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geyck : Is that that dude from Battlefield Friends?

Anthony Clegg : The shit games sections lmao

Drums & Runs : 7 years later, nothing has changed

SportsFan JW : Definition of Dead On = Welcome To Gameshop

Nerd with cars : They wonder why they’re going out of business?

AJcaraballo95 : The sign behind the customer says SHIT GAMES. XD

Tacit Ronin : And that son is why i buy my games at walmart.

John Doe II : Scamstop

capt price : We will take your Xbox 1 x for 250 pennies Of in store credit

theguyinthere : I have boycotted gamestop they tried to sell me a controller for 54.99 but at wal mart I saw a controller for 34.99 so WTF im not shopping there

Little plant : And that's why they're running out of business.

Rahaman Awelenje : I HOPE U CHOKE ON SEMEN😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jordan K : Hahaha this was made in 2011 and here in 2018 its still like that

Nightvio Nighterror : *offers my soul* "You can get a penny and a used condem for that."

Mo Pie : 6 years later and it’s still true smh

Big PP : Next time I go to GameStop, as soon as they start talking I'll pull up this video for them.

The Pony Robot : It not just gamestop that does that it's everywhere.

XXXsyta : This was 7 years ago

Kari Solomon : I used to work at Gamestop, and this is painfully accurate.

Shanae Marie : This is so real. I got so annoyed.

GGKing09 : This is when I switched to pc

Max Atifi : This why I stop buying games at GameStop .

Vinny Offline : I went into a GameStop a few weeks ago to browse around, once I found something I wanted I went to pay the guy there kept trying to get me to buy a used copy then a new one and it pissed me off.

OFF LIVE : That guy really looks like the guy in my GameStop 😂🤣

Chris p : the customer is the voice of mad mario!

Tr4p MaZe : Never laughed this hard in a while

Tøxic Gamer : *Every GameStop ever in a nutshell*

Cry0genic : Gotta feel bad it's not the employees fault it's the people who tell them what to do so they could keep there job

JasonWolf : I think we now know why the engineer on bff is always pissed off.

Black Toof : $6 cash back? Shiiiit that's too much. $3 is even pushing it for them. 400$ PS4 for 3$. Good deal. But not gonna lie, I did find a PS4 pro at Goodwill 50$. Worked and everything. Goodwill still out beat game scam

XXXsyta : Who here in 2018

Woah : Gamestop be like "and why do people not buy from us anymore :((((("

Legohaven23 Lego : Sounds about right spot on right here dude Lmfao 😂😂😂😂

Plagg : It literaly says "shit games" behind the customer.

Paul Cosby : I really need to get Call of Battlefield.

Joshua Ajax Gaming : Every game stop in America in a shellnut

BR0TH3R TUB3 : This animation looks familiar *coughs* battlefield friends *coughs*

Ronin : 6 years later and this still applies lol

CRUSTYDOGTAINT : the “shit games” sign in the background

toenail is a gay boye : *Based on a true story*

Third Echelon : 2:09 Your welcome

SILVIA MARQUEZ : 7 year anniversary

Cheddar Chemistry : That's so accurate. I sold a Zoo Zoo pets game and got one penny in return.

Le Prownz : 7 years ago lol

Adam Breckenridge : That reminded me of mad mad Mario

Nickdagamerr : 7 years later its still accurate

ir0n2 : me : hey is this GameShop? him : yes me : *D O Y O U H A V E B A T T L E T O A D S*

Skol Tide : Lol, thanks for recommending this for me YouTube

Tacodog 76 : Is that engineer from battlefield friends?

ProMLG Events : Call of battlefield wtf😂😂😂😂😂