Filleted fish jumping in oven

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Comments from Youtube

Nocturnal X : When you just died but forgot to clear your browser history.

Dough Boy : You left the batteries in

FunForSameer : Taking *fresh* to a whole new level lmao

Hahaha, no. : For people who want a non-paranormal explanation for this: When you ad sodium-chloride (just good ol’ salt) to the skin, it will penetrate the skin and fire the last remaining neurotransmitters, these will send their impulses to the nearby muscles, which causes these strange movements.

MC : He's evolving.

웅강인 : *throws it back in the lake*

Chris L : Me: We're going to order a pizza tonight ya'll.

No this is patrick : This isnt the wierdest thing I see in youtube recommendations everyday

Liberty GoldenTiger : That’s how you know it’s fresh

A Crustacean : Waiter: How would you like your meat? Me: **shows video**

FalconGamer58 : *The **_freshest_** boi of them all*

No this is patrick : Isnt the internet a terrifying place to be?

Flumpty : The fish has ascended its mortal coil and into a higher plane, death is but a minor inconvenience.

GoldenYuri : *When the fish hears some Dubstep in the background*

Red-Haired Shanks : This man is literally turning in his grave. His wife probably cheating or something

Freek Vonk : give it some seaweed, it will calm down

The SpookyM8 : “I ain’t dead yet boi”

Ilay A : Heroes never die

Some Other Commenter : Plot twist: Earthquake makes the fish jump.

Justin Eats : Alright, let's eat! Hey, where'd it go?

f a t i m a ‘ : *Im a bad BISH you can’t kill me*

Vinzy : Sir,i think that your dog is broken.

rogamer 187 : the fish had using the god mode cheat

Its Ali64xX : Doctor Strange used the time stone to bring it back to life

Kremit himself : Its not alive btw its just muscle spasms

Jake Long : Have you tried turning it on and off again?

Addilynn Shae Henson : Just keep swimming has been taken to a whole other level.

myster8086 : At least you know it's fresh.

FalconGamer58 : _man's never hot_

Poot : The seasoning was fish food and the fish tried to eat it. Poor thing was starving for days

Diet Bleach : Now that's fresh.

MrCordycep : Fish: You can't win Naser. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Sour Apple : I keep seeing videos of fish coming back alive. It’s ruined my appetite of fish permanently. To be honest I didn’t like fish in the first place.

Fitness MMA Playlists : Magikarp uses splash

comebackeditz _ : "you picked the wrong fish fool"

Clam Chowder Delectable : When you get roasted in an argument but you’re still tryna fight back

DP C : The fish forgot to delete the browser history

CH1CK3NxSALAD : You think death is the end of me

Lisa Plambeck : *Holds up a cross.* The power of Christ compels you!

meep meep paw : *think I'm dead* *think again*

Carlos Julian : This is a chemical electrical reaction (Electrochemistry). You have the aluminum foil. You have the fish. You add lemon juice. You add salt. The salt is the catalyst. The aluminum foil is the conductor. The lemon juice is the acid. This results in the production of an electrical current that made the fish jump in that way. It looks like a demon possesion of the fish but is is just a basic experiment of Electrochemistry.

Michael Jay - Value Investing : *I'm not dead yet!*

Green Mario : Your oven is a curse-warding vessel

chocolat caek : Fish: *wakes up* huh? Where am I? *Jumps* wait this isn't the ocean.. why is it so hot?? *Jumps again* arrgh I can't move!! It smells good in here tho. Guy: *opens oven* Fish: wtf who are u? Guy: *closes oven* Fish: hey get me out of here it's too hot! SOMEONE *HELP MEE!!*

Technosaber : He just wants to do the splat splat

lalalayloo : what's up with these fish videos that YouTube tryna recommend me

amberola1b : Got damn thing needs an exorcism........ THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU......🤣🤣🤣🤣

Blu280 : The Fish Is Filled With DETERMINATION

DrXIII : Congratulations. You have caught a NOPE Fish.