Wanna Buy Some Goats?

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KATY KAT_213 : How much for Jonathan? He seems like a good sacrifice for my lord.

zeranzeran : • Tail wiggles through faint • looks great in most backyards • Bind in third eye

paabs : do you guys sell alpacas?

whealler100 : Ya know what fam, you got spunk.

FlyingOverTr0ut : My mom would like to buy some goats.

goldenhog : this is really well written

LE3VI : <3

voliker : This is... makes my want to buy some goats actually. Good stuff. Keep on, man.

not a thing : Oh we got a spurge

Nicholas Dodd : I subbed because of this video. Carry on.

annoythefish : what the hell goats dont go to secnd grade man

Dan Birlem : good job, project manager

Avery Perkins : So good man. Keep going.