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Tacodog 76 : Is that engineer from battlefield friends?

SMASHBRO 64 : 110% true

Shanae Marie : This is so real. I got so annoyed.

mclovin. get on my level scrubs : the customer is the voice of mad mario!

MrKarzan18 : Fucking Gamestop!

Danel322 : This is what I feel when a website asks me to go through a survey.

Rhydon65 - : Trading a $50 game for $6 in store credit? Gamestop would never be that generous.

corey drew bruce : LOL sounds like Windows 10 :')

ZenakuShinigami : But to be fair The guy at the register is just following rules Hes not doing it do be purposefully annoying. Although the neck beard cashiers who try to force there shitty waifu simulators onto you is annoying af

JRT : Am l the only person who thinks that the customer looks like Ed from Ed, Edd n' Eddy?

Trent Nida : "Really nailed down the feel of killing brown people" "Can i interest you in a buttfucking" "Member slapping"

Modsquad Reviews : The dude buying the game sounded like Appsro from neebs gaming :D

The Great Bootysaiyan : In defense of Gamestop's employees, they're probably forced to bug you guys about their promotional shit. They probably don't want to do it and they most likely think it's just as annoying if not more so than you.

David Smith : Not even fucking kidding I bought destiny when it first came in and a few years later I found it because I only played it like 6 times and they ended up giving me fucking 66 cents and I checked what they where selling them for on the back wall and it was $40 the disk wasn’t even scratched there was nothing wrong with it other then being destiny

1230mr : Lol this is soooo true I work at GameStop lol

Connor Fox : He sounds like appsro from Neebs gaming

Akriloth AE : Unfortunately that trade-in value is spot on :(

Kyle Williams : At 1:17, goes all mad mad mario mode

Kristian Solhaug : Rip YouTube animators

Diesel0306 : If I had to pick one of your solo cartoons that was my favorite, I think this would be it. We miss you Jonnyethco! :-(

Lo Vincent : The customer is dressed like ed from ed edd n eddy

Vector Vent : The customer sounds like Engineer from Battlefield Friends

LEGEND : who needs drama shows when you can just go to gamestop

geyck : Is that that dude from Battlefield Friends?

Turnzer ! : This is so what it's like


scott wood : I have never had this experience at gamestop and I have been to alot of stores

billy boi : Back in 2011, I went to Gamestop to trade in an iPhone 3GS that was in nearly perfect condition. Then I found out what they would give me for it. $26. Ain't that reasonable?

TheBlackSuper Saiyan : shit games

kingplutoxiao1 : Thank god im a PC gamer. I havent been in a gamestop since probably 2013.

The Legendary PS4 Gamer : GameStop really be like that

Dr. Dankenstein : It's true , but I guess it's not their fault. It's just their job

Calvin Infinity : Steam is the best.~ Gabe defeats the rest.~

Paul Cosby : I really need to get Call of Battlefield.

Asriel Dreemurr : I sold my wii and 3 games for 30$ at gamestop

MadChase 1017 : Sounds like asspro

PhonyKony : sounds like the guys from Battlefield friends

Michael Lynch : You people don't know this but we can sue them for financial fraud

WadeTheGreat : Is that appsro from neebs gaming??

Astro Fox115 : This is why I buy my games on steam.

raylewis60 : LMAO I died at the end! 😂😂😂😂

Colin Richardson : so trueeee!!

Johnny Coins : The spirit of FuncoLand lives.

Mr. Marshmallow : Ah GameStop... I went to buy an overwatch figure, and they said: we need your e.mail

Pandora bird : this is not funny this is just the truth home my gallery and it's still funny don't get me wrong I don't like that as such the truth

Emerald Solace : I fell for the membership....

Syncrocity : This is what it was like working for GameStop.....

NOSCOPERAIDERS : And if he bought the game... "Would you like to pay an extra $10 for disk insurance?"

Goat Queen : It's not that bad There but they do kinda do that

Trunks Curbz : When YouTube wasn't shit