If Girls Got Random Boners Too

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LeafPandaxx : Lol just wear a dozen pads and you’ll be fine 😂😂

GhoST Squad : So much acts for only 19 likes Shame

sk : THE GIRL BONER DOESNT LOOK LIKE PEE IDIOTS you just feel something in your vegana

Purple print12 : Guys don't understand periods make a vid about that

julia's world : this was funny!!!

Jessica Groves : Dyinggg lol

Jon Doe : If only...

Zayden unicorn : That fake enthusiastic "yeah!"

Kaka Zhit : Jajaj

Asami Cat : What the hell!??

XxxDragonPuffxxXPlaz : Mmm did it for myself it always gets me after the couch one

little loli : Professional acting... Buzzfeed only likd production... Doesnt have a million views....