Victim Trapped
Crazy footage of Fresno firefighters rescuing a trapped victim during a house fire

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Working fire and Rescues of 2018


James Conquest : Please keep posting these videos they are really cool

James Braine : You guys are real heroes.

BlackBird : It must take a lot of training to be that calm in that kind of situation. The fire just above everyone's head.

Austin Chapman : Nice going guys shit tons of rain and the window to door conversation was sweet keep them helmets on

Chris K : safe attack, smart move. keep working

Luis Faz : Amazing job guys, very impressed with the command and scene management.

yhonatan moreno : Greetings from Colombia, excellent coordination and teamwork

7royaly : This literally made me cry... you guys are amazing!

Ryan Nee : Wow! Good work getting him out!

saulgoodman : Amazing work. True heroes.

beefknuckles : Damn yall got some badass graphics at the beginning lol niiiice. Amazing job with the rescue boys

cartman4885 : Awesome save great job FFD.............

Shawn Hyland : Awesome job guys!! Thank you for what you do!

Danny Dunn : Strong work!

crimescene25 : nice work, thank you!

chet corey : please take my tax dollars. I can't see how a volunteer based fire department could have been that well trained and coordinated. They looked like a professional sports team, which they kinda are

MagusFyre : Excellent work guys! Definitely real life heroes at work!

Lemons Huh : Solid work fellas

James Conquest : Awesome Job!

firefightergotoguy : Outstanding!

Алексей : sad, but true. He have burned that house.

JayCid : Great save gents

Noel Cesareo : 👍👍👍👍👍🚒🚒🚒🚒Great job Guy's Stay Safe......


Al Guien : What are the Charlie Delta and Bravo sides?

martin_e : Amazing job. That is one of the most insane rescues I've ever seen. Hope no one else was injured or died. The image quality is very amazing too overall. I guess they turn the cameras on as soon as they are going to or on the scene so they capture in higher quality than even a lot of recent patrol cameras.

Anthony Sneed : People would hate firemen if fire were people

DAPULSE : Can you send us some information on what exactly occurred here? *editors@***

beefyoso : then the cops shot him because he reached for his waistband.