Filleted fish jumping in oven

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The SpookyM8 : “I ain’t dead yet boi”

Jake Long : Have you tried turning it on and off again?

ScarletNovember : Nigga wtf

Richard Nixon : Dammit it woke up dead

Pinehurst Media : If whoever cooked that ate it then you’re a braver man than I.

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : Alright, alright! Enough! Lemme out! I'll tell you where i hide the heist money...

Dean Natuno : *_"You think death is the end of me?!"_*

The Admiral : How much salt did you marinate the fish filet in? 😂

Ghostgirl 708 : I’d be terrified to eat that! THROW IT BACK IN THE OCEAN!

Ra y : The tissue gates must still be in an unstable form. Thus the muscle reaction is being created.

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : That fish still swimming in his stomach to this day

Zay Star75 : Call an exorcism

Pro Player 1⃣ : I would leave my house and live in a new house if I found out a dead fish became alive while it's baking on an oven

Maya Thompson : Your fish is possessed af

Justin Y. : Where's the money Lebowski??

Dhananjay Misra : *Thats probably a Russian fish.*

ramon stalin rivera rivera : Cosa del diablo :v

John Lawson : It comes out the other end still dancing in the bathroom.

Elzeta : It's like me when i feel I'm falling in my bed

Selma Bette : This what happens when you don't know how to cook.

Diet Bleach : Now that's fresh.

Pro Player 1⃣ : Still fresh.

Mr. Tonight You : Me: *Grabs a knife* Nothing personal but I gotta eat.

Mukhlis rizzz : And my hope will never die.... *this video*

OFF Fishing : Fresh AF

Flippy _ : The fish was like will I accept death NO I WILL NOT LET ME OUT

John Shook : He must have a pier in his backyard lol

Dough Boy : You left the batteries in

MISCHIEF : When you finish drinking 3 red bulls and they finally kick in

Memphis Rich : nhah, he'll be swimming with tha fishes, see

Dap 99 Neo : Everyone try to make fun of this,, "😃 daanggg its actually scary

TheNinJustice : WHERE’S THE MONEY L E B O W S K I ?

Sincere One : Babe, how do you what your fish? LIVE AND COOKED!

jice12 : The Sequel: Roasted fish moves in my stomach. The thrilling conclusion: Roasted fish moves in the toilet.

Lara Redfield : On the rightmost end, you can see that not enough of the head was cut off. This leaves some of the brain intact which causes the muscles to spasm

MaskedMarksman 4444 : Poseidon wants his fish back.

Trinket : *The snack that smiles back*

Lennox Trials : This the director's cut of Finding Nemo.

Chris Hansen : *Top 10 Anime Plot Twists*

TheNinJustice :’s demons.

knicks27 : I hope this triggers liberals. It looks great!

Knightcore : Sex, Kvas, Hardbass

West Senkovec : Omg, so Hitler was actually trying to resurrect them. He was a good guy after all!

Freek Vonk : give it some seaweed, it will calm down

DragonWithAK : Just put it back in the water

AFGThugonomics9 : Now imagine if this happened to you in the middle of the night all by yourself. I would have ran out the house. I'd call the cops but they'll think I'm on some kinda drug.

Railroad,Preserver,2000 : #zombiefish2018

vedik : And its *fresh* again

Ext3nt : ITS ALIVEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Manny Mann : This damn fish is putting up a fight even when it’s dead