How To Quickly Trap 1,000 YellowJackets In Just Hours. Mousetrap Monday

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Shawn Woods : You can purchase the W-H-Y Trap and PIC Wasp Traps through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

moonasha : you haven't lived until you've pushed a lawn mower over a yellow jacket nest without realizing it

Frederick Dunn : Shawn Woods... YOU Sir, continue to be my trapping HERO! I'm a poultry and honeybee owner/manager and have had an ongoing challenge to remove the yellowjackets without causing injury to the beneficial insects and most of all, protect the HoneyBees. I've used all of those traps for years and AVOID the WHY trap and bait (it catches honey bees) hmmm chicken carcass ("> I wonder if they show a preference for cooked over uncooked chicken? Again, please avoid the WHY baits... honeybees go to them. thank you as always, great information AND you, just as with the mice you catch, seem to have an overabundance of pests... strange, very strange... thumbs UP as always.

NSITF MCPE : 2:01 *slap* i don't know why that had me laughing out loud 😂😂😂👌

Shawn Barbour : I know this isn't really your thing but I have a terrible problem with house swallows. There are no videos anywhere on catching them. I would prefer to catch them alive. To release at my parents farm 150 kms away. But honestly if that's just impossible I just want them gone even if it's just not possible to not harm them

Razor Black : From trapping to Rodents to trapping a Colony of *DANGEROUS* Wasp. Damn 👏 : Shawns balls drag on the ground in this video

Razor Black : 2:01 *OOF* -OOF- _OOF_ RIP 😔

Dargonhuman : About 20-some years ago, the house I was living in had a rotted out tree root that had become buried by years of grass growth to the point I didn't know it was there until a colony of these bastards found it and made a nest, then I found them the hard way! I tried trapping them with the W-H-Y traps by setting up 4 of them on stakes in a circle around the hole using some spoiled lunch meat as bait. I'd go collect the traps after dusk, put them in the freezer for an hour to kill the yellowjackets, empty thecarcasses in the backyard and rebait for the next day. Did that for about a week, then finally got tired of it and just put a garden hose down the hole one night and let the water run until morning. That did the trick pretty damn well too; the water breached the nest and apparently got into a maze of gopher or mole tunnels too because the entire downslope of the front lawn was dotted with 10-12 minifountains. Didn't have a problem with them for a couple months either hahaha. But yea, after that I waited a couple days for the ground to drain out a little and to make sure all the yellowjackets were gone before I dug up the nest to fill it in with clay and dirt I got from another part of the yard. I don't know how deep the nest was, as I could reach all the way in to my shoulder and hadn't found the bottom, though since I don't know how much of the trunk was left, I could have reached the bottom of the roots and not known it.

Dylan Porter : Shawn please make video of how to catch 1,000 girls in a few hours. Asking for friend.

Big Skid Media : One of my kids is really allergic to these things. They're bad news and their injected venom never leaves your body, just keeps building up over time. In the south they're not found underground, but in hanging nests. In fact there's less yellowjackets and hornets in colder climates so we're thinking of moving north actually.

Patrick Wright : ''give it a little squirt'' (shoots half the bottle into the nest)

Roberto Ghezzi : Please can you do another similar video for mosquitoes? I don't have much blood left

pixelking : You COUNTED THEM ALL? Holy hell you are one dedicated man.

Jose Gallegos : Word of the day: Surfactant

The Cool Kid : Yellow Jackets be like: *WE JUST GOT SCAMMED*

Patrick Wright : you should do a video on how to trap 1,000 mice in just hours.

loveliberty C : 5:30 AHHHH!!! DON'T TUCH THEM!!!!!

SuperEvan106 : Mmm could you drown the nest with wata?

BennyTheAznDubber : Lmao. I can't believe he actually counted them. Real hero.

Wipeautcrafter Games : N O W T H A T S A L O T T A D A M A G E

Patrick Wright : mouse trap Monday?? more like yellow jacket Wednesday..

King Miura : Shawn, everyone is happy to see that your left thumb nail is almost healed....please be more careful in the future. Do you use the dead insects as fertilizer?

Ken K : I can't believe you don't know that dealing with flying pests should be done very early in the morning or just before dark. That makes sure all of them are in the nest so there are no escapees to start a new nest and they are relatively inactive, reducing the stinging hazard.

Yianni Komniny : Are yellow jackets the same as European hornets

TheBearsDen : 2:07 Yellow Jacket near hand: "Jerry, you good? JERRY!!!!"

First Last : Disappointed at the lack of little flips.

lord_cades : Top 10 Anime Armys

Fastest Rop : _thats allot of damage_

Mad Man Productions : Oh Man you should start Pest Control Wednesdays! ... doesn't quite roll off the tongue... maybe that's what'll make it great? But I love the idea of exploring ideas of how to control/contain pests of All types, especially the types that cause me itches, pains, or death!

Samuel Lu : There dropping like flies!

J L : Love this videos! Keep up the good work Shawn!!

Just John : This was sooooo satisfing you can bust a nut to it

Matteo Toffolutti : Greetings, kind sir, from Italy. Even from here your balls have been sighted.

Random Dude : Genocide at its finest...

FIFA MOBILE Zahin : I watched this video and got beaten by bee.

Alvin Yo : *Next episode: How to quickly trap 1000 mice in just hours*

caljonesss : Cayoty Peterson made a whole vid on being stung by a yellow jacket and he just said a sentence about it.😂

This Supreme Earth : 2:01 your “hitting” on hornets

@Martin Domenech : 2:04 *SLAP*

Suha Maramica : I catch them by pooring gasolin staring fire and then shoot them bit kalšnjikov

dan farrales : When you were counting the bees 🐝 that was disgusting

koga924 : I personally enjoyed this more than the average MTM video, I hope to see more on different varieties of pests.

TraumaCenter13 : Please do more insect videos

Herald YT : Like who's here before this video get Million views

ONE THIRD MAYO : I swear I`d rather pour molten aluminum into that nest. It`s scary.

Epic Potato : 7:00: I’ll go to bed early tonight 2:00am: this

lil bitch : Humans kill every damn animal and that is why humans are worst animal on Earth. And we kill because "they annoy us"

Dyara Baram : You could put melted aluminium. Cast it and see what it looks like

Felix K : And i thought the ant man destroyed the yellow jacket