How To Quickly Trap 1,000 YellowJackets In Just Hours. Mousetrap Monday

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Shawn Woods : You can purchase the W-H-Y Trap and PIC Wasp Traps through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

Violet Scarelli : I cringed so hard when he scooped up the dead yellowjackets with his bare hands.

Girtana1 : How tf did your massive balls not get stung

Dylan Smith : You imagine this dude sitting in his garage or something counting EACH individual wasp??

K : I made this trap the other day and caught 400 yellow jackets, 2 stray cats and my fat neighbor kid

Durr : So satisfying to watch them drown, god I hate wasps

moonasha : you haven't lived until you've pushed a lawn mower over a yellow jacket nest without realizing it

Amet Reubec : he counted the bodies no, let that sink in HE COUNTED THE BODIES

BonziBUDDY : >kills 3 mice >petards enraged and send death threats >kills 1000 bees >silence

Rebecca Kallinkal : did not know wasps eat meat ... 🐝

Mateo’s Place : I just made your trap and within five minutes there’s probably more close to 100 yellow jackets inside it works so good thank you so much


honeybeesinjapan : Thanks for the great trap idea. I'm going to try it on the Giant Japanese hornets. They also like meat and are now going after my honey bees. They make me very angry.

Edgy Mouse : *When he scooped the yellow jackets I imagined eating them*

Charlie Luterick : Wasp:I just saw 700 of my brothers and sisters try and take the meat and drown in the water!!! better do the exact same thing they did

Patrick Wright : ''give it a little squirt'' (shoots half the bottle into the nest)

Maddox Collins : hornet: **watching how others die** ( 4:49 ) hornet: **does the same** pt 2 hornet: **watching how others die** hornet: hmmmmm hornet: **goes after tiny meat on the top of the wood** hornet: I VALUE MY LIFE, EVEN IF I DONT GET THE BIGGEST SHARE hornet: actually i dont hornet: **eats and falls for trap** hornet: YAY DEATH ( 5:13 )

Fire Nation Files : **grabs a handful of dead yellowjackets**

Interactivbg1 : This is literally the most satisfying thing I've ever watched.

snoot dingo : Man...I have WRECKED CARS over 1 yellow jacket. You are my hero. You TOUCHED there lifeless, angry corpses. Man! : Shawns balls drag on the ground in this video

Michele Conley : I live in the exact center of Ca we call them lil bastards Meat Bees. They bite you and eat each other. I tried commercial traps, home made with water & oil in a plastic bowl. Then use straws or chopsticks with raw chicken meat poked through that you lay over the top. The bees eat the meat then try to drink the water & drown from the oil. You can get tons, but they smell. Also try 3-4 day old rotten egg mixed with a little canned cat food then spray in some misquote repellent. Mix and put out somewhere safe that other pets can't get. They'll eat it & take it back to the nest & kill the others. You don't want any pets dogs cats critters getting into it, it will kill them.

gurudeclan : I just found a nest in my garden, gonna try the bucket and plank with soapy water. Wish me luck.

cecilycarol : STOP TOUCHING EVERYTHING WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!!!! You're going to give me an anxiety attack sir, please stay safe!

Moose Knuckle : The chicken bait must smell awesome 2 days in....

Offical AfterAaA : He "Slaps" the yellowjackets

Richard Spencer : Wasps ie. yellowjackets are good for the garden because they catch caterpillars and other pests to feed their grubs. I had a nest in my shed and they didn’t sting anyone. I would leave them alone unless there are small children around who might disturb the nest.

Chris Palffy : You got 900 dislikes ...? theres some pretty screwed up people out there.

John Swift : He is making hard work out of this. Wait until sunset when all the foragers are back home and throw about and egg-cupfull of gasoline down the hole. Wait a couple of minutes for it to evaporate and fill the nest with fumes and then stand well back and throw in a match. There will be a thump is the air gasoline explode underground. This will probably do the job but if it does not - come back the next night and do it again. No wings or legs? No flying. No food. No nest.

Patrick Wright : you should do a video on how to trap 1,000 mice in just hours.

Kool Kid112 : I feel itchy just by watching this.

Stefano Dogg : Here in Western Washington the ground hornets can and will bite right through jeans and sweats and you need a bee suit or Carharts and a heay jacket and head net with welders gloves. Here we have a biz who will come get them at no cost for the venom, they use a vaccuum with a fruit juice container on the end and put it right next to the entrance, get almost all of the workers, then they get the hive

AutomaticSelector : Helpful tip: Ever since I got a pet honey badger and let him loose on my property, my yellow jacket problem is a thing of the past.

Lionstar : BTW hornets and yellow jackets are not bees

Justin Y. : Yellow Jackets are demons incarnate

milkman man : have finger snapping powers like thanos....lmao

ricky mander : Somewhere there is a vegan that is having a fit over this video.

boris bart : This is so sad, alexa play decpacito.

Fran Finnerty : Did my heart good to see them drop in and die! I hate those evil demons! Thank you for making a video on how to get rid of these monsters!

Patrick Wright : mouse trap Monday?? more like yellow jacket Wednesday..

RidonkulousMG : Well I know what I’m doing this weekend.

Topaz 13 : And these things are alive Why again.

BC Rail : Yellow Jacket: *WHY YOU BULLY ME?*

iSienna : Strange mice dude.

Don Folders : I swear this guy could do an episode on ISIS. 😜👍

BlendCrafter : A few rods of dynamite will do the job aswell ^^

Topaz 13 : Give him the purple heart

Robin8991 : One time my backyard was filled with many yellow jackets and we used a poison honey trap. Climb in from the top, the jar is filled with poison fake honey and killed so many. I was shocked to see a lot dead

ShatteredSoul77 : i literally opened a new tab and played the titanic song when he showed all the dying yellow jackets send help

First Last : Disappointed at the lack of little flips.