: 90% and 10% of real who bought it...

Adam Bottjen : Only one of the greatest mp3 players ever made.

Kakha Khmelidze : This presentation is masterpiece.