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Master Clockwork : This is pretty much why I have not stepped into a GameStop to buy a game in years.

Paul Cosby : I really need to get Call of Battlefield.

Syncrocity : This is what it was like working for GameStop.....

AJcaraballo95 : The sign behind the customer says SHIT GAMES. XD

Nova : Things I trust more than gamestop: Mexican tap water Obama A Korean taxi driver George W. Bush A lambskin comdom with a gaping hole in it Fnaf release dates

Quajeek99 : I decided that it's really not that hard to buy games from Target.

channelwithnoname : People/things/stores/programs/places that are better than Gamestop: Best Buy Wal-Mart Target Steam Any emulator site PC advertisments Five Below (Yes, you can buy games, well, bad ones, but yes you can buy games) Wal-Greens Redbox Blockbuster (I know, they shut down, but they did a better job) Club Nintendo Asian street venders auctions China Greece And China and Greece banned video games. That's how much Gamestop sucks.

Flibbim Flabbum : At the "Butt fucking" part, the volume was up all the way and I was in my moms car...Help?

Chibesky : "Can I interest you in a butt fucking?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that killed me 😂😂😂😂😂

hobbit4571 : Gamestop has completely become an evil corporation,it's amazing that people still shop there when they're obviously trying to rip you off

King Ness : I would fucking trust Bill Cipher more than Gamestop

Nigh Hoon : I love Gamestop, the service has always been amazingly friendly. You walk in, get a game, the guy at the front desk nicely asks if you want to start a rewards card, you walk out. Someone asks you if you buy enough games that their deal will save you some cash, you say yes or no. Is it really so infuriating to wait four seconds and let someone do their job? Also, you only get a few bucks if the game's going to sell cheap. For example, they sell Arkham Knight used for fifty dollars, so when I traded mine in I got thirty five. However when I brought an older game in they offered me less than a dollar, because that game sells for four dollars. They have to make money, they're a business. However, they offer you a full week to play a used game for free before returning it, and they pay far more to take your used junk than most companies would in regards to anything. I'm going to assume the animator was out of ideas, though who knows. I really don't get people, sometimes

Headed Beefer : Gamestop in Norway is like -hey sir did u find everything u need? -yes i did :) -ok that will be 30 dollars -ok here you go -have a nice day No bullshit

xander trejo : the funny part is that at the game stop near me there is a guy who looks almost exactly like the cashier.

Michael O'Brien : What is really funny is the like to dislike ratio there are 11 thousand likes but yet some how 236 people disagree with this very factual statement XD

Conor Abbott : see in canada we have EB games and we dont get this

Crest Signus : the sad thing is that the employees get punished if people don't get involved with all the extra shit

Calvin Infinity : Steam is the best.~ Gabe defeats the rest.~

Domtscha : Just buy games in steam

mncarguy : So fucking true lol

Edgy The Hedgy : Selling a $300 console? Buy it for $10.

Brenno Bot : Doesn't that guy sound like the Battle Field Friends Engineer? You know, BFFs?

hamhead1005 : Fuckin console peasants still paying $60 still getting fucked by retail stores

Michael Lynch : You people don't know this but we can sue them for financial fraud

corey drew bruce : LOL sounds like Windows 10 :')

scott wood : I have never had this experience at gamestop and I have been to alot of stores

xXx_MLG_Coyote_xXx : Who the hell buys a game for $60... oh yeah peasants

LEGEND : who needs drama shows when you can just go to gamestop

Modsquad Reviews : The dude buying the game sounded like Appsro from neebs gaming :D

billy boi : Back in 2011, I went to Gamestop to trade in an iPhone 3GS that was in nearly perfect condition. Then I found out what they would give me for it. $26. Ain't that reasonable?

Danel322 : This is what I feel when a website asks me to go through a survey.

Travelling Spud : thanks steam. buh bye Gameshop! BUH BYE! this is what happens when you've got people working on minimum wage. we like making you miserable :D would you like some free semen smeared on your game?

Kyle Williams : At 1:17, goes all mad mad mario mode

Turnzer ! : This is so what it's like

Nicole Shattuck : I hope you choke on semen! Lol

King Awesome : I got a freaking BEST BUY add on this video...

Astro Fox115 : This is why I buy my games on steam.

Diesel0306 : If I had to pick one of your solo cartoons that was my favorite, I think this would be it. We miss you Jonnyethco! :-(

1230mr : Lol this is soooo true I work at GameStop lol

Devin Reopelle : Can I interest you in a buttfucking? :)

Johnny Barley : FUCKIN LOVE IT!!

Tony Lasagne : One day filthy Americans will understand the perfection of JB-Hi-Fi

xXdimmitsarasXx : Going to stores to buy video games in 2016 LUL console peasants LUL

Carl.Is.Alright : In Louisiana we have Game Wear. It's basically a game store/anime store/arcade. In other words, It's gamestop, but better.

Rhydon65 - : Trading a $50 game for $6 in store credit? Gamestop would never be that generous.

TheBlackSuper Saiyan : shit games

Vector Vent : The customer sounds like Engineer from Battlefield Friends

Scotland Dobson : You know how bad Gamestop is? I trust EA more.

Monarchy Entity : the store credit thing is so fucking true i hate that shit

Kristian Solhaug : Rip YouTube animators