How To Quickly Trap 1,000 YellowJackets In Just Hours. Mousetrap Monday

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Shawn Woods : You can purchase the W-H-Y Trap and PIC Wasp Traps through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

Violet Scarelli : I cringed so hard when he scooped up the dead yellowjackets with his bare hands.

El Arr : Nine hundred seventy seven yellow jackets killed...and not one of them escaped being fondled.

Ale Couti : 2:00 "All the adult yellow jackets go out and look for meat " *Slaps yellow jacket* Continues talking

Turd Ferguson : When you scooped up the dead yellowjackets, I thought you were going to start eating them like popcorn.

Phila Delinquency : Between all the bees, yellowjackets and the giant mice infestation I'm guessing your vast property is only worth $10

moonasha : you haven't lived until you've pushed a lawn mower over a yellow jacket nest without realizing it

D. Mat.Zero6 : As someone who is very allergic to these flying assholes (sent me to the hospital almost killing me once thus far). I relished in this glorious massacre!

Moose Knuckle : The chicken bait must smell awesome 2 days in....

frank hargreaves : I found a nest on my property. I waited until sundown as that's supposedly when they return to the nest. I poured chlorine bleach down the hole. Then I added ammonia to the brew, saw a puff of smoke rise up and ran like hell. The mixture imitated chlorine gas, a WWI favorite. No more hornets.

Allison Andrew : We made a trap (not this trap) for a yellow jacket nest next to our house. We used the soap and water method, but the bait was fruit and honey mixed in the water. It only caught a few yellow jackets that day, we left it over night, and the next day something had come by and dug up their nest! Later I was reading that supposedly you can pour honey around the yellow jacket nest to attract raccoons/skunks etc, and they will gladly dig the nest up (especially in fall) to get at the protein rich larva and apparently they don't mind the stings?

Patrick Wright : ''give it a little squirt'' (shoots half the bottle into the nest)

maxim : Grey Cotton Hoodie: Protection: 2 Anti-Magic: 3 Anti-Poison: 1 Cost: 10 - 100 gold

meep gaming : A good wasp is a *D E A D* wasp

Dave Jan : Hornets are a HUGE problem in Alaska. Damn things almost killed my kid when he accidentally stomped near a nest. Found out if you go out at night when the hornets are sleeping, put a funnel in the hole & pour straight gasoline into it. Not much, a quart or so & then cover the hole. The fumes alone will kill every hornet in the nest overnight & then uncover the hole & the ones who return later (they sleep at night wherever they are when out foraging far from home & return later) will go into the hole & the residual fumes kill them too. DONT LIGHT IT! The fumes WILL EXPLODE & blow mad hornets all over the place that havent been fully "gassed" yet. ( Guess how I found THAT out.) 😁 One summer the hornets were in epidemic levels in the Mat Su valley so folks were using 5 gallon bkts w a chunk of meat speared w a wire across the top of the bkt & DAWN soap water beneath. I like your idea better w the board forcing the hornets UNDER it & closer to the soapy water. MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE! Thank you!!!

Chace Shinohara : Let the bodies hit the floor

delilahdoesstuff uwu : by the end of this video, my recommendations are going to be filled with insects videos

Vortex YT : I was trying to see if any wasps were still moving in the pile😂

Fortnite Gameplay X : Anyone else felt like there were hornet wasps around you?

Imaginary Toilet Friend 2 : Oh, the beautiful dead bodies, magnificent... NOW BURN THEM ALL : Shawns balls drag on the ground in this video

Oreo-Wizard : I ran and jumped off my balcony after he picked them up with his hands

Dragon Girl With Mental Problems : At the end when he was seeing how many he had caught I was watching him just talk about and I was like as long as u don't touch it, I'm good with that, and then HE PICKS UP A FRIGN HAND FULL!!! WHO DOES THAT????!?!?!?

M W : He kept playing with the pile of dead wasps he was enjoying how their dead squishy body's felt in his fingers

vRexordKiller -_- : 1:03 anyone else see it fly in his jacket?!

Girtana1 : How tf did your massive balls not get stung

Luke Warmwater : "meat bee's" dont sting, they bite! in my opinion these creatures need to become extinct. honey bee's can do the same job, we dont need yellow jackets.

Scot Douglas : Does this work on black jackets with bandanas covering their faces?

James Viles : Dude. Gasoline or kerosene. Down the hole. And a match. Easy peasy.

gurudeclan : I just found a nest in my garden, gonna try the bucket and plank with soapy water. Wish me luck.

Dylan Smith : You imagine this dude sitting in his garage or something counting EACH individual wasp??

Ivane Rodriguez : I did NOT know that yellow jackets eat meat

Parrotshootist : Macron doesn't need any ideas on what to do about his Yellow Jacket problem...

Ri2nonerok : Shawn woods good idea to do some bee, wasp videos too 👍

Zaptube ZT : I used a water gun (with water and soap as ammo) and killed 121 wasps in 1 hour

Patrick Wright : you should do a video on how to trap 1,000 mice in just hours.

Enter The Hunter : If there wasn't any poison in the store bought traps what I want to know is did you set the yellow jackets outside for the birds to eat or other Critters to eat.

-NoMeRcY- : just use a flamethrower thats wht i did

Simon Randall : And make soup.

Buffy McMuffin : Lots of yellow jackets were upset in the making of this video.

Patrick Wright : mouse trap Monday?? more like yellow jacket Wednesday..

Janco van der Westhuizen : I'm gonna use that next summer

CeBest : those things are dropping like *flies*

UnKnownSoldier41 : When I say cringe, I mean that actual spine shaking cringe that happens when he touched those dead yellow jackets...jeez man. Balls of steel

RidonkulousMG : Well I know what I’m doing this weekend.

First Last : Disappointed at the lack of little flips.

ISpongeGodI : This guy has balls.

Spartan BlastBurn : Next search: how to make a flame thrower.

Blue Spike : The one species I want to go exstinced actually never mind there’s a lot more

Just a person : This man is not afriad of being stung.