Hamburger Hill - Paint It Black - Vietnam Combat Footage
Hamburger Hill Paint It Black Vietnam Combat Footage

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Hamburger Hill - Vietnam Combat Footage - Hill 937 - The Battle for Hamburger Hill - It wasn’t just one of the bloodiest moments in the Vietnam War, but it marked the turning point in strategy and public opinion towards the conflict – and could even have contributed to the beginning of the end for the armed resistance against the communist forces in the country. Maybe the press back in America could have tolerated the loss of life if Hill 937 was of strategic value, or if the military had kept and occupied it after costing so much to take it. Maybe if the top brass had planned better, or if friendly fire had not killed seven and wounded 53 of their own men things would have turned out differently. But they didn’t, and US soldiers died from wounds caused by their own fire as well as those from the North Vietnamese forces. Because of the surrounding vegetation, the battle was mainly an infantry affair, with the U.S. Airborne troops moving against the well-entrenched enemy through the steep hillside and bad weather. The hill was eventually taken, causing much worse casualties to the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN). The engagement came about due to Operation Apache Snow commencing, which had the aim of clearing the PAVN from the A Shau Valley in South Vietnam. This valley was situated near the border with Laos, and it had become a haven for the communist forces and a major infiltration route into the south. Not my audio or video.